10/30 news

Yea, four times in one day. I had this done when the site was down for an hour.

The main event feuds (well, the ones that are actually moving) are getting kinda convulted:

In Arena Coliseo, Dr. Wagner’s turn continues on Tuesday’s show, with a (non-title) singles match between him and Universo as main event of a Day of the Dead show. Wagner’s the rudo disagreeing with the rest of the rudos and Universo is the rudo standing up for rudo principles…

In Arena Mexico, it’s being pushed as family vs family warfare, with Universo and the rest of the Reyes fighting Pierroth and his sons. Universo’s obviously in the right here, but I have a hard time seeing how one character can make sense in both feuds. (I’m sure I’m supposed to just not think about it – I think it just would’ve worked better if Universo was replaced with another rudo in the Coliseo stuff.)

This doesn’t even factor in the Blue Demon stuff, which probably doesn’t get brought back up again unless/until Demon gets brought back, and Universo winning the CMLL Heavyweight Title (which seems to be a DOA issue.)

I was totally wrong in my mask/mask/mask/mask match preview; Universo’s career hasn’t taken a step down since losing his mask. Instead, they’re building a large portion of the company around him. Very unexpected.

I’ll do the usual Arena Mexico stuff later this week, but I just wanted to mention the Wagner/Universo match, and also a pairs tournament for the Dia de Muertos show:

– Mistico/Negro Casas
– Mr. Niebla/Black Warrior
– Brazo de Plata/Brazo de Oro
– Satanico/Mascara Magica
– Rey Bucanero/Violencia
– Black Tiger/Nitro
– Scorpio/Bestia Salvaje
– Emilio Charles/Okumura

I’d bet on Mistico getting yet another big win.

On Monday in Puebla, Dr. Wagner fights the other guy he didn’t get along with last week in Arena Coliseo, Terrible, in another singles match. The undercard has the tag team champions Atlantis and Blue Panther teaming with Batman (! – I know he’s a regular but it kills me every time) versus the former tag team champions Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero, and the Joker Tineiblas Jr.