CMLL Line - 07/13/03 (#85)

Vignette: In separate backstage interviews, both Satanico and Nosawa claim they're #1 rudo. "HAHAHAHAHA" "ICHBAN!" This is a tough one to call.

1 Nosawa vs Satanico
04/25/03, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano 2:27 Satanico standing figure four pin The first fall was okay, but this was a lot more an angle than a match. Legion looked good as rudos.
2 3:04 DQ Nosawa (interference, tape)
T 5:31 Satanico (2-0)

Notes: Nosawa's wearing his pimping outfit this week. This match is hyped as Mexico vs Japon. Nosawa is wearing a belt I can't identify. Masada, looking under the influence of controlled substances, is his backup. Satanico brings Mephisto with him. Masada tries to jump Satanico on the apron, but misses and Mephisto clotheslines him. They stomp Masada down, which leaves Satanico set up for the attack from Nosawa. Forearms to the back, and Nosawa brings them both to the ring as the fight on the ramp is broken up.

Nosawa liking the headbutts and eye rakes early. Satanico is thrown through the middle ropes out of the ring, in front of Mephisto. Mephisto roots him on, but it does no good as Satanico is kicked and posted. Mephisto tries to help his maestro but Nosawa's shielding him off while stomping Satanico. Mephisto tries for a "SATANICO!" chant instead. Nosawa picks up Satanico, and gets into a strike battle. Nosawa has to go to kicks to win that battle, but stays in control by smashing Satanico into the post. Satanico thrown in the ring by his hair. Nosawa in to pose. Stomps as Satanico tries to cover himself up. Nosawa stops to pose again. Kick to the face. Satanico up and punching - Nosawa runs him into the ropes so Masada can illegally grab Satanico's leg from the outside, slowing him up. Nosawa tells the ref to look at Mephisto, and he does! That lets Nosawa get in a cheap shot to the midsection while Satanico is being held. Whip, clothesline. Windup, off the ropes, turn, clothesline. Masada with kicks and forearms on the outside, holding Satanico for a Nosawa baseball slide dropkick while Mephisto is occupied with the ref, but Satanico sorta side steps (they don't really sell Masada being hit with it either, though, and it's not clear what was supposed to happen the first time watching it.) Satanico chases Nosawa back in the ring, Nosawa tries to go out the other side but is cut off by Mephisto on the apron. Nosawa stops, turns, and takes a Satanico kick. Crowd shot. Looks like we didn't miss much because they're in the same place. Satanico is throwing Nosawa around by his wacky ponytails. Whip, spinebuster drop, standing figure four pin one two three. (2:27) Fans dig it - a large "Mexico" chant breaks out as we get the replays. Break.

Nosawa thinks about walking out, but does not. Mexico chant again. Satanico gets kicked in the leg while encouraging it. Nosawa with another headbutt. Crowd shot. Satanico's down when we come back. Announcers are hyping the 4/30 Mini Olimpico vs Mini Violencia mask/mask match as Nosawa puts on a neck vice. Nosawa lets up to hit some open hand chops. Corner whip, charge into a double boot. Satanico out and hitting a running clothesline - almost a inverted bulldog. He's fired up. There's another one. Snap mare, splash one - pulled out by Masada. Masada with open hand slaps on the floor but Satanico rallying back with punches. Ref tells Mephisto to keep his distance while he goes to break it up. Masada claims innocence and begs off being thrown off till Mephisto corners him. The referee stops Mephisto from clubbing him, while Nosawa brings Satanico in. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Right, right, right, Nosawa holds Satanico in the corner as Masada secretly tapes Satanico's right leg to the bottom rope! I think it's someone's wrist tape, but it's the yellow of crime scene tape. Mephisto is up arguing the tape job, but the referee is even less aware of what's going on when someone's yelling at him, I guess. Nosawa is smartly taunting Satanico by standing just out of reach of his punches, then darting in to his own. Mephisto has had enough of this - spear on the floor for Masada! Punches raining down on Masada now - Takemura is out to help his partners, attacking Mephisto on the floor. Mephisto is posted, then takes the double team post crotch job. While those two are finding many ways to introduce Mep to the post, the referee has seemingly figured out what happened with Satanico and is trying to pull Nosawa off of him. Takemura and Masada head in the ring to help out the partner as the referee officially gives the fall to Satanico (DQ 3:04) but that doesn't seem to matter much as they kick Satanico in the corner. Averno is out to make the save, ducking a Masada clothesline to hit one on Nosawa, but he makes the rookie mistake of going down on the mat to punch Nosawa before clearing the ring and the numbers quickly get him too. Announcers pick this time to talk about the upcoming Japon/Mexico Gran Prix, featuring Ultimo Dragon. Takemura to the top rope, as we see that the referee can not free Satanico and he's forced to watch his partners get laid out; triple superbomb on Averno! He's done for sure. Hey, it's Negro Casas! It's funny because he runs to the ring (in tennis shoes) and then is slow through the ropes. Masada with right hand, but a kick takes him out. Running forearm for Takemura. Kick for Masada, Negro wisely lets Masada hold him so Takemura will accidentally forearm his partner. Takemura still manages somme kicks on Casas, but Casas catches a boot and takes him down. Nosawa finally ends this sillyness with the good old low blow kick. Hey, 3 on 4 worked! Anyone else left? Shocker...probably doesn't care any more. Ultimo and Rey - yea, not for these guys (if they're even around). I don't think Santo's here. Legion is celebrating and starting to walk off, despite the announcement of the win for Satanico.

Satanico gets the microphone - he wants Nosawa to listen, and this very second accept a hair/hair match. Versus Infernales, versus Negro Casas and him, whoever. Nosawa: "Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh EEEEEEH", very insightful. Nosawa knows Spanish for "Listen to me!" but not much else this week, apparently. We cut away from him for replays. They replay that bad dropkicks spot, that's an odd choice.

Spectacular Moments: Virus hits the swinging headscissors on Arkangel quite nicely. Safari hits his head on the edge of the apron, being thrown from the ring by Apolo Dantes. Nice teamwork by Volador and Safari.

Vignette: Dr. Wagner Jr. and Universo 2000 meet in the park to discuss what needs to be done to Mr. Niebla. Apparently, he was pulling the tights last week. Revenge will be had! Everyone pose.

2 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Black Warrior, Universo 2000 vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Hijo de Lizmark
04/25/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:24
Lizmark moonsault bodyblock Universo
DCO (Wagner, Warrior)
middle of the road trios match; nothing wrong, nothing bad. Wasn't a top of the line match but was okay. It seemed like they might be doing Niebla/Warrior but Niebla wasn't involved directly into the finishes.
2 4:36
Warrior gullitone Lizmark
Universo/Warrior double crab Atlantis
3 3:05 Atlantida on Wagner
T 11:01 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Dr. Wagner brings his CMLL Trios belt to rub it in. Universo does not bring his. Atlantis brings the mascot. Mr. Niebla brings his new title. And sorta hurries when he realizes that Atlantis is getting beat 3 on 1. Probably the best statement on that CMLL Heavyweight Title's worth is that Niebla isn't the last entrance or the captain here; no more important than he was last week.

Government mandated beatdown to start. Lizmark makes sure to yell every time he's kicked. Atlantis in and DDTed by Warrior. He's thrown out. Niebla in to be beat by everyone. Corner whip, Warrior whipped in, Niebla moves out of the way, Warrior particularly cartwheels his way to the apron. Ah, he meant to do that - he does a little strut and gets superkicked off it by Lizmark as Niebla starts the comeback at the same time. Atlantis does the worst looking suplex to the outside ever - he gets Wagner up a foot from the ground and then opts to let Wagner do everything else himself. I can understand trying to make that bump safe, but why do it if it's gonna look absolutely horrible (and it did.) Niebla hits the thru the ropes suicide senton on Warrior. Lizmark with a moonsault body block on Universo for 3 (1:24) although we go to far view right after for three for some reason. Maybe he kicked out too soon. Atlantis collects Niebla - they'll take the count out on the other two (DCO 1:45) A couple good spots but a lot of nothing there. The mascot in to celebrate, although Atlantis is out to forearm Wagner in the face a couple times. Break.

Lots of stalling time before the fall starts. The mascot needs help leaving the ring. Warrior taunts fans. When we get looking at them (clip?), Universo is dropkicking Atlantis out of the ring. Another crowd shot, and we see Warrior chopping and posting Atlantis. Niebla and Universo in the ring now, Universo in control with chops. Corner whip is reversed with a quick cartwheel and pointless backflip. Universo charges, Niebla leapfrogs and does the Jalisco matador fake. Universo chops him because he's not Rayo. Corner whip, Niebla goes to the second rope, flying sunset flip is stepped away from, Universo comes out of the corner with his own running sunset flip, Niebla rolls through and slaps Universo in the head. Whip, reversed, Niebla slides under then stops Universo with another one of those slaps. Warrior elbows Niebla out of the ring, tope is faked with a slide short, but Niebla pulls him all the way out and drops him on the floor, in a spot that just made you wonder why Warrior was putting himself in such an easy position to be attacked. Mascot apron splash is never a DQ, sadly. Atlantis wants Wagner. Wagner milks the crowd reaction. Double clothesline and neither go down. Wagner with a powerslam, and right hands that aren't so good from the camera angles given. Off the ropes, over, and Atlantis hits the dropkick. Slam. Atlantis signals to the crowd that he's going up, and isn't lying. Up to the second rope, but Wagner is up behind him, lifting Atlantis on his shoulders and dropping him for the electric chair suplex. Wagner takes a moment to pose and then goes up himself, but the entire process takes much too long and Atlantis easily armdrag him off. Atlantis going up and he actually hits the move he was going for this time, a missile dropkick. Atlantis with a bodyscissors to take both of them out of the ring. Warrior mockingly claps approval at Atlantis skill. Fans gets on Warriors nerves, but he slips on the middle rope on accident and almost hands himself to the fans amusement. Lizmark in for the tecs as Atlantis and Wagner finally back away from each other on the outside. Lizmark hits a running shoulderblock, but Warrior takes him down with a back elbow on the next pass. Warrior does his pelvic dance. Kick to the leg, chop. Corner whip, charge in, Lizmark moves, Warrior stops short and points to his head, then charges right out into three spin shoulder slam! Warrior is dizzy, and Lizmark only has to open the ropes for Warrior to tumble out. Lizmark thinks dive, holds up short, and takes a dropkick in the back from Universo. Whip, spinebuster lift and pushed into the rudos corner. Universo with kicks, Wagner getting in shots from the outside. Wagner in - whip, drop toe hold, elbow drop, Universo with the cobra clutch, Wagner off the ropes four times before hitting the dropkick to Lizmark's face. Warrior adds a second rope guillotine legdrop and everyone covers and poses. (4:36) Niebla tried to make the save but he was taken down, and Atlantis was knocked off the apron. Warrior taking time to set up something, I guess. Niebla is balanced on the top rope, and double hiptossed on to the ramp. Ah, now I see where they're going - time for Warrior to his slingshot guillotine legdrop, taking Niebla off the ramp and to the floor. Warrior gets in the face of the front row fans. Back in the ring, Universo and Wagner are taking it to Atlantis. Whip, Universo clothesline. Double whip, double spinebuster. Universo and Warrior hold Atlantis upside down so Wagner can hit the lots of running dropkick to the head. Double crab does it. (6:11) Warrior's got the mascot! He's lifting him up! Blockbuster suplex but the mascot lands in Wagner's hands. The rudos decide to play a game of catching with him. Ooooooooh, Wagner has bad hands and the mascot hits the mat. Wagner off the ropes - SPLASH ON THE MIDGET! He really is great. Universo counts the pin. Warrior hangs him upside down for fun. Lizmark is able to pull to safety - wait, is he trying to do CPR on him? Let's move on to replays and take a break.

Rudos still in control, and still messing with the mascot as we come back. The mascot is trying to crawl backstage but the rudos pull it back towards the ring. Atlantis covers him up! That's heartwarming but sad. Universo and Wagner reluctantly decide to beat up the full size guy instead. His mask is easier to untie, I guess. Niebla and Lizmark try to make the save for Atlantis, but they're cut off. Wow, Wagner has it almost off - Atlantis is just holding in front of his face, basically Snap mare, and all Atlantis can do is hold the mask up. All the rudos are going for the masks now - looks like Niebla and Lizmark's are slipping off too. What better time for

Last Week: Niebla beat Universo for the Heavyweight Title. No tights pull that I see.

We're back and a comeback started that we missed. Eh. Lizmark hits a level 1 tope on Universo. Now everyone's tired but Atlantis and Wagner. Atlantis gets Wagner up in the Atlantilda and I keep waiting for someone to make a save - Atlantis goes to his knees, and that'll do it. That was rather sudden. (3:06) The fans in the Wagner mask can't believe it.

Next Week: Vampiro, Lizmark, Niebla, Dr. Wagner Jr., Atlantis, Black Warrior, Satanico, Blue Panther, Nosawa, Takemura and more.

Wagner can't believe he lost. Here's that tope. Here's that finish. That's it

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 2 Matches (16:32) about 27.5% of showtime (60:00)
Average Match Rating 66
Overall Match Rating: 2 (of 4)
1 Trios, 1 Singles
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins
1 instances of interference (1 meaningful, Takemura (1))
Show Assessment: Moves Infernales/Legion on, but pretty much place holder

Closing Notes:

1. I hope Wagner killed the mascot and that's the end of him.
2. The singles match was a good angle, at least.
3. I wish they'd cut out the arena plugs and give us more matches; no one seeing these are going to be able to go to those shows.
4. You'd think Niebla would've been the focus, but they built towards Atlantis/Wagner, again.