US Air Date: 06/14/03
Mexican Air Date: 03/08/03
CMLL Show Number: 78

1 Bestia Salvaje, Takemura, Pierroth vs Gran Markus Jr. (c), Super Porky, Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
03/04/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:47
Porky sit down Bestia
Rayo abdominal stretch Takemura
Poor Takemura. Poor me for watching this.
2 4:05 DQ (Pierroth low blow uppercut Markus)
T 6:12 Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes: We come in on Markus charging (well, for him) into the ring as the rudos are already in. He goes after Pierroth and gets in a few shots before Takemura stops him, unsuccessfully.

Markus with a face bite as Porky stalks CGII outside the right. I'm still trying to figure out who's in this match - ah, Rayo's out, which means I'm done. Rayo helps Markus turn the tide, then steps back to let him on Pierroth one on one. They end up rolling out of the ring (but over the bottom rope) cat fight style. Takemura exchanges shoves with Porky, then goes forehead to forehead - and Porky kisses him on the forehead. And then slaps him. Nice of a front row fan to give up his seat so Markus can smash Pierroth into it. I think we're settling down to a one on one in the ring - nope, Rayo's taking out Takemura outside the ring for some reason. Bestia tries the sunset flip on Porky, and then the end of him. (1:47) Takemura trying to go 1 on 3 but Rayo himself is gonna be too much to him. Abdominal stretch does it. (2:07) Pierroth argues on the outside, but he's pretty much out of breath. Break.

Tecnicos hold the ring for fall 2. Rudos taking their time coming in. It'll be Pierroth and Rayo. Markus is so angry at Pierroth, he steps out of the ring so Rayo can fight him. Eh. Rayo does Matador waves, and Pierroth mocks him and gets away with it a little while later. Pierroth has quite some power. I think Pierroth's full body camouflage has a slimming effect. I guess that's why it's camouflage. Porky vs Bestia. Porky just did the fattest headlock/headscissors double takeover ever. Now Takemura's slapped him and he's crying. More crying. Pierroth is asking why he's crying in a match and Porky slaps him. Double whip goes horribly bad and they get squashed. There's the apron dive plancha. Takemura back in and taking to to Rayo as Bestia and Porky try to work submission holds on the outside.  I have no idea why. Takemura clotheslined to the floor. Oh, now we get Pierroth and Markus with the other two rudos out of it. Markus has some awful stomps. There, those are better. Pierroth with an extremely blatant low blow and that'll do it. (4:05) This was a whole pile of nothing.

Post match, we do get something out of it. Pierroth's feeling all good, having smashed Markus' groin and, previously, won Apolo's hair. HE challenges MARKUS to a one on one match. I think Markus is going to say yes, seeing as he's been crying for one over the last year. Markus of course wants to up it to hair/hair. I'm not sure if Pierroth agrees to the stipulation - he agrees to the match, but his body language is unhappy when it is announced as hair/hair.

2 Shocker, Super Crazy, Satanico vs Vampiro, Negro Casas, Lizmark Jr.
03/07/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 5:12 Shocker Boston Crab Vampiro This was awful one sided.
2 8:13 Shocker top rope elbow drop Vampiro
T 13:25 Rudos (2-0)

Notes: Shocker is a rudo after last week, I think. Super Crazy's a rudo? Super Crazy's an Andrew WK fan? I'm so confused. Satanico is Satanico. Vampiro wears the NWA LH Title to the ring. Shocker walks out halfway to Vampiro, but is unable to egg Vampiro into running into a three on one. Negro's wearing white tights, how odd. Lizmark gets last entrance? Well okay. 3 on 2 while Lizmark takes his jacket off - he is immediately taken out as the opening brawl goes on. Focus on Vampiro, as Satanico holds him for a Shocker bib boot, then Satanico and Crazy hold him down for Shocker slaps. Crowd is not thrilled, especially when Shocker yells at them. Vampiro briefs breaks away form the people holding him, but crazy forearms him down right before he gets to Shocker. Lizmark is knocked off the apron. Double corner whip for Vampiro, running back elbow by Satanico, assisted high corner clothesline but Shocker, who poses on the middle rope after. Crowd getting on Shocker. Shocker uses knees to Vampiro's head. Crazy holds him down in a chinlock but nothing comes of it. Like most chinlocks! Corner whip for Vampiro, triple corner clothesline by Shocker. Shocker slams him over the top rope! The other two tecnicos are in - well, looks like Lizmark got knocked back down again. Satanico works on Negro in the ring while Vampiro is now getting beat by Shocker on the outside, and Crazy and Lizmark have disappeared. Shocker drags Vampiro over to the desk so he can cut a promo while wrestling - he's #1, he's not tecnico nor rudo, he's Guapo. Hmm, guess I need a color for that. Satanico with a nice spinebuster on Negro and holds him for a bridging back chinlock, Lizmark coming in to beak it up. Crazy is in after him, eventually holding him in the corner with a second rope boot choke. This was an energetic beatdown to start, but it's lost a lot of focus - we're now watching a lot of standing around on the outside rather than action. Shocker catches Vampiro with yet another boot on the outside. Sharp high boot to Casa in the ring. Satanico holds Casas for a Crazy second rope axhandle. Another big boot for Casas. Crowd chanting for Vampiro, who outside the ring. Satanico with a knee choke on Casas. Lizmark getting worked over by the other two rudos - Crazy hits a missile dropkick on him. Vampiro back in and Shocker stops him quick. Corner whip, running corner shoulder. Double leg, turning it over into a Boston Crab and that'll do it. (5:12) Shocker takes his time letting go. Replay of Satanico boot choking Casas off the apron and almost to the floor on his head. Break.

Fall 2 starts. But first

Hace Unos Dias: Shocker and Vampiro broke up, upsetting the CMLL mascot. It was pretty much Shocker's fault.

Well, whatever we missed is causing Shocker to want to walk out now. He's convinced to stay by his teammates, and comes back to the ring after finding his center. It'll be Satanico and Negro - no, it'll be Shocker rushing the ring and going after Vampiro. Back to the beatdown  Crazy is choking Shocker over the top rope. Shocker walking Vampiro around with that headlock again. Double corner whip, Shocker going for that clothesline twice so it's not going to work. Ah, there's the comeback we never got before. Casas show off his punching skill to Satanico as Shocker begs off from Vampiro. Shocker' clothesline missed, boot is caught, Vampiro smiles, walks him around, drops the leg and hits the spinning back kick to the head. Clothesline. Clothesline. Shocker tries to get to the ramp but Vampiro catches him by his tights. Vampiro pulls him back in and gets a back elbow. Corner whip, reversed, Vampiro with a corner splash and a bulldog faceslam on the way out. Shocker tries to get away and trips over the bottom rope on the way to the ramp. Vampiro running after him - clothesline n the ramp. Vampiro asks the fans if he should do more. They seem okay with it. Shocker backing his way to the ring. Now down to his knees and asking for forgiveness or at least humanity. A referee distraction allows Shocker to get to safety. Vampiro so unhappy about that. Okay, we'll try again with Satanico and Casas. Satanico want a handshake, and not giving it, uses a punch. Is Shocker talking to the ringside doctor? Ah, there's a loose panel on the ramp. Satanico with a headlock takeover. Whip, running boot. Off the ropes, boot is caught, Casas catches it, singe leg takedown, reverse figure four? Satanico kicks him away before I know what Casas was going for there. Satanico with a right hand. Headbutt to the back. Turnbuckle smash, And another - no Casas blocks it and hits a turnbuckle smash. Right hand by Satanico, right hand by Casas. Casa tries  a monkey flip and he's pushed off. Satanico charges, right hand misses, Casas his a jumping back kick to take Satanico down. Tags - Lizmark in, Crazy in. Lizmark's clothesline is caught and turned into a headlock. Crazy is shot in the ropes, shoulderblock nocks Crazy down. Lizmark tell shim to try again. Crazy decides he might as well, and runs into a clothesline. Chop. Chop. Corner whip, reversed, corner clothesline, right, kick, kick, kick, boot choke by Crazy. Corner whip, runs into a boot. Lizmark runs out, and Crazy nails him with a wheel kick. Both down, both up - Crazy misses a clothesline and gets slide chest first to the floor. Dive is teased but no. Casas and Satanico back in - Satanico with a back elbow and some right hands. Whip, Casas back, and taken down with spinebuster. He kicks Satanico away before he can follow up, but Satanico has the jabs working. Casas coming back with his own punches, and there's the jumping spinning back kick again. Satanico out of the ring, but he pulls Negro out with him. Rights, trying to run him into the post but Casas slips out and Satanico takes the post. Back in the ring,  Crazy reverses a sunset flip to a dropkick to the head. Quebrada! One two NO! Crazy isn't happy. Crazy isn't happy with the fans. Clothesline misses, and there's the Lizmark superkick. Spinning shoulder slam into a sidewalk slam. Lizmark with a straight jacket chinlock, but Shocker into to break it up with a big boot. Shocker sees Vamp coming and tries a shoulderblock form him, but gets a high kick that spins him out. Vampiro breaks up a Crazy abdominal stretch, misses a kick on Shocker, blocks a Shocker kick, misses a clothesline and takes a big boot from Shocker. Fans shot. Vampiro in the corner and Shocker charging with a clothesline - no one's home. Vampiro with a hair beal. Vampiro picks him up, but Shocker breaks out and hits a clothesline. Picking Vamp back up - spinning around a back suplex. Shocker and Crazy in to make sure the tecnicos doesn't interfere as Shocker goes up. What's he going to do there? Top rope elbow drop! One two THREE! (8:13) Wow, straight falls. And a clean fall to end it. You don't get that often. Satanico and Crazy make the point that it was a 2-0 win. Satanico and Casas have a standoff post match. Crazy holds Shocker up to listen to Shocker talk. Shocker gloats. Shocker makes fun of them for not having televisions. Shocker points out the 2 fall win. Shocker is the best in Mexico. Shocker again says he's done with the fans. Tecnicos pulls Vampiro to safety. Vampiro wants to go back into get Shocker but the tecnico think no. He does come back in, and Shocker shockingly feels like it's time to leave.

Spectacular Moments: La Tapitas get a win. Arkangel hits a top rope plancha on Safari, crushing him. Safari has a great stunned look. There's Pantera's top rope moonsault gone horribly wrong. Ricky Marvin, with a buzz cut at this point, hits the running double jump springboard plancha to the outside. And Shocker and Vampiro break up last week.

3 Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Atlantis
03/07/03, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano 1:27 Wagner powerbomb Atlantis This was good, but not the memorable match I keep hoping for from this pair. The first two falls were afterthoughts. The last minute, while clean, wasn't the best executed or convincing sequence.
2 2:13 Atlantis 'rana Wagner
3 5:27 Wagner blocked bodyscissors cradle Atlantis
T 9:07 Dr. Wagner Jr. (2-1)

Notes: Black Tiger, as Wagner's second, carries a NJPW banner with him to the ring. Atlantis rushes Wagner on the ramp, they both hit clotheslines and get stunned. Atlantis tries the charge again and runs right into a powerslam. Hey, that panel Shocker was worried about before fell out on that. Maybe he had a point. Mr. Niebla appears to be Atlantis' second, not that he can be of much help right at the moment.

Wagner slams him in the ring, as Tiger prevents Niebla from getting involved. Snap mare. Off the ropes, Dropkick to the had. Wagner pose. Talking to the crowd. He's got black and white camouflage on this week. Atlantis pushed in the corner, on to the top rope. Superplex? Going all the way up - top rope superplex! The ring falls to explode. Wagner goes for the mask - and now he's ripping the right eye hold into pieces. Wagner lets go, to give Atlantis more pain - sit down powerbomb one two three. (1:27) Wagner about destroyed him there. Tiger holds up the NJPW banner for fun. I assume it says something about Tiger or Wagner, but it's in Japanese and I'm only pretending to get one language right now. Replays of the superplex and the powerbomb as one person does a Wagner chant of their own. We can't show more than one fall without a break today. Again.

Second fall. Wagner is beating up Atlantis outside the ring as we come back - Atlantis gets posted to start.

Wagner waits for Atlantis to get up, and punches him back down. There's a section of four people doing the Wagner chant now. Atlantis thrown back in, and Wagner going for the mask once again.  He relents to stare at the fans. He's annoyed with the loud tecnico section, as usual. Whip, we miss the reverse watching the fans, and Atlantis this the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Atlantis pumped up, and he's going for the mask - but Wagner manages a kick to keep him away. Wagner up and charging, right into the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Atlantis with a 'rana, one two three! (2:13) Either we're getting clips out they're really speeding thought his match so far. Girl in the front row really likes Atlantis winning this fall. Atlantis wants to get at Wagner in between falls, but the referee cuts him off. Hey look, no break. Because we were back for all of two minutes

Wagner and Atlantis exchange strikes. No one has a real advantage till Atlantis ducks one and hits a forearm. Wagner is knocked into the ropes, but comes back with a dropkick to the knee. Whip, clothesline misses, hiptoss is reversed and Atlantis his his own. Atlantis charges, Wagner tries to backdrop Atlantis to the floor, but Atlantis pulls him over the top rope to the floor. I've never seen something exactly like that. Atlantis waits for Wagner to get up - suicide tope knocks Wagner into the second rope! The first row row of seats got destroyed! They're complete down and out of place, that's odd. Atlantis tries to get back in, but Wagner manages to stop him. Atlantis sent in to the post and it's Wagner who makes it back in the ring. He breaks his count, then goes to the apron - around dive somersault bodyblock! Now they're both down again and we take a look at the fans. Wagner is up first this time. He's out of breath but pulling himself in to the ring. Atlantis back up. He's in to, but Wagner doesn't realize it. Atlantis with a victory roll, legs crossed one two THR-NO! Niebla can't believe that's only a 2. Did we clip here? Wagner with a corner whip,, Atlantis kips up and out, reverse bodyscissors cradle with back bridge one two NO! Both slow up. Atlantis charge Wagner and puts him on the top rope. Wagner's slap is blocked with one his own. Overhead cradle lift - into a suplex (fisherman's buster? I guess.) Atlantis not sure on what do next. He settles for a figure four - but Wagner catches with a kick as he puts it in. The Wagner fans are loud again now, but just spur on the Atlantis fans. Whip and backdrop by Wagner. Running somersault senton one two NO. Both men a little slow up. Wagner with a chop, Corner whip, Wagner charge but no one's home. Atlantis on him - there's that weird rocking bodyscissors submission that I have no name for - will Wagner give? NO, he turns it into a small package, one two NO. Atlantis up first and hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker once more. Atlantis grabs him - powerbomb? Wagner slips out of it, and I'm not sure if it was an reversal or an Atlantis move. Neither man makes it real clear. Atlantis stand over Wagner and goes after the mask - and the mask complete comes apart! The top two thirds are complete pulled off and Wagner's face is revealed for a second. Wagner come sup, and Atlantis goes for another bodyscissors - Wagner manages to sit down and block it while covering his face one two three. (5:27) The mask seemed to rip a lot more than either was expecting; they perhaps could've gone to the finish sooner because of that, but it fits the theme of finishes we've seen between these two the last few weeks.  Wagner goes to the mat and tries to put enough of his mask back to not complete reveal his faith. Someone at ringside gives him a new mask, and he puts that on. Replays as the ending music starts to play - they don't show his face this time. 

We're in a hurry, so no next time.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 3 Matches (28:44) about 38.3% of showtime (75:00); 
Average Match Rating 69.6
Overall Match Rating: 2 (out of 4)
2 Trios, 1 Singles
1 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 2 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Show Assessment: Two okay matches, but they didn't lead anywhere. Not a noteworthy show.

Closing Notes: 

1. Nice to at least see Takemura, even if it was a pointless cameo.
2. Maybe I need to bring back the neutral blue color for Shocker.
3. Interesting to see Wagner and Atlantis exchanging completely clean pinfalls back and forth.
4. Even despite that high percentage, I've figured out they're obviously still cutting and putting in more commercials in this US version. Annoying
5. Not really much to talk about.