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GALA aired

01/19/06 Toluca
Jerrito Estrada & Mini Chessman vs Prince Star & Mascarita Sagrada (AAA)
Prince as a gimmick – smart! Better worker than Iaeuka, I’m guessing. 3 falls
Barrio Boys vs Vatos Locos (Silver Cat, Nygma, Picudo)
At what point did Espiritu leave the group, anyway? They were pro-Apache rudos here.
* finishes from the Mexican Middleweight championship tournament, leading up to
Histeria vs Psicosis II [MEX MIDDLE, SF]
Cassandro, Charly, Chessman vs Pumpi, Intocable, La Parka II
Cibernetico vs Abismo Negro [cage]

Seemed like a ton of filler.

4 thoughts to “On Gala”

  1. Espiritu left the group on 11/19/05.

    DVD! DVD! DVD!

    You must have way different tastes Tim b/c I thought this was one of the better AAA shows in a while. The semi-main was AWESOME. I say this fully expecting cubs to review it in 6 months and hate it.:D


  2. I think the only bad thing was the Hator guys in that awful match, the main event… well, you have to know it is going to turn that way… the other 4 matches were quite good. I think this might come at par with the Guadalajara show, the Chilpancingo card was good as well.

    But I guess the site is called “CMLLBlog” for a reason… :)

  3. eh i guess i have different tastes than you do rob. The first match was ok as mascarita is always good and mini chessman is on his game. The intocable match was hard to watch with all those gay overtones. And the main event wasn’t really a match.

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