Lucha Times

Saturday: Split feed.

This is (or at least should be) the start of four straight weeks of singles main events
04/08: Santo vs Atlantis [Leyend de Plata final, first time they’ve fought?]
04/15: Universo 2000 vs Halloween
04/22: Santo vs Ultimo Guerrero
04/29: Universo 2000 vs Halloween [hair/hair]

This week sounds like a three match show, but Robert said it was an excellent show, with the semi-main trio being a Trios MOTYC.

Sunday: Garza vs Pierroth for hair, and the closest thing US TV audiences are going to see to Atlanits’ turn when he works on the rudo-ish side of a Parajes Incredible match.

GdR: Stuka/Flecha has to air. It just HAS TO – I sour on this entire enterprise if it doesn’t air (the only out I can think of is ‘we’re saving it for an upcoming Best Of show’, but I’d rather just see it now.)

I’ve got a couple recaps 3/4 and 1/2 done I just haven’t found the right mix of time, energy and availablity to finish up, but they should turn up sometime tomorrow night.

04/06 News: Solitario, Guadalajara

CMLL (SUN) 04/02 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara Results [KrisZ]
1) Milenio b Rey Trueno
2) Idolo b Destroyer
3) Gallo, Kronos b Infierno, Super Maquina
4) Terrible b Guero Loco and Silver King and Kronos and La Máscara and Volador Jr. and Máscara Año 2000 and Shigeo Okumura and Arkangel de la Muerte and Toxico [ciber]
5) Neutrón b Maleficio [mask, hair]

Today’s the 20th anniversary of El Solitario’s death.
* bio in today’s Ovaciones
* life timeline in the latest Halcon and a bio
* there’s a bio in the latest Box Y Lucha, but it’s not up on their site
* luchawiki bio (featured bio of the week)

As you can read, Solitario was only 39 when he died and had just wrestled the biggest match of his career four months previous, defeating Dr. Wagner Sr. for his mask.

Whenever I read about El Toreo/UWA, it makes me wonder how CMLL now thinks of their pre-AAA rival. The promotion and the matches from that period are still mentioned (revered even, compared to, say, the treatment of WCW past five years after it’s demise), though the guys still left from that period are mostly only around the indy scene and fading away.

The most visible belt on CMLL TV is the UWA Heavyweight Championship, with Dr. Wagner being a rare lucha guy who makes sure the title belt he holds is constantly with him. I just don’t really have a feel for what it means to him and the fans. Is he perceived of as “the last son of the UWA”? Are they just kicking a dead horse – “the best guy of UWA call Arena Mexico his house”? Does it mean anything at all, since it is a title in Mexico after all? Like I said, I’m not really sure. It does seem to me that there’s still great respect for the stars of UWA. They’re still stars, and history and a failed promotion hasn’t washed them out of existence.

If you’re near the campus of Arizona State, the Arizona State Museum will be showcasing a lucha libre match, films, and author Xavier Garza on Saturday. Plus, participants can make their own lucha mask! I’d so be there.

F4D Notes on 04/05

F4D went okay, I thought. A couple notes

– Here’s a link to a (spanish) version of the Pirata Morgan loses his eyeball story. Pirata dove from the first rope, missed his opponent, hit the arm of a chair head first, and that was the end of the eye. I had a link to a picture of Pirata Morgan without his eyepatch, but I’ll spare you

– the Chicago wrestling shows are
04/16: Blue Demon @ Chi-Town
04/22: Blue Demon Jr./Rey Misterio Sr. vs Villano III/Arkangel @ Las Lomas
04/23: Blue Demon Jr./Rey Misterio Sr. vs Villano III/Arkangel @ Congress

– CAN52 is 603 and/or 652 if you have Comcast. I post the the time for Guerreros del Ring weekly…

…except I now realize I didn’t remember to do that yesterday. Oops! I’ll try to fix it up later today, rain permitting.

I have no idea what was up with the site yesterday, but it got fixed and I’m happy about that.