US Air Date: 07/06/03
Mexico Air Date: 04/19/03
Show No: 84

In Other Action: A tribute to Ray Mendoza, who died earlier in the week. Some footage with the Villanos as Alfonso Morales eulogizes him.

1 Legion (Takemura, Nosawa, Masada) vs Infernales (Satanico, Mephisto, Averno)
04/18/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:37 Nosawa repeated kicks/punches Satanico Short, but nice to see these guys in a real match once in a while. Hope we get more of this feud but not expecting much.
2 3:11 triple submission Takemura
3 1:10
triple press powerbomb Nosawa
Masada German Suplex Mephisto
Takemura DVD Averno
T 6:39 Legion (2-1)

Notes: Takemura has a mask. Nosawa has the Muta outfit. Masada has...a green tongue. Satanico comes out alone? Legion meet him on the stage - and get attacked by Averno and Mephisto coming from the crowd, ah!

Everyone brawls into the ring - Nosawa manages to go around the ring and attack Satanico form behind on the stage, but Satanico rallies back. Masada and Takemura manage to turn it around on the Juniors in unworthy ways. Satanico brings Nosawa back to the ring but that just allows him to get help to complete the total beatdown. Averno picked up, double whip, drop toe hold by Take, legdrop by Masada. Takemura with the camel clutch and Masada hits the dropkick to the face. Nosawa is choking Satanico with a headband he brought to the ring, which is illegal but not easily stopped. Satanico's the only Infernal left in the ring, so they triple whip and triple boot him.  Masada and Takemura hold him down for Nosawa to punch and kick many times. Satanico gives (1:37) and the Legion proves their intelligence by stopping beating on him. Wait, now Nosawa is going back to stomp him some more - but he stops before he gets this reversed. Seems that Satanico and Nosawa have issues. And some of them are the same old, as they're captioning this match "Mexico vs Japon"

Mephisto tries to get in the ring as the fall starts, but he's forced into a corner in no time. He gets thrown out after some elbows. Averno in, ready to go three on one but soon forced into the same corner. This time, they'll do something - corner whip, Nosawa running back elbow, Masada clotheslined, Takemura with the jumping koppo kick that I haven't gotten to see in forever. Mephisto back in but immorality taking snap mare and a stomp to the back. Takemura scoops him and drops him over the top rope. Legion celebrate in the ring while Satanico pumps up his troops out side the ring. Legion forced back to having one in the ring - and all three Infernales are in and eating on on Nosawa! Triple whip, run in to Masada to tumble him out of the ring, and another another triple whip to take Takemura out. Now Nosawa is whipped into the ropes  - spinebuster by Satanico back to his feet, whip into a double flapjack, Satanico holds up the head so Mephisto and Averno can hit the double dropkick to the head. Masada in, not really selling a punch to the gut from Satanico, chop for Mephisto, Averno turns away before he goes for the chop but Masada hits it anyway. Kick by Satanico, right, Mephisto open hands slaps him out of the ring. Takemura in and worked over - whip, Averno with the dropkick to the knee. Satanico directs them to pick him back up. Double whip, Satanico picks up Takemura near the ropes, but instead of backdropping him out, he presses Takemura up with help from the other two. They tease a big press slam to the floor or the stage, but drop Takemura in the ring. Everyone lifts Takemura up and grabs an arm hold - he gives (3:11) but they'll drop him down hard for fun. That's the fall, though Masada is scared they'll be coming for him next. Break.

Infernales are still doing their beatdown, with Masada in. HE takes a Satanico spinebuster, rolled to his feet, double whip, tripped by Averno on the outside, pulled out and takes a fireman's carry into a chindrop on the apron. Mephisto runs - there's the Slip N' Side dive and Satanico suicide senton! Infernales are rolling, and the only person able to come back in for the Legion is Nosawa. Whipped and waved around, right into the triple pump powerbomb. Wow, this is gonna be quick - everyone cover one two three. (1:10) Takemura back in - he's the captain, and he's taking a boot to the face. Double corner whip, Mephisto cover clothesline, Averno corner clothesline. Double abdominal stretch as Satanico holds off Masada - Nosawa is back in and breaking that up with a back elbow. Satanico is ticked an goes after him on the outside, but Masada attacks him from behind! That distracted the JR. Infernales, who let go of the hold to help and take a double clothesline from Takemura. Masada with a German Suplex on Mephisto! Takemura with a sharp DVD on Averno - One two three! (1:51) That turned around quick - Legion out rudo-ed the INfernales and Nosawa is letting Satanico know. Satanico protest to the commissioner about nosawa interfering after being eliminated, but the Legion seem to be happy with the win. Satanico challenges Nosawa to a one on one possibly no DQ match. Nosawa pretends he doesn't know Spanish but Satanico says he does. And he ups to it hair/hair. Nosawa's negative reaction to that shows he pretty much does know those words.

2 CMLL Heavyweight Title Match
Universo 2000 (c) vs Mr. Niebla
04/18/03, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano 1:40 Niebla legscissors submision This was much less the epic the Shocker/Ultimo matches were. Probably a few points better if we got to see all of it, but still it was nothing to write home about and rather short.
2 1:44 Universo sharpshooter/armbar
3 3:03 Niebla small package
T 6:27 Mr. Niebla (2-1), 11th Champion

Notes: Universo is wearing the orange outfit. He's a double champion coming in, though he does not bring the trios belts with him. Logically in the context of this angle, Black Warrior is his corner man. Mr. Niebla opts for aquamarine. Atlantis takes the long way to the ring for some reason. They introduce the commissioner and ringside doctor. Baby Richard is the referee. Warrior is too busy taunting front row fans to stand in line for the photo. Someone finally points it out to him. Niebla weighs in at 107 kilos. Universo is 120 kilos. I think they call him "the actual world champion" which is odd. Commercial break before the match? Eh, okay. But I bet we get one during it.

Baby Richard is giving final instructions as we return. I think Magadan points out Niebla's demasking of Shocker in 1999 as his biggest win to date. Wins over Perro Aguayo and Rayo de Jalisco Jr. are points in Universo' favorite.  Warrior urges Universo to punch, I think. Universo tries to get the crowd to rally for him, as does Niebla. Lockup, Universo with a waistlock, out an armbar, hammerlock and then leg trip. Tying the legs up, Niebla hurting but not enough to give. Niebla reaches for Universo's head, but Universo reverse to an armbar. Snap mare, crowd shot. Niebla with a headstand headscissors, but Universo blocks and pushes him down. Hard slap to the back, and standing over him while pulling the arms back.  Not exactly fearsome. Niebla trying to headstand out of it - and he dies, into the headscissors. Universo rolls to the apron, and then to the floor. Niebla teases dive but Universo moves, then turns to say something to Warrior - Niebla turns topes him anyway! Corner men check on wrestler - Warrior helps Universo up and towels him off, which seems like blatant breaking off the rule. So does pushing Niebla's foot off the apron, but Richard will let let it go. Niebla in first, Universo taking his time. They met as Universo is on the apron - he blocks a slap, hits two of his own and and a turnbuckle smash. Universo going up - top rope crossbody but Niebla rolls though and puts on legscissors with an underleg submission - Universo gives. (1:40) That was a less than enthralling finishing move - it looked more like Niebla was humping Universo's leg than doing anything painful to him, but I guess if it gets you the win, it's all good. Niebla makes the belt motions. Replays, and there's that break.

Universo is still reeling as the second fall starts. Niebla is pumped. There they go - Niebla with the face slap, whip, reversed, Universo misses a clothesline, misses a weak back elbow Niebla slides under. Niebla goes for the 'ran and Universo tosses him back, Universo celebrates but Niebla has landed on his feet - Niebla with a dropkick to take Universo out of the ring. Niebla getting speed - but Universo has moved, and out of the way where Niebla can topes him this time. Universo rushes the ring while Niebla looks at the crowd - shoulderblock, off the ropes, handspring elbow is avoided. Universo with a senton one two NO. Universo picks up Niebla by the mask, open hand slap, corner whip, corner clothesline. Corner whip again, charge meets double boot. Niebla out, victory roll is blocked and Universo uses an electric hair suplex. Black Warrior is quite pumped. There's the Sharpshooter with armbar move, and it'll do it. (1:44) Warrior is possibly more excited than Universo, but then he's not the one who has to wrestle here.

Deciding fall. We're looking at the crowd and miss Niebla surprise Universo with a victory roll one two no. Universo up first, shoulderblock, off the ropes, waved by, Universo stops at the ropes, Niebla pulls him into a reverse rollup with jacknife one two no. Crowd shot, and we've been clipped. Both men are down and tired, with the crowd starting to rally for Niebla. Universo with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, double clothesline takes them both down, Niebla falls on top one two NO. Universo with a kneelift, off the ropes, backdrop to the floor. Niebla gets his groove going, off the ropes, TOPE! hits Warrior! Gee, he turned rudo and that's STILL happening. Universo dropped down but his corner man was not so lucky. Neither was the one guy in the front row who didn't move in time. Warrior ended up in the second row on that one. Richard is up to five as Universo throws Niebla back in the ring. Forearm to the back. Sit down powerbomb! Is that it? Off the ropes, senton one two NO! Earl Hebner dramatic slow count there. Crowd rallying for Niebla once again. Universo with a slap, scoop - and sets up Niebla for the Tombstone! Crowd and ref goes nuts, but Niebla forces Universo to fall backwards to prevent it. Universo gets in Baby Richards face for arguing with him about it. Niebla up and turning him around - small package one two THREE! (3:03) New Champion! Crowd goes nuts. Atlantis gives Niebla a ride around the ring on his shoulders. Warrior protests that it was a two count, but Niebla's got the belt. Universo protests but no dice.

Next Week: Atlantis, Lizmark, Niebla, Dr. Wagner, Universo, Black Warrior, Satanico, Averno, Nosawa, Takemura, Mephisto, and more.

Niebla celebrates with the belt as Universo continues to protest the injustice in the world. Here's a replay of Niebla getting backdropped out of the ring and Universo nailing him with a plancha - stuff we never saw the first time. There's tope on Warrior. And there's the finish. Looked like three to me. Hey, when did Niebla hit a top rope moonsault? You know what would be cool would be editing to the slow motion replays and showing the full motion originals. That's be far far far less frustrating.

That's it.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 2 Matches (13:16) about 22.1% of showtime; 
Average Match Rating 81.5
Overall Match Rating: 3 (of 4, for the title change)
1 Trios, 1 Singles
1 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Title Matches (CMLL Heavyweight Title, 3)
Title Changes: CMLL Heavyweight Title, 3, Mr. Niebla
Show Assessment: Noteworthy for the title change in a decent match

Closing Notes: 

1. Not a lot of wrestling this week.
2. Figure it might be a chronic problem with the low TV time
3. Legion/Infernales feud looks fun if we get to see more of it
4. Main even probably wouldn't have been more than 86 if we got to see all of it, I guess, but it still would be nice.