Referees suspended

It’s going around! (still)

I neglected mentioning this earlier, but announced today that LA Park is suspended 15 days for his actions last Friday. (Not sure if that starts today or back to last Friday.) Also, the referees in the match – Baby Richard and Terror Chino – are also suspended for allowing Park to use “prohibited devices” (chairs.) Terms of their suspensions weren’t mentioned – I guess maybe just this week?

2 thoughts to “Referees suspended”

  1. Ovaciones reported Angel, Abismo, Manson and a few others who really don’t belong… are going to work for NOAH starting June 1. WTF?


  2. I saw that too and thought that’s gotta be a typo, there’s some promotion touring Korea that’s named NOA or somethng along those lines. 06/01 is the third to last day of the current NOAH tour, so that wouldn’t make any sense. They’re not really Noah type guys at all.

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