CMLL Mini Line - 07/30/05 (#181)

Welcome To The Show Vignette: Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Hector Garza.

The teaser highlights for the main event are crazy enough alone.  

Match 1: Nitro (c), Hooligan, Loco Max vs Virus (c), Tony Rivera, Texano Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 02/22/05

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: Tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:45
Approx Rating: Okay, not great.
Other Match Notes: No entrances, joined at the whistle. New ref? He's actually wearing a stripped shirt.

Nitro and Tony to start off. Normal opening, with no handshake. Hooligan and Texano next. Fans aren't into Texano as he comes in, but maybe they're just in a good mood. Long look at the rudos when we should be looking at the action, and Texano wasn't looking great before hand, so something probably got blown. Chain wrestling, shot with the benefit of a hard camera and kinda distracting that way. It just sorta ends as they switch to Loco vs Virus. Loco is his usual self. Not often you see "I tried to armdrag him, but he grabbed the ropes", but there it is. spinning headscissors sends Loco into the bottom rope and out, but Hooligan s comes in and boots Virus. Charge, Virus ducks down, and Hooligan goes out. Nitro gets Virus with a boot, but his partners get Nitro with a double backdrop. Tecnicos with a topes, as the captains end up fighting in the ring. Nitro tries an inside cradle, and Virus alertly reverses it into the Rings of Virus. That's neat, and that's the fall. (3:49) Replays. Break.

Nitro and Tony start out, missing dropkicks on each other. Tony with a corner whip, reversed, Tony climbs up the ropes for a WOW crossbody. Off the ropes, sunset flip, Nitro rolls thru, but Tony kips up before he can do anything. Nitro misses a clothesline, Tony catches a boot and lands a superkick. He barely has time to celebrate before Loco Max aims a dropkick at him. Tony sidesteps, and monkey flips Loco on his next charge. Loco charges again, and takes another monkey flip, this time rolling to the floor. pose. Tony out, Texano and Hooligan in. Loco Max is down and breathing hard on the floor. Hooligan gets a headlock in the ring. Shot off - no, Texano reverses to a headlock of his own. Texano shot off, over, with a flip for no reason, and Hooligan punishes him with a chest slap. Hooligan off the ropes, Texano leapfrogs like a moron, and Hooligan chest slaps. Not on the same page here. They eventually set up Texano dropkicking Hooligan off the apron. Nitro comes into take Hooligan's place, and gets a backdrop to set up a Loco senton and Hooligan somersault senton. All the rudos stay in for a double boot on Texano. Tony comes in for his side, and he's worked over. Nitro rams Virus into the buckle to take care of him. Double back elbow for Tony, rolled into a triple - atomic drop bomb? That couldn't have been what they were going for, not sure what happened. Loco splash, Hooligan senton, Nitro senton, Nitro covers, one two three. (2:50) Virus mobbed in the corner. Double whip, double backdrop. Loco adds the senton this time. Nitro puts on a seated surfboard while Loco and Hooligan pulls the legs far apart - that is it. (3:16) Replays. Break.

Beatdown still going on as the final fall starts. Tony gets worked over first. Texano is next. Texano looks big in with these guys, though Loco Max is small, which helps. Virus is in last, and held for chest slaps. So far, everyone gets a turn, and no one's hit their partner. How are they going to low this? Virus is sent out with out incident. Tony back in. Worked over in the corner for quite a while, before they walk half way around the ring to set up a whip and backdrop. Hooligan drops the hammer! Loco tells the other guys to leave so he can take Texano one on one. That works well for about 5 seconds, and the rest of the rudos are back in to help. However, they've kinda cycled back into a normal match without doing the comeback - Virus gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Hooligan a moment later, but the tecnicos don't go for mass revenge.  Tony gets a springboard dropkick on Hooligan, Texano gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Loco Max during his turn. Texano holds Loco Max, but Tony's missile dropkick accidentally gets his partner. Nitro clears Tony out with a dropkick, while Loco drops Texano with a tope con giro. Virus is left alone with the two other rudos, but side stops a charge and gets Hooligan with a dropkick, spinebuster for Nitro, but Nitro rolls free of a submission attempt. Virus tries a fireman's carry, Hooligan blocks, spins him, and kicks him low. Foul is caught (DQ 3:40) though Nitro keeps beating him up anyway. Why did they need a DQ there?

Vignette: Sharp Dressed Man Vampiro is headed to ringside at Arena Mexico. What's this about? Oh, he got a good front row seat. Vampiro explains the CMLL action is SO GOOD, he had to get a front row seat to check it out himself in person. Mistico versus Ultimo Guerrero is a big match! Vamp should've sat it in the rowdy tecnico section - only rudos sit in the front row. (ooooooh.) Vampiro swears he's not up to any shenanigans here. Crowd is really stoked for Vampiro - there's a section of the fans chanting loudly for him. 

Match 2: Rey Bucanero (c), Averno, Mephisto vs Black Warrior (c), Satanico, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 02/25/05

  1. Tecnicos
  2. Rudos
  3. Rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:16
Approx Rating: Warrior didn't look so good, but the rest were fine.
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Rey's looking especially pirate-y tonight. Satanico has no love for any of his former students tonight. It's mutual. There's some signals crossed about the tecnico captain here - the graphic has Satanico as captain, and Satanico raises his arms up as the ring announcer starts announcing his team captain - then plays it off like he just happened to be raising his arms when the ring announcer actually says Black Warrior. I'll go with Warrior. Rowdy tecnicos fans have crazy long balloon they're madly waving around.

Negro and Mep first. Mat wrestling. Negro gets a cross armbreaker, but Mephisto manages to roll him onto his back for a near fall. They get to a standoff, and we take a look at Vamp. Rey and Satanico go head to head before they get started. Lots of battling for control of holds. Averno and Warrior end it. Good they didn't have Warrior do the mat wrestling. They go off the ropes, and Warrior tries for a German on Averno, only for Averno to land on his feet. Black Warrior's wheelbarrow suplex (countering a Averno bodyscissors) is horribly botched, and Averno grabs his head in pain. Black Warrior is on my list, and it's not the good one. Warrior cradles Averno and waits for the count, which isn't coming because they're under the ropes. Warrior just slightly turns Averno to get him out, and Averno's not able to kickout despite a good ten seconds of time. Satanico gets Mep with an uneventful backslide at the same time. (4:33) Rey decided to walk off, and Negro confronts him on the ramp.

Ringside, Dr. Morales is now talking to Humberto Flores. If you're like me, you might now say "WHO?". And then you google it: he's a bullfighter. He won a trophy from Televisa, good for him. We can hear Rey yelling about how awesome rudos are as they come back for replays. The botched pin is showed in detail, because that's how CMLL rolls.

Second fall. They're slow to lockup. Let's look at Vamp again instead. Satanico and Mephisto, Satanico doing good, taking Mep out, so Averno tries and fairs no better. Rey comes in and gets punched out by Satanico, then takes a monkey flip over the ropes (but more safely than usual.) Onto Negro vs Mep. Mep wants a handshake, doesn't get it, and beats Negro down. Negro runs wild on the rudos, getting Rey with a swinging DDT, but Averno manages to actually block it and slam Negro down instead. That starts the beatdown, oddly enough - not cheating, but a good counter.  Rey gets his revenge on Satanico on the outside, and we spend more item watching Averno and Satanico kill time. And there's that stupid alarm going off again. Satanico and Negro are whipped into each other, then Negro's hung in the tree of woe to get beat while Satanico gets crotched on the ring post. Triple dropkick to Negro as he's hanging, that's nice. Warrior back in, triple pump powerbomb, and one more for good measure. (3:38) Everyone in the match thinks he's the captain, so I guess he is. Replays. Break.

Third fall. Is Mephisto trash talking Vampiro or just random members of the crowd? Who can say. Rudos hold the ring, without actually beating anyone at the moment. Satanico tries to fight his way in, but gets held down. Mephisto does a kick close to a low blow, but I guess not. Warrior turns the tide, being corner whipped toward Averno, Averno jumping at him with no plan in mind, and Warrior dropkicking him. Maybe those two need to stop fighting each other, forever. Mep is the lucky guy who gets to take Negro Casas Dropkick To The Face. Match settles down to Negro/Averno. Strike battle ends with Negro using a big boot to the head. Rey gets in a shot from the outside and knocks Negro down on the apron. Warrior takes his place and boots Rey off the apron, then hiptosses Averno to the floor. Warrior tope con giro gets Averno just as Negro's getting in the Thesz Press on Rey. Satanico and Mephisto left in, with Mep ending up getting a modified standing figure four pin. One two three. (2:45) Mep celebrates like that's it - huh. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. Mep does collect his guys back in the ring, so I guess we could have countouts, but they sure didn't react it like that. Uh whatever.

Match 3: el Hijo del Perro Aguayo (c), Hector Garza, Tarzan Boy vs Shocker (c), Atlantis, Blue Panther
Arena Mexico, 02/25/05

  1. Rudos
  2. Tecnicos
  3. Rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:16
Approx Rating: 82. Fun, made me want to see Shocker/Garza. 
Other Match Notes: Shocker is wearing his crazy mask. Perro has a great dark cape. Hector is wearing his shirt. Tarzan is wearing no shirt. Ring announcer calls Shocker the Luis Miguel of lucha libre. Ruiz and Tigre are the refs. Shocker messes up Hector's hair! That's harsh.

Rudos have a discussion about who should start. Is there a second loud section? That'd be scary. Shocker and Hector - no, Shocker and Tarzan? No one's in any hurry here. Shocker wants Hector, isn't getting him. That would've been a fun feud. Panther vs Perro? No, ain't getting that either. We have a standoff, but not a match. Panther vs Tarzan? Okay, maybe. Yay, they lockup. Panther outwrestles Tarzan, as you might suspect. Panther gets an armbar and a headscissors, and the rudos rush to break it up, leading to a pier six brawl. Man, Perro's kinda awesome. Rudos get the better of this, and it's a beatdown time. Perro introduces Atlantis into the seats. Shocker gets a moment of control, but the numbers catch up to him. Atlantis worked over on the outside. Shocker is thrown out, and Atlantis is brought in. Double suplex, Perro running stomp, cover. (5:47) Panther in, Tarzan gives him a hanging jackhammer suplex. One two three. (6:02) Rudos keep working over the tecnicos between falls. Vampiro seems concerned. Is security leading him out? Huh. Replays. 

Beatdown goes on for the second fall. Tarzan gets in the middle dropkick on Panther, and the Doctor goes a bit nuts for it. Corner charge on Shocker fails, and that's your comeback. Shocker does the backflip over clotheslines as well as I've seen it, and kills Hector with a slap. Atlantis throws Panther around by his hair a great deal. Crowd shot out of nowhere makes me think there's a clip, but we don't seem to be missing anything. Atlantis slams Perro on the floor, and boots him into the front row. Shocker beats hector down in between the seats - Perro pulls him back towards the ring, and Perro gets posted for his effort. Things settle down without the tecnicos getting the fall. Hector wants a handshake from Shocker, doesn't get it, and sweeps the leg. Mocking dance of some sort. Shocker eventually comes back to get in the bulldog. Shocker attempts to monkey flip Hector the floor, but Hector lands on the apron. Shocker chest slaps to get him there, slides out under him, and pulls him off the apron, Hector taking his face hard off the it. Double teaming goes back for the other two rudos, and Perro runs right into the Atlantida. (4:27) Panther gets Tarzan with a powerbombed a bizarre pulling figure four variant. (4:34) Atlantis biting Perro in the hair? Huh. Perro calls for a timeout. Replays.

Shocker charges Perro and runs him into some front row fans for some reason - Hector has to pull him off. The fans get a big laugh out of it, so maybe it was a joke. Of note, we see that Atlantis' mask is very untied. Wonder if it'll been pulled later. A front row girl has a Ke Monito doll, but the original is not around, huh. Late break.

Third fall. Tarzan and Panther start back up. Panther quickly gets Tarzan with a spinebuster, and he gingerly rolls out, Perro taking his place. Sunset flip is broken up by Tarzan, so I guess he's okay. Slam, and he's going up - except Atlantis dropkicks him out. Huh. Panther dives at him, landing a tope. They're out of it. Perro in, and taking tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Atlantis bodyscissors cradle, but Perro slips away. Atlantis 'rana, one two NO. Atlantis is sure that should've been three. Corner whip, Atlantis charge sin, backdropped to the apron, and Perro knocks him to the floor with the springboard dropkick. Thesz Press taking out Atlantis. We're down to Hector and Shocker, not that Hector is the slightest big happy about it. Hector off the ropes, into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Shocker with a 'rana, slow and bad hook, one two no. Shocker with a whip, reversed, Shocker slides under, and into a kick. Hector fixes his hair for the five hundred time this match. Whip, bodyscissors, Hector pulls of that wheel barrow suplex. Tarzan is telling him to do the moonsault, but Hector instead pulls him into a neat slingshot into a Boston crab into a reverse Rocking Horse - that's a winner! (2:40) Well, that's new to me. The girl with the mini Ke Monito doll wants to show it to Shocker, but he's too busy being dead at the moment. She's trying to get his attention and he's not aware of her. They go to the replays, so we can't tell if he ever saw it.     

Vignette: Mistico better listen up, because Ultimo's telling him that he's going to die. One on one, Ultimo promises a win.
Vignette: Mistico's prepared, he's going to give it 100%, and the result's up to big man in the sky.

No stellar moments?

Match 4: Ultimo Guerrero vs Mistico
Arena Mexico, 02/25/05

  1. Mistico via DQ when Ultimo attacks after the fall is over (3:44)
  2. Mistico small package (5:38)

Winner: Mistico (2-0)
Match Time: 9:22
Approx Rating: 90. Slightly worse than Perro/Mistico. The relative shortness of the falls did hurt, though the novelty of a big match like this ending in straight falls was neat. Also slightly hurt by the completely atypical selling at the end of the second fall - top rope powerbomb may have kept Mistico down for no more than 5 seconds, that was the quickest ref bump in history, etc.

Ultimo has four guys in full Aztec gear, pull a drummer, doing a war dance before he even enters. This is crazy awesome. Ultimo is also wearing the headdress, along with a staff and a sword. I don't think the sword's legal in the match. Mistico has a rather normal entrance after that, but maybe it's because he knows he's going to fight Ultimo on the ramp anyway. Ultimo nails him with a clothesline to start the action. Mistico picked up, and drops with a chest slap. And again, Mistico taking a hard bump off the guardrail. Ultimo presses him up, spins him around, and throws him in the ring, almost taking out Baby Richard. And there's the whistle. 

We miss more damage to Mistico while looking at the matchup graphic. Ultimo goes to the buckles to look at the crowd. Back to Mistico - hard powerbomb. Mistico's brought up to a sitting position to so Ultimo can work over the mask. Mistico's thrown thru the ropes, and to the floor. Ultimo out after him. Ultimo presses Mistico a second time, this time dropping him on the apron. Mistico thrown back in, Ultimo after him. Ultimo to the middle rope to celebrate. Bay Richard check on Mistico - is he still in it? Guess so. Ultimo picks up Mistico by his tights and mask, and throws him back down to the mat. Whip, high flapjack. Ultimo kicks him around the mat. Whip, another high flapjack. Mistico's getting killed, and Baby Richard checks on him again. Chop, down goes Mistico. Crowd chanting for Mistico, and Ultimo mocks them. Whip, high flapjack, Mistico counters and flips off Ultimo's shoulders, Mistico waved by on the run, back with a spinning headscissors. That looked opposite of normal, for some reason. Mistico's pumped, running, springboard corkscrew plancha to NOWHERE. Ultimo moved, and the ground did not. Mistico isn't going to be moving. Ultimo celebrates his dodging ability as we take a look at a replay. Ultimo is posing on the front row seats as we return. Ultimo throws Mistico back in, and Baby Richard asks Mistico again if he wants to go on. Mistico agrees to cede the fall, and that's the first time I've seen that. (3:19) Baby Richard signals the end of the fall, though we don't get a good shot of it. Ultimo rushes past him, ignores his warnings, and goes after Mistico some more. Mistico loaded up on the top rope - top rope flipping fallaway slam! Ultimo wants the pin, Baby Richard tells him not to bother - and raises Mistico's arm while Ultimo celebrates. (DQ 3:44) Now Ultimo's confused, so Baby Richard raises his hand again. Baby Richard and Ultimo have a discussion - doesn't seem like Ultimo ever realized Baby Richard called the fall - he wasn't trying to beat Mistico after the fall, he just figured the referee was warning him and was trying to win the fall. Replay of Mistico giving up and Baby Richard calling the fall off (Dr. Morales: "!NO MAS! !NO MAS!" - Leobrado has a different viewpoint on the fairness here, as you might expect.) You can also see Baby Richard try to raise Ultimo's arm twice, only for Ultimo to pull away because he's focused on beating up Mistico. This is why they need a ring bell! 

We roll into the second fall without a break. Mistico is still on the mat, though sitting up. Ultimo has walked out in protest? WE don't see him, but Bay Richard is counting someone out, and Mistico's in the ring - ah, there he is. Ultimo milks the count for quite a bit, but gets in before Mistico has even gotten up, and pounds the poor kid, taking out his anger of over the last fall. Mistico's dragged into the corner so Ultimo can kill him with some knife edge chops. Mistico collapses in the corner, but Ultimo brings him up to a seated position so he can kick his chest in. Corner whip, Ultimo tries a somersault kick (!) but Mistico dodges. Mistico trying to rally, dropkick, dropkick, flip dropkick! Crowd chanting for Mistico as he rips Ultimo's nice new mask. Ultimo gets a hold of Mistico while Baby Richard is warning him. Whip, clothesline misses, Mistico tries an up and over, Ultimo shoves him off, Mistico lands on his feet (of course), waved by on the run, and back with a spinning armdrag. Ultimo goes out, Mistico runs to the top rope - top rope dividing armdrag to the floor! Ultimo is down, and Mistico is untying his mask. Replay of the armdrag as Mistico climbs back in the ring and Ultimo tries to get his sense back. Both men back in. Mistico rallies the crowd. Kicks to Ultimo's side, Ultimo catches one, Mistico turns it into a 'rana, one two NO. Both slow up. Mistico by on the run, up and over into the Code Red one two NO. Look at that big scare on Ultimo's back. I'm not sure why we're looking at it, but there it is. Ultimo up first, and chops Mistico down. Corner whip, Ultimo close behind but Mistico still side steps the splash. Mistico with chest slaps, and sets Ultimo on the top rope. One more chest slap, and he's going up for a tope rope 'rana - blocked! This is gonna hurt - middle rope powerbomb/drop! One two th-HE PULLED HIM UP! What are you thinking? Ultimo wants more. He pulls Mistico to the corner, by his mask, and sets him up on the ropes. What now? TOP ROPE SIT DOWN POWERBOMB! Just when I type "not even God can help Mistico now", Ultimo grabs his knee, and Baby Richard and the ringside doctor are very concerned. Hey, how about you cover Mistico first, and then we can go do the MRI. Guess not. Mistico tries to get support from the crowd, but he's hurting.  He stands back up, and wants Ultimo, but Ultimo's begging off from the mat. Mistico with kicks, as Ultimo pulls himself in the middle of the ring. Mistico gets a hold of the bad leg, and drops an elbow on the knee. Mistico is pumped. Ultimo manages to get back to his feet, though he's moving slow. Mistico comes off the rope sand tries for La Mistica, but kicks Baby Richard in the head on the spin around. Plus, Ultimo blocks it and loads Mistico up on his shoulder, but Mistico flips out of that on his feet. Ultimo spots Baby Richard out and is concerned for a second, and then turns back towards Mistico - who pulls his mask! Small package! Baby Richard sees it - one two THREE! (5:38) Wait, in two falls? Mistico heads for the safety of Anywhere But Here while Ultimo argues the decision on his one good leg. Replay of the powerbomb, as they try to find the source of the knee injury (good luck - everyone was recovering pretty fast that last minute.) There's the graphic, that's indeed two falls. I'll be a monkey's uncle. Ultimo gets stretcher out because he can't walk, and we go to break. 

More replays. Leobardo is aghast at this injustice. That's it.