F4D Notes on 04/05

F4D went okay, I thought. A couple notes

– Here’s a link to a (spanish) version of the Pirata Morgan loses his eyeball story. Pirata dove from the first rope, missed his opponent, hit the arm of a chair head first, and that was the end of the eye. I had a link to a picture of Pirata Morgan without his eyepatch, but I’ll spare you

– the Chicago wrestling shows are
04/16: Blue Demon @ Chi-Town
04/22: Blue Demon Jr./Rey Misterio Sr. vs Villano III/Arkangel @ Las Lomas
04/23: Blue Demon Jr./Rey Misterio Sr. vs Villano III/Arkangel @ Congress

– CAN52 is 603 and/or 652 if you have Comcast. I post the the time for Guerreros del Ring weekly…

…except I now realize I didn’t remember to do that yesterday. Oops! I’ll try to fix it up later today, rain permitting.

I have no idea what was up with the site yesterday, but it got fixed and I’m happy about that.

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    F4D could’ve been better; I forget to mention/make fun of the fan club you seemed to acquire during ROH intermission.

  2. Due to the HUGE conflict of interest in having Blue Demon Jr appear at a rival show a week before the people at ARENAS DE CHICAGO who are putting the shows on in Waukegan and the Congress
    are thinking of replacing him if possible with someone like La Parka.They claim they have no desire to be promoting the competition’s shows.
    Another prospective replacement for Blue Demon Jr
    is CMLL’s Sagrado who is said to be available for
    that weekend.Any of these two would be a suitable
    replacement for Blue Demon Jr.Of course everyone would have preffered Hijo del Santo but he is currently busy in Japan.

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