CMLL Line - 02/23/03 (#76)

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Vignette: Pierroth is backstage getting ready - when he's visited by Veneno. They resume their angry conversation from last week, and there doesn't appear to be a Violencia to break it up. I think Veneno is mad about losing his mask and his hair (and his shoulder) for the cause. Pierroth didn't help Veneno out like he did with Pierroth last week. I think Pierroth's point is it's all Veneno's fault, and he's the commander and Pierroth should listen to him. Veneno, annoyed at being pushed too many times (is that the same shirt as last week), points out what a shame it might be if Pierroth would happen to lose his hair match tonight due to some outside interference.

1 hair vs hair
Pierroth vs Apolo Dantes
02/18/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios :13 Apolo small package Pierroth is better than Markus. But really, not all that much better. In isolation, last week's match was worse, but then we got at least something new. Now we're back to point A: Markus vs Pierroth in a hair/hair match
2 2:29 Pierroth reversed sunset flip/leverage
3 7:16 Pierroth loaded fist
T 9:58 Pierroth (2-1)

Notes: No Violencia? Must've got the week off. Minis and Commando Girl II. Don't see Nitro. Pierroth would like to hear the National Anthem of Puerto Rico...but oddly enough, it sounds a lot like Apolo Dante's music! Oh, that's why. Apolo jumps in the ring and gets kicked, so maybe be should've thought that. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Corner whip, corner clothesline. There's the whistle. Suplex no Apolo with a small package one two three. (:13) Gee, I hope the other two are just as long. Markus is here as a corner person to celebrate with Dantes. Replays.

Just to make this clear, Apolo doesn't have much hear to get cut, still. Pierroth misses a dropkick to start fall two and gets many stomps. Lots of boots with the soul of Apolo's boot hitting Pierroth's forehead - ah, he's bleeding, that's why. Apolo is biting it. Headlock, shot into the ropes, back with a shoulderblock, one no. Apolo with a shoulderblock, Pierroth pushed him off before zero. Another running shoulderblock, off the ropes, Commando Girl grabs a leg. Apolo protests to the referee, who argues with her about it. Rather than following up on Pierroth, Apolo talks to the Markus, then some outside officials. Ah, I think I get it now, she's being tossed. Or maybe not. She's just being warned, okay. Back in the ring, Pierroth has taken control with chops, whip, something like a back elbow. Boot. Corner whip, Pierroth with a running back elbow. Apolo goes out and I fear a Pierroth dive. Apolo gets to the apron, kicks away Commando Girl, and hits a slingshot sunset flip, reversed and Pierroth gets leverage from Commando Girl 2 one two three. (2:29) Apolo was great in selling the effect of the leverage - he had full kick outs with his lower body but the leverage was keeping his shoulders down.

Apolo is exhausted going into fall three and Pierroth is slowly in control. He chops down Apolo, then has time to taunt Markus. Whip, clothesline. Chinlock. Actually that seems a lot like a choke and even the ref thinks so, giving a five count. Referee is occupying himself with the corner people so Pierroth puts on another choke sleeper. And again. Pierroth relents to get an explanation of the choke rule. Now he'll cover one two no. This is more of a chinlock, but we don't see it from the front so I'm just guessing. Apolo drawing from the fans out of it.  Now it's a choke again.  Apolo elbows out, so Pierroth goes back to the choke again. Apolo elbows out of that, Pierroth with a chop, whip, head down too soon so he gets dropkicked out of the ring. Apolo suicide tope! Pierroth gets his head slammed in the ramp. Apolo tries to run Pierroth into the post, but gets pushed off into it instead. Markus distracts the ref from making the count - and misses CG2 accident hitting a low blow kick on Pierroth. But instead of following up on Pierroth, Apolo and Markus use this occasion to get her ejected from the match. This takes about 20 seconds and would seem to give Pierroth time to recover. Apolo, who got a hold of her glasses during the fight, breaks them just because he can. Back in the ring, Apolo manages a dropkick on Pierroth one two no. Apolo with a slam one two no. Hey, they can do a kickout right. Good for them. Corner whip, reversed, Apolo is backdropped to the apron, rights for Pierroth, going up - top rope missile dropkick is side stepped. One two no. Pierroth argues that two should be three. Suplex - no small package one two NO! Pierroth should perhaps stop doing that. Pierroth argues with the ref - inside cradle one two no. Apolo with forearms, kicks to the chest, slam. Going up again - the fans are warning him not to do it but he's doing it anyway - top rope splash hits! One two NO! Pierroth is getting kinda body now. Apolo with a double leg - figure four! Markus waves to Apolo, who looks up the ramp, and then points (but wisely does not break the hold) - CG2 is back with a 2x4. The referee, Markus, and the outside official are all yelling at her. Apolo looks like he's let go of the hold for a moment and is putting it back on - but Pierroth jabs him in the face, knocking Apolo out? Cover one two three. (7:16) Well that HAD to be a loaded fist but I don't know how or when. Pierroth is rather proud of himself, at any rate. Here's a replay of Apolo putting on the figure four the first time - notice that Pierroth is waving it off with both hands open, so he didn't have it in them then. Now a reverse still, when Apolo had broken the hold to yell at CG2 - Pierroth ha a small metal object in his hand. Where did it come from? Did he have it stashed in a pocket? Loaded punch does it. Another set of replays and I still don't know how he got it. There were no Boricuas left at ringside, so that leaves Markus or the ref? Or just no one checked his pockets to begin with. Apolo's haircut takes about 3 minutes, and then he points out he looks cooler bald anyway. Pierroth taunts, Apolo starts to go after Pierroth and promises revenge. 

Vignette: Universo 2K and Dr. Wagner are forming plans which can only be of true evil. Actually I have no idea, though it seems that Universo' Heavyweight Title and Rayo De Jalisco are mentioned. I know this is leading towards the trios titles and I think they mention that here. It ends with a handshake, so all is well in the house of evil. 

2 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Universo 2K, Black Tiger vs Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior
02/21/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:56
Niebla handspring elbow Universo
Atlantida on Wagner
Good, if formula match between these two teams. Nothing spectacular, but built the case for the title rematch next week.
2 1:33
Universo Boston Crab Niebla
Universo senton Warrior
3 5:43 Wagner Shining Wizard Atlantis
T 10:51 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: What do you know, it's the CMLL Trios Champs. They do not bring their belts. No pre-match attack? Oh no it's the mascot. Wait, I guess there must've been an attack because we look in with every tecnico but Niebla out of the ring, and him getting slapped down by Universo.

Universo with a kick, a chop, a corner whip and a corner knee. Forearms and kicks and another corner whip, but this time no one's home. Niebla with the hiptoss. Clothesline is ducked, dropkick by Niebla hits. There's his slap tot eh face. Whip, reveres, Universo puts his head down but Niebla has the ropes - kick to the face. Cover but we'll look at the mascot instead. Niebla with a 'rana, but Wagner and Tiger break it up, then lay out the tecnicos on the apron. 3 on 1 on Niebla. Corner whip, then some uncertainty about who goes next. Universo eventually hits a running jumping clothesline, then whips Niebla back over, where he promptly clotheslines Universo's partners. Perhaps this rudo team needs a little more work together. Universo manages to open hand slap Niebla back down as the ring clears back to two, but he also misses a charge on his way out of the ring. Wagner in with a shoulderblock and Niebla is stomped out. Atlantis in, misses a running cross body, leapfrogging over a Wagner charge, flipping out of the corner onto his knees (ow) and hitting an armdrag. Atlantis charges Wagner, Wagner goes tilt-a-whirl but Atlantis goes armdrag. Wagner misses another clothesline, Atlantis hits an armdrag. Atlantis charges Wagner, Wagner tries to hiptoss him out but Atlantis pulls him out with him, Wagner taking the worse of it. Rivals Tiger and Warrior in - double clothesline takes them both down. Warrior off the ropes, clotheslines misses and he hits the float around DDT. He wants more but Tiger is slow up. Chop, whip, Tiger with the thought the ropes spin and back with a wheel kick. Tiger with a corner dropkick but Warrior has sides stepped in plenty of time. Warrior with a corner charge but Tiger flapjacks him into a snake eyes. Tiger misses a right, and Warrior with a 'rana over the ropes, taking both tot the floor. Warrior is up fast though - SUICIDE TOPE! Not let up in the action in the ring. Universo charges Niebla, Niebla puts his head down too soon, Universo smarts wraps him up in small package one two no. Universo with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, but Niebla is after him - handspring elbow hits one two three. (2:56) Almost at the same time, Wagner runs right into the Atlantida (2:57) and fall one goes to the champions. Here are your replays. Here are your commercials.

Second fall. Tiger is in on Atlantis to start. Both off the ropes, and after misses, Atlantis hits the cross body for one two no. One Tiger missed corner charger later, Atlantis has a monkey flip. Dropkick takes Tiger out. Wagner in, and Atlantis is reversed up to face him - so Wagner falls to the mat and hugs Atlantis' ankle! Atlantis is confused, giving Wagner time to kick him in the leg. Atlantis does tag to Niebla, who gets his dance going. Slap doesn't stop it. Another slap doesn't stop it. A third is ducked, Wagner covers up high so he gets kicked in the butt. Tag to Universo. Universo would like a handshake. Actually, he'd like Niebla to stand there thinking about it so Wagner can give him a knee. Kick by Universo, then a whip, backdrop. Off the ropes, senton one two no. Niebla thinks about getting out, but Universo whips him - spinebuster buster, turning him over for a Boston Crab. Wagner adds an armbar but it's unnecessary. (1:33) Warrior in to pull Wagner off, but all three are on him quickly. Tiger goes for the mask, but not for long. Okay, they'll try this corner whip thing again - Universo his the corner jumping clothesline, Warrior stumbles out into a Tiger dropkick to the knee and Wagner hits a dropkick to the face. Senton by Universo. Wagner and Universo cover one two three. (2:11) Atlantis and Wagner have a standoff outside the ring, and Wagner ends up kicking Atlantis down. BAG OF CHIPS TO THE FACE! That's just mean, Doctor! Rudos continue a beatdown while we go to replays.

Beatdown still on - Atlantis takes a double whip, double leapfrog, waved by, Universo with a backdrop. That was a lot of work for that. Tiger with a powerbomb, then holding Atlantis in blocked 'rana position so Wagner can hit a dropkick to the head - I think the worse part of it was Tiger just dropping Atlantis on his head after impact. Announces are going nuts about that, because its' awful dangerous and awful piledriver like. Niebla getting beat down, as Atlantis is stomped out by Universo. Niebla's mask has been untied. Waiting for something, maybe Wagner to stop posing so he can come and help - ah, Warrior has enough of this and he comes in, but now Tiger and Universo have to wait even long - corner whip, corner back elbow, swinging kick by Wagner, corner assisted high dropkick by Tiger. Tiger wants Niebla to get up - so Wagner can chop him. Now Warrior is in and he and Wagner are having a battle of chops. No advantage, so Warrior goes to kicks - leg, butt. Warrior is pumped but probably should follow up - ah, there's the dropkick form Tiger. Corner whip, corner clothesline by Wagner. Wagner put on the top rope - Tiger goes for the assisted jumping 'rana from the second rope, but Warrior meets him with a boot. Comeback is on. Niebla gets in the big slap on Universo. Warrior is going for Tiger's mask. Wagner and Atlantis are outside - now so are Niebla and Universo. Warrior with turnbuckle smashes on Tiger as Atlantis goes for Wagner's mask. What's Warrior going to do here - he's not sure - then he puts Tiger down in the Tree of Woe to dropkick him to the face. We settle down to a normal match - Atlantis and Wagner in now. Wagner with a right, Atlantis right, Wagner, Atlantis, Wagner with a kick, whip, reversed, Atlantis leapfrogs over and hits the monkey flip on the second pass. Victory roll?- no, Wagner drops him on the turnbuckle. Wagner to the second rope - victory roll of his own, but Atlantis rolls though but Wagner rolls him out of the ring. Warrior in, drop toe hold and a dropkick for Wagner. Off the ropes, dropkick for Wagner to take him out. Universo in and slapping Warrior, but Warrior ducks a third and hits the kick to the butt. Headlock, pushed off, Tiger gets a shot, Warrior turns to punch him and gets clothesline by Universo. Niebla in - big slap to Universo to take him in. Warrior with a reversed whip for Tiger, and Niebla almost takes himself out while giving a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Tiger. Warrior slides out and pulls Tiger down for a chin drop on the apron. Niebla clothesline Universo out, and starts to run - but accidentally shoulderblocks Warrior out of the ring. Oops. Tope on Universo anyway. Atlantis and Wagner back in - shoulderblocks by both and neither goes down. Clothesline and they both are stunned. Wagner manages a powerslam - and now he's going for the mask. Tiger tries to distract as Wagner pulls off the top - but he's given a five second and breaks. Tiger distracts the ref again. Atlantis with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker again! He's calling for something but the ref is still arguing with Tiger. Atlantis' charges, Wagner tosses him up - and hits the mule kick on the way down. Was that just a Shining Wizard? One two three. (5:43) Black Warrior was in a less than a hurry to break that up, and now he's standing around angrily and not really checking on his partner. Here's the Niebla tope - there's the low bow kick from multiple angle. I think Tiger is putting out the challenge to the titles. Yes, that was a Shining Wizard.  Rudos lay the tecnicos out again as we leave.

Spectacular Moments: That's a nice dive by Sangre Azteca, I think. Genetico wins a match, what do you know. Safari pulls out the really weird submission on Mr. Mexico. Nice double team - Super Commando gets tossed and missile dropkicked in mid air. Ricky and Zumbido both don't make it in time. Here's clips of the clips. And here's Ultimo beating Shocker last week.

Vignette: Shocker lays in the ring, while replaying the finish against Ultimo last week in his mind. Mascara Magica, with Loco Max and Terrible in tow, disturb his silence. He's got to remember he's 1000% Guapo. He might have not won the singles title (or the tag title), but soon they'll have a trio. And tonight, he can get some revenge. I think Magica is just happy to be on TV.

3 GdI (Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Tarzan Boy (c)) vs Shocker, Mascara Magica, Vampiro (c)
02/21/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:48
double Romero Surfboard
rudos DQ (keeping hold on to long)
They've had better. GdI didn't pull out anything more than advanced on the beatdown, and we've seen more of the rest in other matches. Odd build to Tarzan/Vamp.
2 5:21 Vamp chokeslam Tarzan
T 8:21 Tecnico (2-1)

Notes: GdI wears 1000% Guapo T-Shirts! Tarzan points out it's true. This can only end with senseless destruction. Ah, Rey's spray painting a big X on the shirts, that's nice. Vampiro is wearing the NWA LH Title to the ring. Are they playing the Ramones? Magica and Shocker are angry about the senseless destruction and charge the ring in their shirts - and there's the six person brawl to start. Captains are Tarzan Boy and Vampiro, oddly enough.

GdI of course get the better of the opening brawl. Ultimo does a good job of booting Shocker right in the face. Rey works on Magica on the apron. Ultimo gets rid of Shocker so everyone can help beat down Vampiro. Or they can just pose. Or...

Last Week: Tarzan Boy is a tricky tricky man. You should always make sure you know who's counting three. Shocker still didn't win that match.

We must've missed the Vampiro beatdown, because both Shocker and Magica are getting pulled in - Rey boots Shocker out, so it must not be his turn. Double whip for Magica, he take a drop toe hold into the middle rope very poorly, Rey and Ultimo do the double slide out but for double sliding kicks, and a triple slide to the floor for Magica. Back in the ring, Shocker is employing the Satanico strategy of throwing as many strikes as possible when you're in trouble - it doesn't work as well for him. Everyone yell. No, not you Shocker. Whip, waved by, double leapfrog, double hiptoss faceslam. Ultimo hold him so Tarzan can dropkick him out. Rey stomps Vampiro as he's coming and hold him down- Rey and Ultimo hold him in the corner so Tarzan can forearm him in the face repeatedly. Vampiro fights out they're not apparently doing a good job of wearing him down, but eventually they'll get him down to his knees. Hey, that's like a double Romero Surfboard by Rey and Ultimo. Kinda. Close enough for Vamp to tap (2:48) although credit should also be given to Tarzan's constant slaps and kicks. Okay, you can stop now. Okay. OKAY. Hey, stop it so you don't get DQed - oh no there it is. (3:00) Tarzan Boy is trying to figure out how the referee could possibly do such a thing. Here's a replay of Vampiro losing, and later, Vampiro winning. I hope that's not how this match is going. This overhead shot really exposes Tarzan's punches, perhaps we should avoid it.

Segunda Caida. Beatdown still on - I don't like the rudos chances if they don't pick up a win in the first two minutes. Double whip for Shocker, triple boot. Magica tires to jump in and gets stopped. Whip, backdropped to the floor by Rey. Everyone turn and taunt Magica -  oh wait, Vamp's back in. As Tarzan Boy taunts Vampiro, Ultimo tries to use Baby Richard as cover, sneaking over to attack Vampiro. Of course, Rey just rushed Vamp when he's looking at Tarzan, but the thought was there. He'd held on the ropes to be punched. Tarzan off the ropes, charging but Vamp breaks free in plenty of time, boots Tarzan, clotheslines Ultimo, and punches a very casual Rey. (He was just hanging out in the corner, perhaps giving up that this comeback couldn't be stopped.) Here is your comeback, already in progress. Shocker hits the Shock Bottom on Ultimo - there's the mask pull. Vamp with his throwing powerbomb on Tarzan Boy. Magica has no nifty move to show off (apparently) and just brawls on the outside with Rey. It's tough being Magica. You do get nifty Spiderman tights, though. Magica boots Rey into the crowd, Shocker is now beating Ultimo down on the ramp, so we got out captains in the ring- but Vamp's in no hurry. Ah, now he's chopping. All the tecnicos are in - ah, it's a tecnico beatdown. Shocker with a corner whip for Tarzan, corner whip for Magica into a clothesline, Vamp with a corner whip for Shocker into the assisted high clothesline. Shocker and Magica hold him for Vamp to hit. Vamp asks the crowd if they'd like to see Tarzan Boy hit. Yes they would! But Vampiro wants to do this one on one, and calls of his partners. Vamp turns to the crowd to explain his logic here, and Tarzan boots him in the back. No fool, Tarzan Boy. Slam, and he's going up - and crotched. Okay, forget what I said about not being a fool. Vamp going up join him. Oh, this will hurt. Off he top rope overhead belly to belly superplex! Actually, it was more angled than straight one, but at least this way Tarzan lands in the ring. Corner whip, Tarzan reverses (!), Vamp stops short, misses a clothesline on the way out, Tarzan charges, Vamp catches him and hits the an Oklahoma Nail in the Coffin one - Rey breaks it up with a dropkick. Vamp stomped out, but Magica is in to take his place quickly. Appeal to the crowd, then Rey with an open hand slap, and Magica goes nuts. Rey thinks about what to do next, and hand slap! Eh, no. Rey's pressed here, but he can't help it - open hand slap is ducked, Magica with one of his own. Off the ropes, dropkick. Dropkick. Spinebuster. There's the legdrop on the leg! Figure-nah, Ultimo will clothesline him. Which of course means Shocker is in to take his place. Ultimo, les than pleased. Slap battle is quick and intense, with Shocker going to a right hand and hitting the body jabs - the big right is missed, the big left is ducked, Ultimo uses the body jabs (!), his big right misses, shocker off the rope sand hits a jumping high knee! Running boot to take out Ultimo. Shocker pose! Is he going to - no, Rey catches him with a spinebuster. Rey grabs his,  but Shocker pushes him off, onto the top rope and out. If first you don't succeed - suicide somersault plancha! Back to Vamp and Tarzan. Tarzan's all ready to box here - right is blocked, right misses, Vamp with a sorta back fist, knee, Tarzan's right is ducked, kick, powerbomb pullllllling up powerbomb!  Vamp isn't done - chokeslam! One two three. (5:21) Hey, straight falls. Hey, Vamp kinda won both. If this teaches us anything, it's LET GO WHEN YOU WIN THE FALL.

Vamp suggests to Tarzan Boy, hair vs title, right here in Arena Mexico. Or, hair vs hair. See, I'm a gringo so I take the shiny gold thing. It's not like Vamp has some sort of spiffy haircut. We don't really get a reaction from Tarzan Boy.

Next Week: Rayo de Jalisco, Shocker, Pierroth, Emilio, Atlantis, Wagner, Universo, Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior, Tarzan Boy, Vampiro, Black Tiger and much much more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 3 Matches (27:10) about 30.2% of showtime (90:00) 
Average Match Rating 76.3
Overall Match Rating: approximately 76
3 Trios
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Hair vs Hair match (1)
Show Assessment: Even with the hair match, a missable show

Closing Notes: 

1. We came really close to having all three matches longer than any of the matches last week. That is odd.
2. I wonder if we'll get an explanation about Pierroth's object.
3. Weird build to the Vampiro/Tarzan match - Vamp beats Tarzan for the title, Tarzan screws Shocker, Vampiro beats Tarzan again.
4. I guess they're just assuming Tarzan is naturally hateable, which is true.
5. This is the last episode I've got on tape, so I'll have to pick up the ones I skipped now.