CMLL Line - 06/07/03 (#77)

Vignette: Galavision is captioning the show, so I actually transcribed and translated; it took quite a while and didn't turn out great, but I got a little out of it. Because it's still on this computer, I shall now treat you to it. (There's a few misspellings.)

Valentin Mayo: Que Paso?
Arkangel : Que no lo vertification
VM: Pues que clase de carros es
AK: es un buen carreo ! Ey Ey! Que te pasa Doctor X Adonde Cas
Dr. X: Que me passa? Yoy a los vestidores. A Calentar, a preparale.
AK: Tranquilla, llevas much aprisa.
Dr. X: Claro, me preocupa la lucha. De hoy en la lucha
VM: per por que?
DX: Come que por que? El pantersa, es un hombere con mucha experienca.
VM: Puede ser
DX: Safari, es un homre que viene empujando my fuerte, a cualquiera de nostoros.
AK: Esta Bien
DX: Pero el que mas me preocupa es Tigre Blanco
AK: El Tiger Blanco?
VM: Claro?
DX: Porque el tiger blanco es el campeon
AK: !Ah si! Es el champeon Nacional
VM: ?Campeon Nacional?
DX: Claro, y a ese ya lo traigo en salsa
AK: Buenp bueno per tu tranquilo porque traes pareja y esta noche, en esta ring le vamos a dar su mercido al pantera, al safari Y a ese tigre Blanco que los traes en salsa
DR. X De ese, me encargo, you
VM: Porque de nostors. Nostoros nos encargamos.
AK: Vamos al Vestidor Y A Preparanos Para dar todo esa noches, ok, vamos
Dr. X: Vamos

In Engish: Valentino Mayo and Arkangel can't get someone on their cell phone. Dr. X rushes by and bumps them - ah, they were looking for him. Dr. X is all hyper about their match tonight. They've got Pantera, who's very experienced, Safari, who is tough as part of a group, but he's most worried about Tigre Blanco. Ark and Mayo are confused, but Dr. X reminds them that Tigre is a champion (the Mexican National Welterweight Title). Ark and Mayo assure Dr. X that they'll help him win.

1 Arkangel (c), Dr. X, Valentin Mayo vs Tigre Blanco (c), Safari, Pantera
02/25/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:39
sunset flip/clothesline on Ark
Pantera submission Mayo
build Dr. X up, and the Dr. X vs Tigre Blanco future match, but was nothing interesting as a match itself. Pantera about killed himself on that missed dive.
2 3:49
Dr. X Indian Deathlock w/Facelock Pantera
Dr. X hanging double grapevine Tigre
3 5:19 Dr. X camel clutch variant Tigre
T 12:24 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: Dr. X goes after Tigre Blanco during introductions - they fight while the other four stand around and watch. They get separated, only to start going after each when the match officially starts.

Rudo beatdown. Tigre's taken out of the ring first, then Pantera, then Safari. Dr. X pulls Tigre back in by the mask to work him over - running dropkick to the face. Pantera back in next, and Ark angel holds him in an armbar for the other two to work over. They smartly work over the arm. Safari in, managing a kick before he's worked over. Ark gives him a leg trip and holds his face up for a dropkick. Safari out  Tiger Blanco in -he's held in place by the other two so Dr. X can work him over. Crowd getting on Doctor X - he poses on the apron and gets bumped to the floor buy Tigre. Ark and Mayo on him - double chop, double whip, double clothesline is rolled under and everything breaks loose - Tigre lean flips over the top rope into a spinning headscissors on Dr. X in a nutty spot, Pantera yanks Mayo out of the ring and Safari is in to backdrop Ark. Pantera covers, then moves out of the way so Mayo can senton his own partner by mistake. Safari and Pantera team up for a sunset flip clothesline combo on Ark one two three. (2:39) Pantera with a weird rocking cradle submission on Mayo - he wants out in no time. (2:44) All that beatdown for nothing. Replays. Break.

Rudos regroup on the floor as the second fall starts. Mayo in. He wants a handshake from Pantera, doesn't get it, so he kicks him instead. Snap Mare, Pantera land on his feet, shoulderblock, springboard armdrag. Mayo charges, over Mayo with a leapfrog, and into a rolling cradle that takes Mayo out of the ring. Pantera with the dive fake and he tags out to Safari. Safari and Ark exchange heated open hand slaps, with Ark being knocked down to one knee, then coming back with a kick. Extended shot of the other two tecnicos hanging out in the other corner, and we're back with Safari hitting an armdrag and a hiptoss. Now let's look at the rudos. I think we're losing some of this to clips. Ark with a back elbow. Whip, reverse, Ark tries a sunset flip, Safari tries to block by grabbing his legs as he goes over, but Ark fights his way free to complete the flip,  Safari rolls through, then at Ark to turn into his own pin one two no. Both up, Ark off the ropes, tries for a bulldog but gets dropped in a side back breaker. Safari with a wheel kick, and out goes Ark. Safari thinks about hitting him out there but doesn't. Dr. X and Tigre in while we're watching that - they have another open hand slap battle. Tigre off the ropes and hitting a big boot. Off the ropes, into a clothesline. Dr. X yells to the crowd. Open hand slap. Corner whip, charge in, double boot up too soon so Dr. X pulls him out of the corner and drops him into a pin one two no. Dr. X with a corner whip, reversed, kip up and out as Tigre charges in, but Tigre nails him with a dropkick as he comes out. Another dropkick, but Dr. X sees it and moves. Dr. X off the ropes, Tigre's got his head down too soon Dr. X stops and shoulderblocks him out. Dr. X celebrates rather than following up there. Safari in, and watching Ark come in - Dr. X get in a shot as he leaves. There's that chop battle again. Safari with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, clothesline is ducked, Ark hits him with a rolling back elbow to knock him out . Ark going to the top rope - plancha to the floor! Mayo and Pantera going at it - Panther with a dropkick and another that we seem to miss. Dr. X hooks him in the Indian Deathlock with front facelock as Mayo stops Tigre Blanco from getting involved - Pantera waves out. (3:49) May whips, Tigre, backdrop. Dr. X follows up - sort of a hanging double grapevine. Everyone pose, they've won that fall. (4:21) Replays and another break.

To commutate the third fall starting, Dr. X kicks Tigre Blanco in the head. He didn't do it hard enough, I guess, because Tigre Blanco grabs the leg to take him down. Luckily for Dr. X., he has two rudo friends in the ring and Tigre has no one. Ark helps Dr. X choke Tigre Blanco on the bottom rope and yell into the camera.  I think Dr. X tries to force Tigre into smiling for the camera. Pantera tries to break up this photo op but Mao catches him and stops him. Dr. X is trying to rip the mask apart, which is never the best way of doing it. Double whip for Tigre, Dr. X hits a clothesline. Dr. X celebrates as Ark holds Tigre in a hammerlock for a Mayo missile dropkick. Tigre escapes t the outside and Pantera gets a little run on Ark, but Mayo helps out there. Ark holds Pantera for a near low blow kick by Dr. X. They celebrate, Pantera manages to tag in Safari, but the rudo referee disallows it for some reason. Safari is not pleased. Ark hits a nice legdrop on Pantera. X Stunner on Pantera! Pantera makes another apparent tag that' snot a tag, and Safari ignored the ref to come in this time. Doesn't help as he's beatdown by Mayo, but it's a nice thought. Ark sets up Pantera on the top rope - big beal and a Mayo top rope elbow drop! Mayo picks up Pantera, armbar, but Pantera starts punching. Ark and Dr. X are quickly over there to stop it. Dr. X with a corner whip on PAntera, corner whip, reversed and Tigre Blanco is quickly in to work him over. Kick, whip, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Elbow drop to the back, armbar, knee to the midsection, DDT! Abdominal stretch cradle one broken up by Ark. Tigre with a suplex - ah, into the powerbomb. Cover one and Ark has to break it up again. Safari would like to be tagged in by Tigre has a score to settle. There a octopus like hold - this time, it's Mayo who breaks it up, and Dr. X manages to escape to the outside. Tigre rolls to his corner to make a tag, so we're to Safari and Ark. Ark off the ropes, spinning clothesline. Stomping him down. Off the ropes, and right into the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ark manages to rally back with strikes, but Safari turns around a whip, Ark rolls out to escape whatever's next, but whatever's next ends up being a Safari tope. Mayo goes up as Pantera rolls over the top rope to the apron - Mayo with a crossbody onto Safari on the floor! Referees are counting people out, but Pantera has to wait for someone to get up - suicide moonsault to the floor! Looks like he only got Safari, having not gotten much distance on the moonsault, and perhaps had bonked his head on the floor. Referee and doctors are over to look at him while Tigre Blanco and Dr. X are in the ring - Tigre Blanco's Quebarda misses, and Dr. X with a weird camel clutch variation - that's good enough. (5:19) Dr. X collects his partners to the ring to prevent some sort of count out - they've won. Replay shows everyone was about two steps out of range of where Pantera ended up - he only hit Safari because Safari moved up to try and save him. They find a replay shows him coming down right on his face, that's UGLY. Tigre and Dr. X make with the belt challenges.

Vignette: Pierroth is frantic about something or other - probably all the people who want to beat him. Emilio would like to talk about the match tonight but he's too hyped over whatever. And then he ticks off Emilio which doesn't seem to help.

2 Tarzan Boy, Pierroth (c), Emilio Charles, Jr. vs Shocker, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. (c), Vampiro
02/28/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:26 DQ (Shocker, shoving down referee) Dictionary definition of a match turning into an angle. The angle itself didn't impress me, except for the effectiveness in writing Tarzan out of the picture; Shocker was a jerk, but not a feared rudo. Almost not worth rating.
2 :43 Emilio/Pierroth inside cradle Rayo
T 2:09 Rudos (2-0)

Notes: Tarzan Boy easily wins the valet competition. Pierroth only has Commando Girl II and Pierrothito with him this week. Maybe he was mad because of no full size backups? Shocker tries to slingshot into the ring, and Tarzan punches him as he tries to get over, ha. Tarzan with the beatdown as the other two watch. Rayo and Vampiro seem to wait for their own entrances anyway. Pierroth and Emilio are helpful holding Shocker so he can punch him. Rayo brought the mascot. Vampiro does run out, but only after his music gets played.

Vampiro helps turn the tide enough to run out Pierroth and Emilio. Rayo plancha on them both! Vamp pulls Tarzan off of shocker - gutwrench powerbomb! Vamp sits over Tarzan Boy to punch, but Shocker is up and shoving Vampiro away hard. He wants to punch Tarzan Boy. Vampiro goes over to ask him what's what, but Shocker pushes him away and keeps on stomping. Now he's yanking Tarzan Boy's pants apart. Tarzan has a Austin-like knee brace on his right knee, and Shocker has no problem in kicking that knee. Stomps and kicks to the knee as Vamp watches from a short distance. Tarzan tries to get away, but Shocker pulls him back. Vamp wants a turn and Shocker pushes him away again. Shocker with more punches. Tarzan tries to limp away while he still has a knee. Rudo referee tries to get Shocker to back off, but Shocker turns and pushes him down. I think that'll be it - Rayo with a posing on Emilio, but that's the end of the fall. (DQ 1:26) Shocker and Vampiro have a conversation about what just happened. Apparently, Shocker is either in a feisty mood or didn't like something that Vamp said., because he shoves Vamp, Vamp shoves him down. Now they're going chest to chest - Rayo is in to try and keep them separated but Shocker's out of the ring and inviting Vampiro there. Rayo tries to break it up and calm things down, but they wont' keep flapping their gums and it seems to get worse. Shocker tries to get away from Rayo to do this again,  now even Vamp doesn't want Rayo there. Rayo tells them to look to the fans - they fans want them to get along. Vamp tries to explain this is all Shocker fault, and Shocker pastes him in the face. Vamp tries to get at Shocker but Rayo stops it from happening again. Elsewhere, Tarzan Boy is in extreme pain on the apron - his knee is messed up. They've going to stretcher him out.

Fall 2 has started, but the tecnicos can't agree to get someone in, and the rudos are down to each. Shocker and Vamp go chest to chest again, but Vamp won't start the fight that Shocker wants. Rayo goes in the ring just so they don't get counted out. It is Pierroth and Emilio so he doesn't have too much of a problem. Shocker is kissing his muscles on the outside, never a good sign. True enough, Rayo is getting the better of both Emilio and Pierroth, and leans out of the ring to get Shocker and Vamp's attention. Rudos notice this - Pierroth with an inside cradle, Emilio helps hold him down one two three (:43) Rudos are ecstatic, winning in straight falls despite the odds. Rayo is ticked. I don't think Shocker and Vampiro have even notices. Shocker just slapped Vamp in the face again, and Vamp is giving him another "I can't believe you just did that. Vamp invites Shocker in the ring. Rudos are walking off - they're match is down. Rayo is ticked  - he and the mascot are walking out on this. Vamp and Shocker circle. Vamp yells at Shocker. Shocker poses on the middle buckle. The crowd is taking Vampiro's side in all of this. Shocker is not very happy about that. Replay of early in the match. We come back from replays to see that Shocker has apparently taken Vampiro down - four early match tencicos are out to keep them separated, because the referees can't do it. Psicodellico is one of them, but I don't immediately recognize the others. I wonder where Mascara Magica and Terrible are? Shocker slips from the ring as the four keep Vampiro in it. Shocker is unhappy with the fans. Vamp still doesn't understand what happened. Here's the replay of Shocker ripping Tarzan's tights and stomping his knee. There's the DQ. There's the inside cradle. And another angle. Vampiro makes "hair vs hair" motions.  Shocker eventually gets a microphone, and when the crowd gets quiet enough, which takes some time. Shocker gets bleeped. And again. He's very much acting the rudo now, though I'm not sure what the point of his speech was. Vampiro can't believe their tag team is over like that. Crowd loudly thanks Vampiro's side. Shocker makes like he might his punch Psicodellico, but doesn't.

Tarzan Boy and Vampiro were supposed to building to a hair/hair match, but Tarzan was being going to be out for knee/personal reasons, so they decided Shocker vs Vampiro instead.

Spectacular Moments: Mr. Power is still here? Why is he wearing Capos colors? Eh. Olimpico and Safari hits nice stereo topes. There's Pierroth hitting Apolo Dantes with something to get the pin. Still not sure where it came from. Pantera with a somersault senton to the floor, wow. Shocking hitting a div and Vampiro chokeslamming Tarzan Boy in better times last week. I wonder if they knew Tarzan was going to be leaving last week and that's why they did that finish?  

Vignette: Mr. Niebla and Black Warrior try to solve their problems from last week (when Niebla accidentally knocked Warrior out of the ring), but it doesn't seem like Niebla's apology. Niebla says they all make mistakes, but that's not good enough for Warrior. They can't afford to make mistakes. He walks out on Niebla. Niebla is distraught.

3 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Black Tiger, Universo 2000 vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior
02/28/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:26
Tiger DVD/Universo senton finish Warrior
Universo Canadian Backbreaker face first powerbomb Niebla
builds issues well, but not really an improvement over last week.
2 1:00 Atlantis bodyscissors cradle Wagner
3 2:48 Wagner reverse cradle Atlantis
T 6:55 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: Wagner meets Atlantis in the aisle with a shoulderblock and Tiger helps beat him down. Niebla truncates his entrance to go help out, but gets knocked down by Universo. Black Warrior scouts what 's happening, and is in no particular hurry.

Rudo beatdown, check. Did Tiger just wave Universo off beating Warrior and direct him elsewhere? Hmm. Universo beats up Warrior anyway, with a whip an a dropkick. Maybe he was telling him to do that instead. Whip, spinebuster. Wagner in - he puts Warrior on the top rope and pulls him off with a Diamond Cutter! Universo shows off his dropkick again. Tiger hits the 619. Forget what I said about laying off Warrior. Atlantis in, triple whip, double leapfrog, waved by one more time, backdrop after all that. Tiger gets him - powerbomb, picking him upside down so Wagner can slide dropkick him. Niebla in, but immediately met by Tiger with open hand slaps. Corner whip, Universo with a running back elbow, Wagner with a rope swinging kick. Niebla takes a bump to the mat back then, but Wagner's setting up to give Tiger a boost for the next move, so he has to quickly get back to his feet, then start staggering again. Hilarious in it's obviousness. There's the assisted high dropkick. Wager and Tiger slide out to give him the double crotching on the ring post, and Wagner finished with a dropkick to the face. Warrior back in, taking a double backdrop. Tiger lifts him up, fireman's carry, everyone but the director sees Tiger for the DVD - the director switches to Wagner stomping picking Atlantis up and smashing him into the ramp railing. Atlantis has a choke on, which is impressive and all, but we never saw what happened. Tiger and Universo are untying Niebla' mask now. Wagner does his pose on the ramp. Universo gives Niebla a pancake piledriver one two three. (3:07) Baby Richard raises Universo's arm, so I guess Tiger got that pin when weren't watching. I'll have to go back and guess. (2:26) Rudos continue the beatdown between falls. We do get the DVD in replay, thankfully. What's weird is that after Black Tiger hits the DVD, not only does Universo hit a senton, but Dr. Wagner helps cover, which means he couldn't have been beating down Atlantis on the ramp at the same time - they moved ahead in the match to show it. They obviously did a clip right as Tiger went for the DVD, and that they thought it was a good idea to do it on a pinfall shows some serious lack of judgment going on. Replay also shows that Universo actually hit Niebla with a face first Canadian Backbreaker bomb, pulling Niebla off the top rope. We can't have two real falls in a row without a break today.

Second fall. Warrior and Niebla may be having issues - they're not in quick to help Atlantis survive a triple team, but Atlantis is savvy enough to side step a Wagner dropkick and turn it around himself. Tiger/Universo clothesline misses, and Warrior hits the ramp run assisted clothesline into the ring, nailing both of them. Warrior teases the Tope Of Death and Universo dives away for his life. Unfortunately, he moves right into Niebla's path - there's a suicide tope from him, and I bet we're missing Warrior doing something. Sure enough, he ended up on the apron for god knows what reason, but we catch up just in time for him to his a rope flip moonsault to the floor on Tiger (well, sorta). Tiger is down clutching his face, but it's not immediately clear why. Watching myself in slow motion, it seems that with all of those body parts flying around, Warrior managed to hurt him the least powerful (yet somewhat impressive) way - poked him in the eye on the way down. Eternal Rivals left in the ring - Wagner misses a dropkick on Atlantis, Atlantis gets tossed going for a 'rana, Atlantis with a bodyscissors cradle one two three! (1:00) That was rather quick. Atlantis does a nice job of tying up Wagner's legs so he couldn't roll through. Tecnicos keep on the comeback post fall, with Atlantis being stopped by Baby Richard for a while. Replays.

Fall three. Niebla and Universo already going at in the ring, with Niebla landing a big clothesline and the big slap. Tag out - Warrior and Tiger. Tiger's not happy. Outside, Wagner's not happy - looks like Atlantis pulled up a big strip of his mask. Tiger taunts the fans and moonsaults off the top turnbuckle. Clip? Tiger gets Warrior down with a back elbow as Warrior charges. Whip for Warrior, back with a sunset flip, Tiger rolls through and hits a clothesline. Yell. Tiger pulls him into the corner - seated reverse Tornado DDT! One two NO. Tiger's not happy with that count. Going for the regular seated Tornado DDT, but Warrior reverses into a double leg takedown. Open hand slap. Corner whip, reversed, Tiger misses a clothesline, Warrior off the ropes, Tiger hits him with the hamstring kick, Warrior takes the hamstring bump but lands on his feet, Tiger off the ropes, bodyscissors but Warrior drops him backwards with a a wheel barrow suplex! Warrior waves in Niebla to set up for a monkey flip. Warrior off the ropes monkey flip plancha on to Tiger! Niebla take a look at carnage, then Universo in the ring. Niebla charges at him with a jumping headbutt but Universo moves out of the way. Universo waits for him to get up, shoulderblock, handspring elbow but Universo side steps. Universo with weak slap, then picks him up. Corner whip, charge in, Niebla moves out of the way, Universo manages to jump to the second rope, Niebla slaps him to the floor. Niebla tells Atlantis what he's going to do, as Warrior grabs Universo. He's not going to hold him  - oh he is. Fans are worried about the same thing I am - Niebla off the ropes - tope but Universo moves and Warrior takes it for the second week in a row. Which leaves us Atlantis and Wagner, yet again. Wagner charges, Atlantis tries for a tilt-a whirl but Wagner slips behind. Atlantis with a 'rana, Wagner rolls through one two THREE (2:48) Champions get beat by the same team two weeks ago, that can't be good. Wagner wants to talk now. Some kid with a microphone tries to sneak over behind Wagner to get this on his microphone, but Tiger notices and yells at the kid, shoving him away. I can't tell if he wasn't supposed to be there or if Tiger was just screwing with him. He knocks his microphone away at one point - the kid has a sarcastic scared look when Tiger yells at him. Anyway, Wagner wants a CMLL Trios Title shot for his team. Atlantis wants to go one better, him vs Wagner, mask vs mask. Wagner's like no, I just want the titles without giving up anything, I think. Warrior is noticeably separate form his team - while Atlantis is trying tog et his match, it looks like Niebla and Warrior are having more problems.

Next Week:  Rayo, Shocker, Pierroth, Emilio Charles, Atlantis, Wagner, Universo 200, Niebla, Warrior, Tarzan Boy (um?), Vampiro, Black Tiger, and more.

Replay of the successful Warrior dive and the no so successful dive by Niebla. Wagner's pin. The Trios champions are in trouble. Announcers hype Big Brother 2 for some reason. I don't know. The show's over.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 3 Matches (21:28) about 28.6% of showtime (1:15:00) 
Average Match Rating 66.6
Overall Show Rating: 3 (of 4, only because Shocker turned)
3 Trios
3 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Turns: Shocker's a rudo
Show Assessment: Even the turn wasn't spectacular, but it's the highlight

Closing Notes: 

1. I think we're in to the "no Ultimo/Rey" period, which is another reason they needed a new rudo here.
2. Still, it was only notice that he decided he was a rudo, then anything in particular rudo Shocker did.
3. Seeing as Dr. X and Tigre Blanco are Spectacular Moments guys, I wonder if we'll get to see the title match they're building towards.
4. The main event trios match didn't really add anything to last week's one
5. I wonder if we'll see Ricky and Zumbido back on TV before their hair grows in.