CMLL Line - 02/09/03 (#74)

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1 Nuevo Guapos Elimination Match
Marshall vs Tony Rivera
02/04/03, Arena Coliseo
1 mano y mano 4:49 Tony Farmer's Roll Marshall more than Tony seemed not ready for singles action. Could've taken place in the artic for all the heat they got.

Notes: I *think* this was an elimination match. Tony has quite a ring jacket. Wool? A tecnico in sheep's clothing...

Circle to start. Tony is wearing a mesh shirt and black pants. Marshall has no shirt and red trunks, kneepads and boots. Lockup, no advantage. Lockup, Rivera with a knee, shot into the ropes, back with the shoulderblock. Off the ropes, waved by, and Marshall armdrags him on the neck pass. Marshall up first, with a springboard into a bodyscissors into an armdrag. Rivera is up and back elbowing. Yelling to the crowd, who do not seem extraordinary excited for this match. Tony with a corner whip, Marshall runs up the corner and flips out behind Tony, Tony turns and charges and Marshall catches him with a powerslam. Running senton misses, because Tony moves. Open hand slap battles now, with Tony's first very loud. He goes to punches, with a big right hand taking Marshall down, some how. shadow boxing. Corner whip, Marshall wins, Tony topes the post on the way out, and them Marshall suicide topes him on the floor. Crowd is still not very into this. Replay - back in the ring, Marshall goes for a whip into a bodyscissors, but gets a German Suplex. Tony with a clothesline, off the ropes, boot to the midsection. Again he tries to rally the crowd - the noisy fans respond, but not much else. Short whip into a fireman's carry and a dropkick to the back of the head. Tony yells to the crowd. Armbar, by Tony, with Marshall trying to slip free. Tony turns and hits a Russian Legsweep. To the second rope - falling backwards bodysplash but no one's home - Marshall drops a leg on him. Whip, clothesline, I think. Elbow drop. Whip, drop toe hold, elbow drop by Marshall. Marshall up to the second rope - missile dropkick pushes Tony over, like a tree falling in a forest. Marshall seems a little bit winded here. Off the ropes, reverse bodyscissors into a sunset flip but Tony grabs the ropes. Marshall goes for the victory roll, then turns into a 'rana but Tony rolls thru one two NO. Tony claps at the non three. Crowd a little bit in it. Tony works over Marshall in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Tony stops short in the corner and hits a weak back thrust kick as Marshall charges in. Tony with a side face first powerbomb - was that what he was trying to do? Maybe feeding himself for a Marshall armdrag out because I haven't seen that before. Rivera checks on Marshall, then does some shadow boxing again, which makes me think something did go wrong there. Corner whip, reversed, Marshall charges in, Tony leaps up - reverse bodyscissors takedown - oh man, it's the Farmer's Roll! MARSHALL TAPS OUT! (4:49) I haven't seen anyone win with that since Terry Funk beat Demon with it on that one Thunder. Becky never won with that, right? Marshall sells the funny move like death, and more power to him. Crowd takes a second to realize, yes, that was a finish. Rowdy fans stay that way, front row fans wonder when people they care about will show up. Here's a replay of the Farmer's Roll. I think I should start calling that the Rivera Roll in honor of the man who actually used it as a finish. Checking my notes - yep, this was it for Marshall.

Vignette: Pierroth is checking out a lucha mag with Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero on the front - also a insert of Gran Markus probably saying something unfavorable about Pierroth. Again, Violencia is too busy unpacking to really pay attention tall of this. Pierroth actually notices this time, mostly because Violencia is unpacking something gold. What gold? His Metro Heavyweight Title. His WHAT? Both Pierroth and I have many questions, but he's the only one getting anything answered. I think Pierroth is trying to convince Violencia how much prestige he'd get for the belt if he beat up Markus in a singles match for it, while Violencia complains that it cost quite a bit to get it made and he doesn't want to lose it. Pierroth assures Violencia that there's no way he'll lose it.

2 Boricuas (Violencia (c), Pierroth) and Blue Panther vs Gran Markus Jr. (c), Satanico, Apolo Dantes
02/04/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios :14 Violencia top rope rope somersault senton Markus Actually decent in the non Markus parts. The focus being on Violencia instead of Pierroth improved things too, and the actual development of something new in this issue helps out.
2 2:16
Apolo figure four Pierroth
Satanico pins Panther
3 2:38
Pierroth clothesline Apolo
Markus pin Violencia
T 5:48 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Come on Blue Panther! Join a club, get a hobby, do something besides being here. Nitro is right here again, so I don't know why. So are the minis and CGII. Violencia gets to do the Viva Puerto Rico bit! And he gets to be captain! Oh man Pierroth is so setting him up for a fall. Maybe he's trying to prove a point that Veneno is wrong and he really does care about his men? Thank god Markus is wearing a shirt this week. Do you even have to ask about the pre-match beatdown.

While the brawl starts, some how Violencia gets Markus down in the ring. Top rope somersault senton! One two three! (:14) Violencia screams in delight, for that was the best fall possible! Then he gets to stomping. Pierroth's beating up Satanico on the when someone informs him the fall is over, and then he's all "What? What happened? We won?" They could use a replay! And here's one, though I don't know if they have screens of which to see this - we only see the senton, so who knows how he got Markus down. Do it again!

After a break, we come back with the second fall already in progress. Rudo beatdown still on - they're doing the the three on one bit, with Pierroth directing traffic so Violencia can get in a dropkick. Apolo gets a corner clothesline from Panther and is kicked out. Satanico in now, and battling to no avail. Did Pierroth kick him lose? Thigh, I guess. Kicking just on Satanico. Panther hits his Stunner, which looks better here but still not very special. Markus in - Violencia gets him first and holds him for Pierroth to hit. And then Markus backs off, so Violencia can take him one on one? WOW. This is an actual story. Whip by Violencia and he hits the backdrop. "VIVA PUERTO RICO!" Whip, clothesline misses, Markus very slowly his his. Another one! One no he lets up? Odd. Corner whip, corner clothesline by Violencia. He pretends he's getting speed for a dive but gets cut off by a kick from Panther. Double whip with Pierroth, double boot, double back elbow. Those two kick and stomp Markus out of the ring, but Satanico and Apolo are in from behind on them. Apolo with a double leg and a figure four on Pierroth - Pierroth gives! (2:16) Satanico ties up Panther with a Sharpshooter hold, but doesn't turn it over, pinning Panther to the mat for three. (2:21) Tied up, assuming Apolo and Satanico let up. Satanico, who has neat Infernales wristbands, does go to untie Panther's mask, but is stopped before he gets it off.

After a set of replays, it seems the comeback is still going on the outside. Panther gets whipped into CGII's back. Satanico is punching Pierroth in the ring. Armbar, but Panther manages to sneak in to break it up. Apolo in after him - they get running, and Panther hits the side tope. Corner whip, reversed, Apolo charges and gets dropped to the apron, top rope crossbody is mostly rolled through, but Apolo is up and hitting a clothesline. Senton hits, but Pierroth is in to break up the cover. Panther rolls out, while Pierroth whips Apolo, Apolo back with a sunset flip, he wont' go over, but Satanico clothesline him so he does. One two Violencia breaks that one up. "VIVA PUERTO RICO" Whip, drop toe hold by Apolo, and Apolo tags in Markus. Violencia backs up, but then decides to meet the challenge - open hand slap, open hand slap, open hand slap, yell, off the ropes, shoulderblock and no one really budges. Violencia stomps and pumps himself up - off the ropes, and Markus hits the shoulderblock this time, eh. Markus is SO the worst person here. Corner whip, Markus charges in but Violencia ha moved out of the way - clothesline takes the big man down. Going for it again - tope rope somersault senton but no one's home! Markus with an elbow drop for him, but Panther manages to shoulderblock him out. Markus is fatigued, so good for him. Apolo in and powerslamming Panther one two no. Violencia is in but Apolo catches him with a clothesline - but doesn't see Pierroth coming with his own. All the rudos cover him, one two three! (2:38) I have no idea what Satanico was doing instead of breaking that up, but he's in now. Long enough kick Pierroth, but is soon dropkicked out by Violencia. Panther gives him a pescado to take them both out. That leaves Violencia and Markus in the ring - Markus charges, Violencia side steps, Panther socks him from the apron, and comes in to hold Markus for Violencia - but the low blow kick is dodged by Markus, and Pierroth takes it instead. Inside cradle by Markus one two three. (3:13) Oh no he beat the champ. Tecnicos celebrate. Markus gets the mic - he wants Pierroth, but he right now, he'd like to beat Violencia for that title right here in Arena Coliseo. Markus tries to get the fans chanting for the match. We watch replays while people keep talking in real time.  

Vignette: Zumbido chats up Terrible. Zumbido still has serious issues with Ricky, and Terrible agrees to head. This time, Zumbido notes that taking out Marvin will help Terrible when the Nuevo Guapos Tournament. Plus, if Marvin is bald, he'll be less Guapo. I think he also notes that Zumbido going bald will not change his guapo status either way, and Zumbido jokes it off. Terrible is the Sean O'Haire of CMLL, isn't he? He's one nice trenchcoat away.

3 special match declaration
Emilio Charles Jr. (c), Zumbido, el Terrible vs Negro Casas (c), Felino, Ricky Marvin
02/07/03, Arena Mexico
1 trios 1:45
Emilio modified Boston Crab Felino
Emilio senton Ricky
Wasn't there anyone cooler than Emilio available? I mean, Blue Panther here I'd enjoy. Good match, a tiny bit better than last week's, and a nice job of setting up for the hair/hair match. Terrible's a question mark, still.
2 3:57
Casas stump puller Terrible
Felino reverse figure four Emilio
3 2:00
Felino top rope moonsault Terrible
Emilio senton Felino
Zumbido Fisherman's Buster Ricky
T 9:54 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: Terrible has shiny pants and a nice vest, I should point out. Why EMILIO. Why NEGRO. I guess this is the strategy of putting people you take seriously with people you don't so maybe you will?

Yep, rudos jump them. Marvin gets a stupid looking cowboy hat knocked the hack off of him by a Zumbido punch, then somehow does the splits on another punch. He's thrown in the ring from the ramp very viciously. Zumbido manages the always nice pose/choke combo. Really, why Emilio? The Casas boys I can see because there's obvious influence there on Marvin. No real direction yet, just some brawling - ah, they've isolated Felino, so he gets held for stuff. Zumbido rather go out of the ring and find Marvin - off the apron punch for him. Terrible and Emilio working on Casas now, who's hair is still short. Marvin gets posted. Casas has new tights? New to me. Felino gets a clothesline and an elbow drop. Whip, Emilio with a backdrop hold (that's new) and Terrible chops him back down. Emilio with a Boston Crab/knee in the back on Felino, and he's done before the other two get to put on armbars. (1:45) Ricky in, and Zumbido is immediately punching him. Terrible over to help - double whip, Terrible drop toe hold, Zumbido legdrop. They're not totally on the same page but figuring out quick - Zumbido with a clothesline that flips out Marvin. Terrible with an elbow drop, Emilio with a senton one two three. (2:19) Zumbido poses. Crowd is much louder here for whatever reason.

Ricky Marvin wants you to come support him when he takes on Zumbido, hair vs hair, next week in Arena Mexico.

We come back to see Zumbido rudely throwing Ricky from the ring - axhandle form off the apron! Posted again. Casas drags his teammate to safety. Back in the ring, Felino thinks he's going to start it off against Terrible, but Emilio comes in for the double team beatdown. Corner whip, corner clothesline, corner clothesline. Emilio kick shim out of the ring, and Negro is into take his place. He's cornered quick, and Zumbido gets in some shots, open hand slapping him out of the ring. Ricky sneaks in while they're looking at Casas and makes a run on Zumbido, but he's pulled off. Corner whip, Zumbido with a corner splash but Ricky sidesteps - superkick! Those two spill outside while the other four start fighting in the ring.  Marvin batters Zumbido into the crowd, past the announce desk and towards the exits. Felino works over Terrible, and ends up bringing him in so the other tecnicos can beat him down. Casa with a whip dropkick to the knee. Marvin dropkick to the knee. Felino clotheslines. Terrible rolls out o to his safety. Emilio in, but not really liking how this is going - Marvin and Casa are wanted to get out. I think Ricky notices that Zumbido is coming in for Emilio here and convinces Felino to trade places for him. Zumbido is not happy about it, but it's on. Open hand slap battle, with no clear edge - both guys are pumped. Zumbido off the ropes, misses a clothesline, Ricky with a dropkick to the knee on the next pass but Zumbido evidently flips over it (it doesn't hit, but Zumbido takes a similar roll as if it has before not selling it and Casas' dropkicks sometimes aren't much better), then comes off the ropes with a sharp dropkick to Ricky's face as he gets back up. Pose, yell. Right. Whip, slam no Marvin slips behind, waistlock, shoving Zumbido into the ropes for rebound rollup, Zumbido through and out, then hits an armdrag. Zumbido takes time to pose before the cover one two no. Hey, we have an overhead camera shot? That's new. It's like the WWE's Above The Ladder camera, actually, with the fisheye effect. Corner whip, Zumbido charge sin, but Marvin drops down and Zumbido takes the knee bump to the floor. I think my problem with that bump is that Zumbido clearly grabs hold of the top ropes (each side of the corner with a hand), so you know he could stop if he wanted to and is just propelling himself outside on his own, similar to if it was a dive to the outside. Anyway, Marvin takes off - double jump suicide moonsault plancha! He actually took off from the middle rope on one side of a corner, and flipped over the corner on his way to the floor, a long way to go. Felino hilariously hit the deck as soon as he saw Marvin running, as not to be killed by flying teenieboppers. Back in the ring, it's Terrible and Casas going at it - Terrible with a corner whip, clothesline is caught into a full nelson, then Casas drops him down with a Slop Drop. Stump Puller there takes care of Terrible (3:57) Meanwhile, Felino hits a powerslam on Emilio - Trailer Hitch! Emilio gives! (4:02) There was a little bit up there where I was wondering if they'd give Zumbido a two fall win going into the hair match, but nope.

Zumbido is calmly explaining to the camera how lucky Marvin got to take him out, when Felino knocks him down. That's not very fair. All three tecnicos take him the the ring -  Casas dropkick to the knee, Marvin big boot. Felino running dropkick and out he goes. Emilio in. Negro has a slap for him. Meanwhile, Ricky is stalling, taking it to Zumbido on the outside. Terrible is sent from the apron to the floor by a Casas big boot. Double whip for Emilio, he dodges Negro's dropkick to the knee, he dodges Ricky's dropkick to the knee, he celebrates but neglects to remember about Felino, who clothesline him from behind. Abdominal stretch, overhead camera shot. Emilio won't give in - there's Terrible to break it up. Terrible  with a fireman's carry drop, off the ropes, senton. Splash one two NO. Felino is up first - dropkick to the face will work. Armbar, hold it so Marvin can hit a slingshot kick on the arm. Terrible retreats to his corner, but no one's reaching for a tag. Felino and Terrible and up battling it up with slaps. Felino gets a corner whip but comes back with a missile dropkick (helped quite a bit by Terrible standing like a goof for a couple seconds. Felino slam - going up, top rope moonsault hits! One two three. (2:00) Emilio and Zumbido in - they miss the double clothesline, but Emilio hits one on a second trip. Double whip, Zumbido with a sharp slingshot dropkick. Emilio sentons Felino and they both cover one two three. (2:19) Casas is in and pushing down Zumbido, but Emilio hiptosses him (on his brother, rolling out at the moment.) Emilio charges, and a hip toss takes him and Negro out. Yep, Ricky and Zumbido  - Ricky misses a dropkick and gets kicked. Now he's up and the slap battle is on - after they both dodge, Zumbido gets a big shot to knock Ricky down. Sleeper (more like a choke) by Zumbido - he picks up Marvin and pins him around before dropping him! Casas in - big boot for Zumbido, dropkick misses Emilio. Emilio slams him - he's going up? Casas is up quick and pushes him to the floor. There's the apron dive Thesz press to take out Emilio. Back in the ring, looks like Zumbido just hit a dropkick to the knee of his own - fisherman's buster! One two three! (3:33) Zumbido beats him cleanly, going into the hair match. Of course, he's very proud of himself and so are the 1000% rudo fans.

Post match, Zumbido and Marvin get a chance to talk to hype up the hair/hair match. Zumbido promises Marvin will lose his hair. Marvin promises Zumbido will lose his hair. Well I'm kinda making that up - Marvin just looks a little scared about this match now and doesn't get a chance to talk.

Vignettte: Zumbido tells us you need to come to Arena Mexico to see his hair/hair match against...what's his name? Ah yes the little kid Ricky Marvin. Zumbido laughs the laugh of confidence, and it is good.

Spectacular Moments - Shockercito can do a bodyscissors armdrag. TOPE, wow he got some distance on that. In the same match, Violencito takes an armdrag to the floor and lands on his feet - but a somersault plancha form Brazo de Oro-cito takes care of that. Valentine de Mayo falls on a shoulder block and almost kills himself on the bottom rope. Later, he came back to completely miss a top rope cross body to the likes you've never seen - Alan Stone gets himself a La Majistral win. Mayo's not really a fan of not killing himself. Genetico beat Mr. Power with a wacky submission move, I bet that was another elimination match. Here's Ricky beating Zumbido from last week. And here's Niebla's tope over the corner from last week.

Vignette: In The Stairway/Hallway of Red (perhaps it keeps ghosts away), Ultimo and Rey talk strategy. Rey seems worried about something. Ultimo is confident that they'll win. I think Rey's more worried about his razor or something, because he keeps rubbing his face looking for stubble. I don't know, Rey's a complex man.

You know the hype bits they do in the crowd while they're reeling off upcoming lineups? There's this kid with an old school Santo mask who's been hanging around the last few weeks. It's a fairly distracting mask, because the reflective portions make parts look black in the light depending on which way he's looking, so it's like changing colors. And in the middle of the hype, the kid rips off his own mask! And you know it's just some kid, but you don't see Santo masks coming off often.

4 Ultimo Guerrero vs Shocker
02/07/03, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano 1:06 Shocker spinning headscissors armbar While good...shorter match then previous encounters, the first two falls were barely existent, and they were selling a twenty minute match 3 minutes into the final fall. Just setting the stage for a better one next week? Hope so.
2 1:20 Ultimo Stretch Muffler
3 6:01 Shocker Circuit Breaker
T 8:27 Shocker (2-1)

Notes: Ultimo didn't bring the title, so I guess it's not on the line. Oddly no seconds - at least they didn't accompany the wrestlers and the valets, though I suppose they could've slipped to the ring earlier and I just haven't noticed yet. Ultimo attacks Shocker as he comes in, and it's on.

Punches in the corner by Ultimo before Shocker even gets his robe off, that's good work. Chopping him now, then backing off to antagonize the crowd. Stomp, stomp, taking him to the ramp and smashing him in it. While Shocker recovers, Ultimo yells at the fans around the ramps. Shocker's back up - dropkick to the knee! Big boot on the way in. Shocker to the top rope - missile dropkick! Ultimo up, missing a clothesline, Shocker with a spinning headscissors armbar! Ultimo taps - that was a quick turn of events. (1:06) Shocker poses in the corner. Here's a replay of the missile dropkick and the submission win.

Second fall. Ultimo retreats onto the ramp to start, asking for the fans to please be quiet. Shocker wants to get at Ultimo but he's blocked off by Baby Richard. Shocker gets the crowd chanting for him, then goes in the ring - Ultimo's right behind him and punching. Kick to the chest, kick to the hest, kick to the chest. Ultimo yells at the fans. Whip, reversed, Ultimo goes over, and knocks down with a clothesline. Crowd very solidly behind shocker. Armbar takeover by Ultimo, pulling him right back up into back suplex. Armbar, Ultimo places Shocker's leg around his head, then flips all the way over on his face. There's the Stretch Muffler - with a headscissors! That's it! (1:20) Nice submission moves but we're going a little quick - I guess setting up for a long one to end it. Ultimo takes his turn to celebrating in the corner as the rudo fans cheer for him. He's quite pumped. Here's the submission - I guess it wasn't as much a headscissors as the two boots pressing into opposite sides of Shocker's head. A boot neck vice? Tough to name. We get a few replays of this because it's new, maybe.

Final fall starts with Ultimo charging but missing a dropkick. Shocker off the ropes - big clothesline takes them both out. Shocker gets the better of it and hurries in the ring. To avoid a count out? No - running, suicide somersault plancha! Now both men are down and perhaps they need to worry about the ten count. Shocker's not feeling too well, holding his face and left knee at points. Ultimo is ducked woozy. Shocker makes it in first - what a dive by Shocker, let's see it again. Back form the replay and Ultimo is in the ring, but he takes a running big boot as he tries to get back up. Shocker working the boots to the head as Ultimo is on one knee. Ultimo catches a third one but Shocker just uses the position for 'rana one two NO! The only time we get big near fall teases is in the end of important (and usually singles) matches like these. I guess that would make them more special in the lucha world, though I kinda come in expecting that for every match, because that's kinda the WWE style. Shocker rallying the fans, but slow to follow up. He's resting on one knee. We take a look at the fans - clip? Whatever, we come back and Ultimo is off the ropes, but Shocker's got him - Rock Bottom! Going for the mask. This week, Shocker is much better at ripping it, tearing the top before doing the normal throw by his mask. Shocker takes a moment to appeal to the crowd, and pays for it with a double leg takedown - stretch muffler! Ultimo going more of an armbar in addition this time, and Shocker's close - yes, he's got the ropes with his hands. Ultimo pulls him back - there's a single leg neck choke! Shocker won't give but he's in a lot of trouble - I think that leg may be putting extra pressure on Shocker's arm. Shocker manages to push the boot off his face, and that allows him to start again - he's got the ropes. Ultimo doesn't want to let go but is forced to. Both men slow up, Shocker grabbing the ropes to help him. Clothesline by Ultimo misses, Shocker hits the flipping over into the a sunset flip one two NO. Both slow again. Ultimo forces Shocker in the corner, open hand slap. Shocker is knocked down, slowly gets up and gets another slap. Slowly back up - this time he blocks it, Ultimo's pushed in the corner, slap, series of jabs to the midsection and the big right to the head! Crowd shot - we come back and they're in the same positions. I think Shocker is being warned about the closed first - now he's putting up Ultimo up on the top turnbuckle. Is he going for a top rope 'rana? Don't know, Ultimo punched him and Shocker almost lost his balance, slipping down to the second rope. Ultimo's got a hold of him - hanging second rope flapjack! Ultimo falls on top one two NO! The overhead camera angle shows Shocker out on the mat, spent, but not giving up yet. Replay - that was a nice move. Ultimo is going up? Rudo fans support him but I don't know if this is a good move. He's not speedy up there, but he gets his balance - swandive headbutt and no one's home! Shocker crawled away, and now he's crawling back - turning him over and hooking him in a small package one two NO! Neither man has much left now, but we haven't seen a true finisher yet. Charges, his clothesline is caught - Circuit Breaker! Shocker spinning wildly around - and Ultimo gives! (6:01) Shocker may be tired, but not enough to stop him from making many I Want The Belt motions.

Shocker gets the microphone, but takes a moment to acknowledge the chanting fans. Shocker wants a title match, next week, vs Ultimo, for the World Championship. I think Shocker only calls it the World Championship and not Light Heavyweight, but he could've and I missed it. Ultimo's ticked at losing, ticked at Shocker, and ticked at the fans, so he say YES. Well that'll be good. Ultimo walks off while Shocker promises that he'll be wearing the belt after next week. We go to replays.

Next Week: Hair vs Hair, Ricky Marvin vs Zumbido! Shocker, Mr. Niebla, Black Warrior, Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Universo 2000, Negro Casas. Felino, Loco Max, Nosawa and much much more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 4 Matches (28:18) about 31.4% of showtime (1:30:00); 
Average Match Rating 77.5
Overall Match Rating: approximately 81
2 Trios, 2 Singles
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Tecnico over Tecnico
Show Assessment: Another in the set of decent->good shows to build to a really good show in the future

Closing Notes: 

1. Gran Markus and Pierroth may still suck, but at least we're getting something more than a lifeless deathmarch to the inevitable hair/hair match between them at some nameless point in the future. With the secondary players more interesting than the 'stars', it's a lot funnier when they involve them as more than scenery.
2. It's a good thing that they were starting to go to end game for the Guapos stuff here, because the crowd could honestly not care in the least about that match.
3. I'm pretty sure they've got the Zumbido/Ricky Marvin thing over, so maybe it's just the particpants?
4. I think Shocker and Ultimo were just pacing themselves for next week, because I tend to believe in them.
5. Next week? Quite the stacked show.