04/18 news: Puebla, Box Y Lucha

CMLL (MON) 04/17 Arena Puebla Results [hugo999]
1) Iron, King Jaguar b La Mafia, Murcielago
2) Siki Ozama, Super Comando, Toro Bill Jr. b Fuerza Chicana, Fuerza Tigre, Furia Chicana
3) Bobby Jack, Cerebro Negro, Enterrador 2000 b Asturiano, Stuka Jr., the Tigre
4) Averno, Damian 666, Mephisto b Felino, La Mascara, Sagrado
5) Dos Caras Jr., Heavy Metal, Mistico DQ Rey Bucanero, Tarzan Boy, Ultimo Guerrero
Averno & Mephisto got involved.

Ovaciones has yesterday’s articles still up.

GdR #31 has a big picture of Vampiro on the front.

A paper in Hidalgo has an article about Fray Tormenta‘s work outside the ring.

The poster for Box Y Lucha 2762 has pictures of Dark Angel & Hombre Sin Nombre. Stories inside:
– A few different articles on Rey Mendoza, three years after his death. He was hurt many times; the scariest one is the first time he took a backbreaker in practice – he was left quadriplegic for six months. Rambo talks about facing him in 1975 in Arena Naucalpan; Rambo lost his hair, but it was the best fight of the year.
– Rayo de Jalisco is asked if he’s gone from CMLL, and he’s not sure. He talks up the virtues of being independent.
– Quick preview of Wagner/Pierroth. Pierroth’s counting 15 hairs he’s won.
– Interview with Rey Solomon, who’s listed as a star from Arena Mexico in the 80’s, talks about his career and complains about today’s wrestlers not training enough before getting in the ring.
– Metro explains his recent disappearance. He knew he must get better, so he traveled to South America and ran in the mountains to get greater endurance. Metro feels he’s better prepared now. He hopes to put on good performances and challenge for the Light Heavyweight championship.
– Interview with Johnny Villalobos, who’s Martha’s brother. He was in AAA, but left because it wasn’t his style.
– An article about family members who’ve feuded:
* Enrique Vera and the Killer
* Alan Stone & Chris Stone (when Chris was Motocross)
* Rossy, Cinthia and Alda Moreno
* the Brazos (Oro, Plata, and El)
* Silver King and Black Tiger
* Charly Manson & Electro Shock
– There’s a story about lucha union leaders and lucha fan club leaders trying to figure out a way to create a pension for disabled former wrestlers.
– A start of a series of articles on the starts of the old Televicentro show.