04/04 News: Puebla results, box y lucha cover

Ovaciones goes over this week’s CMLL DF Lineups, and a short interview with Black Warrior. Warrior would like a mask match, but figures Mistico’s won’t want to risk his back, because he’s been lucky all along and the luck would run out against Warrior. Black Warrior mentions going to Japan on the 24th for Ultimo Dragon (the new El Dorado promotion.)

Ovaciones also mentions Sangre’s return to NJPW, and Great Muta coming to Mexico in May, and they make it sound like Muta will be working more than just the Friday Mexico – Saturday Toryumon – Sunday Coliseo swing.

Neutron did leave Malefico bald in their mask/hair match at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

PYCV (SUN) 04/02 Complejo Deportivo, Merida, Yucatan Results [box y lucha forum]
1) Leyenda Azul, Mutante, Rebelde Punk b Black Poision, Mensajero del Diablo, Panther Boy
2) Mascarita Sagrada, Voladorcito b Bracito de Oro, Piratita Morgan
3) Buitre Lee, Espantano, Estrella Celeste b Azhor, Guerrero Blanco, Rey Persa [super libre]
Guerrero Blanco and Espantano agreed to a mask/hair match in June.
4) Jhony Renya, Maximo, Misterio DQ Dr. Siniestro, Proverbio, Veneno
and Veneno and Renya agreed to their own hair/hair match in June.
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Mistico b Atlantis, Último Guerrero

CMLL (MON) 04/03 Arena Puebla Results [box y lucha forum]
1) Mr. Rafaga, Murcielago b Fenix, Super Star
2) Kirvan, SWAT, Zigma DQ Ares, Fuerza Chicana, Fuerza Tiger
3) Asturiano, Centella de Oro, the Tiger b Kraken, Misterioso II, Negro Navarro
4) Averno, Mephisto, Olímpico b Heavy Metal, La Máscara, Lizmark Jr.
5) Dos Caras Jr., Mistico, Negro Casas b Atlantis, Black Warrior, Último Guerrero

Box Y Lucha #2760 is sorta: Cover is Solitario, 20 years after his death. So is the poster. The articles aren’t up.

moving…but not quite yet

So, for about five minutes there, I posted that we were moving the wiki over to it’s new home. And I was really happy – until I just randomlly checked a profile with an accent in it on the new site – Anibal’s and realized how screwed up all the accents were. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that to begin with. The move’s off till I figure it out.

My two ideas
– find and replace the bad characters to the correct accents (can I do that? need to figure out how)
– figure out why the export/import messed them up in some places and not all.

I’m going to try and work on it this week, but I don’t know when I’ll have it done.