quick lucha report

Just got back from the lucha show. It was…I have strong feelings about the show. Uh, yea. Weird occasion to see Acid Jazz in person for the first time.

Main event built a Rey Mysteiro (wearing his mask and with a belt – XLAW? Couldn’t tell, didn’t care) vs Blue Demon singles match for a future show.

The BIG news is that the mysterious footage from the Mistico/Park vs Wagner/Rey show has been turned into a DVD. They were selling a two DVD set (both Las Lomas and Congress) for $30, and I think you can contact them at the geocities.com/arenasdechicago/ website for info.

04/23 news: new match for Arena Mexico anniversary show

Hector Garza vs Ultimo Guerrero for the CMLL LH Championship has been added to this Friday’s show. Gotta figure they’re setting up a split situation, with whichever side wins this match losing the hair match. Since I’m leaning towards the PdM losing the hair match, this might mean Ultimo loses a title he’s held for over 3 years. You never know until it happens, though.

Super Luchas 158 has photos of people getting their masks rippped.

Miami Herald has a story on a night in Arena Mexico as a introduction to lucha libre.

(Strong Style Spirit) Sangre lost in NJPW on 04/23, with his partner Yujiro taking the fall to Koji Kanemoto and Wataru Inoue. Next match is on the 23th.

Elsewhere on this webpage, Joe and I talked lucha libre and various other things for 30 minutes on the first edition of Joe versus the World. Check it out and let you us know what you think.