04/27 news: Queretaro

CMLL (TUE) 04/25 Arena Queretaro Results [KrisZ]
1) Caballero Aguila b Perro del Ring
2) Corsario, Zayco b Principe Valiente Jr., Zain
3) Brazo de Platino, Super Pasan b Dr. X, Nitro
4) El Hijo del Solitario, La Mascara b Rambo, Villano V
5) Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Mr. Aguila b Black Warrior, Tarzan Boy

Ovaciones has stories about the history of Arena Mexico, since Friday is the 50th anniversary show.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a National Geographic article about lucha libre with quotes from Dave Meltzer in a Puerto Rico newspaper, this is your article.

indy (SAT) 04/29 Unidad Deportiva Alianza Lineup
1) Indio Sioux vs Dragon Verge
2) Kimbak, Magno vs Angel Griego, Chuy Oviedo
3) Maravilla Azteca, Zorro Plateado vs Apostole I, Apostole II
4) Charles Lucero, La Betisa vs Bengali, Chucho Mar Jr.

You think that’s TNA’s Magno working the second match of a indy show? That’d be only the second match I have a record of him being in – “Magno” was listed last July in Juarez. Obviously a bigger star than anyone on the mysterious List.

Sangre Azteca in Japan: (Strong Style Spirit)
04/26: El Samurai & Taguchi b Sangre Azteca & Prince Devitt [Taguchi b Devitt]