04/11 news: halcon

Hijo del Solitario is chatting on Box Y Lucha, although it’s probably over by the time you read this.

Ovaciones is in generic preview mode. Will it be a Good Friday for Mistico, and such. They’ve got a different lineup for Arena Aficion than I; I don’t think Hero and Castagnoli are there this week, but I could be wrong.

El Halcon Net #59 is up:
– Interview with Mephisto. Mep says his first match was a surprise to him; he had be training, but he was a emergency fill in. The start of the Infernales breakup was due to Satanico – he wouldn’t give them a vote in any decision, and wouldn’t let them accept the Mexican Trios titles when Nicho no showed and caused them to be vacated. Mephisto confirms the designs he and Averno have now were designed by fans. There was a contest, but they never really announced a winner. Mephisto, when talking about injuries he’s suffered, says he can’t straighten his hands at the moment, but he likes what he’s doing so it’s fine. Mephisto says he eats mostly fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish for his vitamins. Mephisto remembers fondly the UWA period of Angel Blanco, Anibal, Solitario, and Dr. Wagner – those include his favorite wrestlers.
– Interview with Sahori; she spells it with no y. Sahori grew up disliking lucha libre and thinking wrestlers were just clowns. One day, her niece invited her to a show, she saw a women’s match, and her feelings on lucha completely changed. She trained for two years before her first match. She’s retired for two years during her career but feels she’s recovered the lost time. Her greatest rivals were Hiroka, Amapola, Princesa Sujei and La Nazi, and hopes to get and keep a good place in CMLL.
– Arena Queretaro results. Super Comando & Artillero retined the Queretaro tag team championship over Trueno & Sombre de Plata.
– Interview with Ultimo Dragoncito. Dragoncito becomes the first person I’ve read to compare wrestling in Japan, Mexico, the US, and Costa Rica. (In case you’re wondering, he says Costa Rica is “very commercial.” And of course Mexico is the bestest.) His normal partner is Mini Olimpico, he’d like to fight for Pierrothito’s mask, and seems to be starting a new rivalary with Mini Damian. Ultimo Dragon gave the okay to the name, but they have different styles. Besides wrestling, Ultimo Dragonicto works in an electronic store. I wonder if he asks for your zip code when you buy batteries? Sadly, Halcon doesn’t ask “how didn’t you die that one time you took that horrible dive into the floor?”
– Addicion Luchistica talks about Scorpio Jr., Alan Stone, Ultimo Dragon, Dos Caras Jr., and the big Dark Angel/Amapola apuestas match.
– Interview with India Sioux. India never figured on working for CMLL; she didn’t think they’d bring back women’s wrestling to Arena Mexico, which got her in the door and got her more bookings elsewhere. This April will be her fourth year in wrestling (though the first two are just training.) India explains her family tree (proving she reads this blog! maybe)

Father: La Marquesa
Mother: India Sioux I
Uncles: La Marquesa, Pirata Morgan, Verdugo
Cousins: Pirata Morgan, Rey Bucanero
Brother: one who is about to debut

Despite the family connections, India wanted to make her own way into lucha, and started out training in secret with Puma (I doubt the NJ-LA one; a student of her father) for a year before working with her father, and then Jose Luis Feliciano and CMLL. She has yet to win a trophy of any kind, though she’s been in matches where other people won hairs. Even though she and Marcela are on the same side and frequent partners, she’d really like a shot at the CMLL Women’s Championship. Or maybe a hair match versus La Nazi.
– recap of the OLX Hardcore show. If you like blood, this is for you.