lucha times


Saturday: Split feed. Assuming they don’t try to make up for the missing episode (which should be good anyway), it looks like a fun undercard match and Mascara Sagrada’s CMLL debut

Edit: Meltzer says “The Arena Mexico Anniversary show featuring the four-way mask match with Dr. Wagner Jr., Universo 2000, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. and Canek, which no doubt was hardly an in-ring masterpiece, but did draw a sellout and was promoted as one of the biggest mask matches in the history of Mexican wrestling, will air on Galavision on Saturday”

I don’t bet on anything, but you might want to bet the house on it not airing. No way at all.

Sunday: Semi-main is set up for the Zumbido/Crazy match never aired, and the main event has a completely random finish. eh.

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  1. Maybe Dave’s TV will air that match + Parka vs UG and then will have bonus footage of Shocker and Dos Caras Jr. shoot fighting on an AAA TV show.:P All this will be preceeded by Latin Lover’s debut CMLL match.;)


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