Dos Leyendas results

In Friday’s (03/18) Arena Mexico main event, Perro Aguayo Senior and Perro Aguayo Junior beat Cien Caras and Mascara Ano 2000 in a hair/hair match.

CMLL FRI (03/18) Arena Mexico results (compiled from Satanico’s Mansion’s board via Luchaworld, and
1) Dr. X/Nitro/Sangre Azteca b Felino/Safari/Volador Jr.
2) Park/Warrior/Porky b Universo/Apolo/Satanico
3) Rey/Averno/Mephisto b Atlantis/Panther/Negro
4) Wagner/Shocker/Mistico b Ultimo/Tarzan/Hector
5) Aguayo Sr./Aguayo Jr. b Cien/MY2K [hair/hair vs hair/hair]
Universo interfered to low blow Perro Jr., but Perro Sr. (out of the match) did the same to MY2K, and Junior got the pin.

SuperLucha’s cover

Reports ( had it as a complete sell out, with people being turned away at the door – which, of course, is why they were really smart not to give away anything else.

I still think they’re doing Perro Aguayo Sr. vs Universo 2000, but my question is: if they could sell out Arena Mexico with this (lesser?) tag match, shouldn’t they consider a bigger building for the singles match? Maybe it won’t be as a big deal. Maybe it’ll be Perro Junior vs Universo.

Anyway, the wrestler business is not exactly filled with people who’ve willingly retired after selling out a 12,000 seat building, so we’re just marking time till Perro Aguayo Sr.’s (and Cien’s) next appearance. makes the case this is Cien and Senior’s goodbye, which would be more effective if we didn’t say goodbye to Cien three months ago.

On to this week:

CMLL TUE (03/22) Arena Coliseo
1) Valiente/Molotov vs Flecha/Vaquero
2) Neutron/Starman/Ultimo Vampiro vs Ramstein/Super Comando/Koreano
3) Virus/Misterioso/Brazo de Oro vs Veneno/Arkangle/Bestia Salvaje
4) Porky/Satanico/Alan vs Pierroth/Hijo de Pierroth/Pierroth Jr.
5) Mistico/Atlantis/Mr. Niebla vs Tarzan Boy/Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero

CMLL FRI (03/25) Arena Mexico lineup
1) Texano/Maximo vs Loco Max/Hooligan
2) Black Warrior/Zumbido/Sagrado vs Taguchi/Okumura/Masada
3) Atlantis/Negro/Panther vs Rey/Averno/Mephisto
4) Felino/Volador/Safari vs Nitro/Dr. X/Sangre
5) LA Park/Heavy Metal/Shocker vs Halloween/Damien/Perro Aguayo Jr.
Guess they’re saving the first team with Negro or Felino for the Negro show. The first line of hype actually says ‘Heavy Metal returns to Mexico after 13 years of absence’, which confirms long held suspicions that AAA takes place an an alternate universe.

CMLL FRI (03/27) Arena Coliseo lineup
1) Ultimo Dragoncito/Bracito de Oro vs Pequeno Violencia/Gitanito
2) Tigre Blanco/Tigre Metalico/Brazo de Plata Jr. vs Zayco/Jeque/Messala
3) Rivera/Misterioso/Alan vs Dr. X/Hooligan/Loco Max
4) Atlantis/Panther/Satanico vs Bestia/Taguchi/Okumura
5) Shocker/Park/Rayo vs Vampiro/Damian/Halloween

We send our condolences to Pierroth, who’s wife died in a car accident this past week.

One thought to “Dos Leyendas results”

  1. “Reports ( had it as a complete sell out, with people being turned away at the door – which, of course, is why they were really smart not to give away anything else.”

    I disagree with that. If they’ve been drawing 10,000-12,500 lately(which is debatable), then the extra 6,000+ fans only came to see Perro and Cien. Instead of sticking on a match or two to try and interest those people in coming back to check out shows without Perro and Cien, they chose to go with a bland lineup and from all reports, a pretty bland show as well. So those extra fans are not going to be returning until Perro/Cien get in the ring again which is obviously going to happen. That’s why I’ve always said CMLL will be in trouble in 10 years. The wrestlers they have and will always push are going to either be crippled(as Perro is now) or dead and to make matters worse, their fans will be dead. There’s such a huge gap between the guys fans see as stars and someone like Ultimo Guerrero. An 8,000 fan gap to be more precise.


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