GALA aired

01/19/06 Toluca
Jerrito Estrada & Mini Chessman vs Prince Star & Mascarita Sagrada (AAA)
Prince as a gimmick – smart! Better worker than Iaeuka, I’m guessing. 3 falls
Barrio Boys vs Vatos Locos (Silver Cat, Nygma, Picudo)
At what point did Espiritu leave the group, anyway? They were pro-Apache rudos here.
* finishes from the Mexican Middleweight championship tournament, leading up to
Histeria vs Psicosis II [MEX MIDDLE, SF]
Cassandro, Charly, Chessman vs Pumpi, Intocable, La Parka II
Cibernetico vs Abismo Negro [cage]

Seemed like a ton of filler.