Out of the 19 GdR shows so far, Mistico has appeared on 11 of them. It feels like even more, partly because there’s not a match Mistico is in where the focus is not on Mistico.

The main reason Henrik taken the anti-women in CMLL is because he feels they’re taken spots on the cards from the regular male crew. I’ve had a suspicion the actual losers are the minis – the regular crew seemed to have stolen their opening match spot in turn – but I hadn’t bothered to research the numbers so I didn’t voice an argument.

So, I did the research

Percentage of participation in the opening two matches on Friday CMLL DF cards

            Regular    Mini   Women
Qtr 1, 05      85%	15%	0%
Qtr 2, 05      85%	15%	0%
Qtr 3, 05      79%	7%	14%
Qtr 4, 05      77%	12%	12%
Qtr 1, 06      65%	12%	23%

The minis have lost about a match every three months. The regular men had lost a match a month last year. This year, with women being on about half the cards, the men are down now closer to two matches a month.

(There were three times a women’s match appeared higher than second on the card; the first two times, the cards were six matches long and they had seemed to add another match. The third time, a Coliseo card in December, they did apppear to take a spot away from the regular crew.)

(So I’m wrong and Henrik is right.)

Is anyone but Robert and me watching the GdR stuff? Was I way off on Mistico/Perro? That I’ve heard nothing about either my dislike of the match or the match itself is worrisome.