US Air Date: 06/28/03
Mexico Air Date: 04/05/03
Show No: 83

Vignette: Shocker's in the ring, thinking about last week. The crowd was divided, but Shocker kept his concentration and got the right move at the right time to get three count. Terrible surprises him, but Shocker had invited him down here. As hard as graduating from Guapos U was, it's going to be even harder to win in the ring and prove himself part of the best trio in Mexico. Terrible says he's worked hard just to do that.

1 Los Nuevo Guapos (Shocker (c), Terrible, Mascara Magica) vs Vampiro (c), Super Porky, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 04/04/03
1 trios 1:19 Vampiro chokeslam Shocker Short, and oddly doesn't establish the new trio as good or give some closure to the Vampiro/Shocker issue, but still good.
2 4:41 everyone cover Vampiro
3 2:51
2nd Rope Casas Special Magica
Terrible DQ (low blow Porky)
T 8:52 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: This is their Arena Mexico debut as a trio, apparently. Vampiro is bald, but wears his NWA Light Heavyweight Title to the ring. The camera man is too into the valets to turn around and see if Vampiro gets punked out. Porky loses his valet on the way to the ring, so she dances alone. He does the stripper dance. Mascot does the stripper dance, oh no. His name is "CMLL Mascot", according to the ring announcer. That must've taken a good two seconds to come up with. Shocker tries to kill the mascot but he's blocked off. Negro's wearing his long white tights, and we have an immediate clip to Los Nuevo Guapos thinking about walking out. Shocker wants a handshake from Vampiro any way - ah, he's messing with him. Vampiro doesn't appreciate it and shoves. Shocker doesn't appreciate that and he's gonna walk. Okay now they'll come back. Shocker runs at the ring, then stops and starts to go in. Nah, he'll hang around on the apron. They're actually putting the count on him, so let's say this fall started at some point (I'm sure the whistle was clipped out).

Shocker and Vampiro to start. Shocker not thrilled about this. Off the ropes, over, quick stop, open hand slap, open hand slap, off the ropes, boot is caught, and Vampiro throws him back hard. Shocker gets up, right is blocked, Vampiro, right, right, right, Shocker right is ducked Vampiro with a right, right, right, off the ropes, running discuss punch! Shocker down and waving in the troops- Magica with a dropkick. Terrible and Magica get him a double armbar and hold him down - slap by Shocker. Kick to the face. Holding him in place - off the ropes, Shocker off the ropes, but Vampiro breaks free and catches Shocker with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Now everyone's in - Vampiro hits a chokeslam on Shocker in short order. Cover one two three. (1:19) Casas hits the reverse DDT on Magica and Porky sits down on Terrible but they really shouldn't be counting those falls. Mascot does the sit on Terrible, which seems illegal. Why does it say 4-40 on Casas' tights anyway? Replay. Hey, look, chokeslam. Reverse DDT. Sit down. Break.

Vampiro's chased Shocker halfway into the crowd as we return. That's odd. Everyone gets sorted out, though Shocker takes his time discussing explaining to ringside fans that it's they who suck. Back in the ring, Magica's starting with Porky. Magica with a kick, headlock, shot into the the ropes, back with a shoulderblock and that goes badly for Magica. Undaunted, he's up and going again - off the ropes, right into an armdrag. Off the ropes, right into a hiptoss. Magica may want to rethink things - well, this time he kicks instead of running and it starts okay. Open hand slaps, whip, drop down is a horrible idea and Porky shows him why. Porky with the muscle pose. Casas in, so is Terrible. Circle. Lockup, Terrible with a hipblock takeover. Terrible tells Casas to bring it, ooooooh. He's gonna kicked right in the jaw for that. Lockup, Terrible with a waistlock, Casas tries to switch but Terrible gets him with an armdrag. Shocker taunts Casas from his corner - he taught Terrible. that. Big boot by Terrible, another but Casas moves and Terrible gets his leg hooked on the top rope. Casas goes under - semi-electric chair suplex to drop Terrible on his back. Terrible's right is blocked, Casas with a right, right, jumping heel kick. Casas going for a half crab, but Shocker breaks it up with a chop. Vampiro in, Shocker running out of the ring for his life. Vampiro mocks him him of raking off like that, so Shocker comes back in. Lockup - no, he's got to pose on the second rope - oops, crotched himself. Magica checks to make sure he's okay. Shocker's a gamer, he'll go on - or at least he'll make Vampiro think he's going to while Magica and Terrible rush Vampiro. Shocker gets forearm shots to Porky on the apron while the other two take care of Vampiro with corner chops. Casa booted off the apron. Vampiro wants to get at Shocker, but he's held back. Just barely, though. Shocker with a big boot to the face. Let's balance that with shot of Shocker slipping on the middle rope. Magica tussles with Casas on the apron as the other two work over Vampiro. Terrible leaves Vampiro to Shocker to help Magica. Double suplex in - is blocked by Porky. Terrible kicks Porky away and they try again. Meanwhile, Shocker is giving Vampiro a shin breaker in the middle of the ring. Neither of them realize what the other guys are doing, so when Negro is double suplexed in, his left foot clocks Vampiro in the face. He rolls out in a lot of pain. Shocker hits an apron dive forearm to the back to keep them busty. Double whip on Casas, Running corner big boot from both Terrible and Magica. Double corner whip, Magica hits another big boot and Terrible hits another big boot. Big boots for everyo9ne. Vampiro seems okay enough, since he's being rolled in. Casa rolled to his feet and chopped on out. Shocker with a powerbomb on Vampiro! Magica with a legdrop. Terrible with a splash and they cover one two three (4:41) Tied up. Guapos go out of the ring to beat down Porky but we look at the fans instead. Replays.

Third fall without a break. Guapos hold the ring, having just cleared Porky out. TRIPLE STRUT! That's the makings of greatness right there. Who's gonna come in for the tecncios? Terrible will face anyone, if just they come in. How about - Vampiro? Fake, they'll go 3 on 1. Corner whip, Terrible with a high corner splash, Magica with a wild boosted dropkick, and Shocker finishes with the boosted splash that hits no one. Vampiro side steppe in time and now he's loose - superkick to Shocker to knock him down and in retreat up the ramp. Shocker tries to get away, Vampiro gets him by his pants, the pants start to go down and Vampiro decides they need to go a lot more down; Shocker stops selling to prevent the pantsing, which is hilarious. Shocker goes to the ground to prevent indecent exposure, so Vampiro stomps him in the groin.  Shocker barely gets up and he's clotheslined back down. Back up again, backing up and clothesline into the ring. Looks like the tecnicos got he best of the rest. Corner whip for Shocker, Shocker kips up and out, Vampiro turns around and Shocker muscles his way to an overhead belly to belly.  Shocker up - clothesline is caught and Vampiro takes Shocker apart with a head and neck suplex (called such because THAT'S WHAT HE LANDS ON - yow)  One two somehow he kicked out. Corner whip, reversed, Shocker charges in, Vampiro misses and Shocker takes the knee bump to the floor. Vampiro goes for a pescado, Shocker moves, Vampiro lands on his feet. Shocker with a whip, Vampiro reverses and Shocker takes one of the more painful looking face first into the post bumps. Magica and Casas in the ring - Magica manages to use a knee lift when Casas charges right into him, but a headlock is reversed into a knee breaker. Casas to the second rope - second rope dropkick to the knee! Must be time for the La Majistral - got it, one two three! (2:51) At the same time, Terrible goes for that sunset flip again on Super Porky, but when Porky blocks it, Terrible simple hits an axhandle to the groin to prevent the sit down. Innovative! but the ref was right there. (DQ 2:52) Casa and Vampiro check on Porky. Guapos point out they're 1000% Guapo with the help of a sign.

Spectacular Moments: Violencia gets away with a kneelift low blow on Olimpico. Terrible clips out Genetico's knee while he's in moonsault position - Genetico takes a spectacular bump on the turnbuckles and one from there to the floor. That's may be the first interesting thing I've seen him do. Mephisto with a Slip N' Slide dive to the floor, and Satanico adds an apron senton - neato. There's the Casas Thesz Press to take out Warrior (who is so hurt he adjusts his pants). Oh no Rayo dive - plancha flattens Rayo.

Vignette: Hey, it's the GdI hallway. Ultimo catches up with Rey (red hair!) and Universo. Universo wants help against Niebla - there's conspiracy to force a title match soon, and Universo doesn't want any part of it. GdI, as fellow champions, agree to help, but let it drop that they'll be going to Japan soon. Still, they got no problem teaming with Universo today. There's a weird bit about futbol I don't get, but I'm pretty sure we end with everyone making fun of Rey's hair.

2 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero) and Universo 2000 (c) vs Atlantis (c), El Hijo de Lizmark, Mr. Niebla, Atlantis
04/04/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios :51 Niebla second rope moonsault Universo What we saw was very short, though Universo looked better than usual and everyone looked okay. Built Niebla/Universo fine.
2 1:35
Universo side surfboard Niebla
everyone cover Atlantis
3 3:26 Niebla small package Universo
T 6:15 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Atlantis tries to rush the ring against Rey and Ultimo! That's a horrible decision. Lizmark is in no hurry for the save. Eventually he gets to jogging but doesn't really help that much in time. Niebla kinda hurries. There's this great bit where Niebla rushes by the valets on the ramp, switch to a far shot of the ring, switch back to ramp shot and Niebla's been knocked down on the ramp and the girls are nowhere to be seen. I'm thinking just maybe a clip

Universo working Niebla over on the ramp while GdI handle the two in the ring and have plenty of time for secret handshakes. Universo whips Niebla back towards the ring, Lizmark sees him coming and boots him into the ring for a double dropkick on Rey and Ultimo! Atlantis dropkicks them out, STEREO TOPES by Lizmark and Atlantis! Universo finally gets to the ring but takes the big slap. Suplex in by Niebla, and he's to the second rope - moonsault one two THREE! (:51) That went bad for the rudos in about 30 seconds flat. Rey's got the tape on his shoulder again this week. Niebla makes the belt motions. Replays. Since that was so short, I bet the break comes after the second fall.

It'll be Atlantis and Ultimo to start fall two. Ultimo look for support from the crowd and doesn't get it. Atlantis does. Ultimo with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, Atlantis leaps and Ultimo knocks him down with a leaping shoulderblock him down. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Corner whip, Atlantis catapults himself to the outside, Ultimo's slap is blocked, Atlantis bars the arm, to the top, dropkick off to Rey and armdrag to for Ultimo, Ultimo rolls right up, off the ropes, into an armdrag. Rey holds Atlantis, Ultimo misses the right hand and gets Rey. Ultimo misses, Rey misses and gets Ultimo takes the punch. Atlantis slides Rey chest first to the floor! Ultimo off the ropes, under the leapfrog, right into the Atlantis headscissors roll that shoots Ultimo out of the ring. Atlantis teases dive but slides up and out, ducks the clothesline, charges into a backdrop but headstand on the apron into a headscissors, nice. Back in the ring, now it's Niebla and Universo. Universo tries a monkey flip, Niebla lands on his feet. Niebla's clothesline is caught into a hammerlock, Universo takes him down, side surfboard does it. (1:35) Atlantis back in - we must've had a clip back there to explain why Lizmark is here. Rey with a kick for him, then hooks him up to a reverse bodyscissors on Ultimo. Universo hits a running clothesline to Atlantis back, then Rey hits a clothesline to the front. Everyone cover, everyone pin (1:58) Universo celebrates, then rolls out of the ring to post Niebla. I guess that's kinda celebrating too.

No break, wow. Niebla's being cleared out of the ring - now, Universo wants to pulls him back in. Whip, jumping back elbow. Look at the crowd. Whip, triple boot to Atlantis. Niebla back in - looks like his mask has been torn up now, pretty bad. Pretty bad. Double whip, corner clothesline by Universo is sidestepped, Gdi charge meets double boot, Niebla tries the handspring over the double clothesline but it doesn't look good, he ducks a second try and slaps Universo. Tecnico back in - Rey gets pulled to the floor over the top rope. Universo gets beat by Niebla on the outside. Is Lizmark biting Rey's new die job? Tecnicos isolate Universo in the ring so Niebla can rip at his mask. Kick to the back. Atlantis and Lizmark backing out so Niebla can have it one one one Universo with a whip, misses a clothesline, misses a back elbow, Niebla sides under, Universo misses another clothesline and Universo double clotheslines them both out. Lizmark in - missing a cross body on Ultimo. Double elbow drop by GdI misses, boosted Atlantis dropkick misses because everyone moves. Double jumping shoulderblock on Lizmark takes him out, whip, double dropkick on Atlantis. Rey off the ropes, monkey flip plancha! Ultimo running - and hurtling himself over the top rope for a plancha! All four down, and it's Universo and Niebla left in the ring. Niebla tries a corner splash, but Universo moves and Niebla headbutts the buckle. Powerbomb! Niebla's getting back up though - Northern lights suplex! Senton. Universo is saying this is it, what's he going to do? Niebla small package one two three! (3:26) Niebla wants the belt! Or at least a title match of some kind. And quick to the break.

Next Week: Atlantis, Lizmark, Mr. Niebla, Vampiro, Shocker, Universo, Mascara Magica, Pierroth, Terrible and much more.

Universo and Niebla are still fighting, now on the stage. Niebla takes a minute to pose for the crowd and Ultimo pulls his partner to the crowd. Of course, that leaves Rey hanging out by the ring all by himself - Atlantis and Lizmark chase him around the right for a bit, but we're done.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 2 Matches (15:07) about 25.2% of showtime (60:00); 
Average Match Rating 81.5
Overall Match Rating: 2 (of 4)
2 Trios
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins
Show Assessment: Satisfactory action but nothing noteworthy

Closing Notes: 

1. The pre-match vignette featuring Shocker and Terrible was facelike, but they were definitely rudos in the match.
2. The triple strut ruled. They need to do that every match ever.
3. Niebla and Atlantis really got over Warrior turning on them quick. Maybe Universo put him up to it?
4. There was a Universo top rope splash they showed in the previews that they clipped out of the match. Which sucked.