CMLL Line - 01/12/03 (#70)

1 Juventued Guerrera (c), Mephisto, Averno vs Felino (c), Brazo de Platino, Brazo de Oro
01/08/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:45
Oro with a 'rana Averno
Felino Black Tiger Bomb Averno
Everyone looked fine but no one blew me away. I'm going to say that may times tonight. Felino vs Juvi would be interesting.
2 1:01
everyone senton Platino
triple submission Oro
3 3:44 Juvi sharpshooter Felino
T 9:00 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: oh man I wanted to see the rudo trio in an actual match. I mean, these are the good Brazos - though Platino nearly wipes out on the ramp - but not what I had in mind. They have vests with their names on them, in case someone forgets.

Oro and Averno to start. Lockup, Oro with a waistlock, Averno go behind into a hammerlock, Oro single leg, roll to his feet, snap mare back down, grounded crucifix roll up but Averno easily escapes, front facelock, Oro rolls it over for a zero count, standoff. Let's try this again - Averno with a single leg, rolling him up to his feet, armdrag down but Oro holds on to the arm, stands up and armdrag Averno down. Standoff. Let's try someone else. Platino - and no one's really in a hurry to face him. Mephisto, okay. Mephisto charges into a lockup and takes an armdrag. leg trip, zero, leg trip, zero, standoff. Blah blah blah. Now it's Juvi and Felino's turn. Felino takes a moment to acknowledge the cheers. They charge at each other, but neither goes down. Again, but still not down. Juvi off the ropes, over, rolling under the clothesline, hip toss blocked, hiptoss blocked, hiptoss blocked but Felino hits a clothesline - good thing, we were running out of room with all those blocks. Felino circles instead of following up - Juvi ambushed him with a thrust kick. Juvi off the ropes, Felino rolls at him, Juvi jumps over but ends up coming down on the top rope. Felino turns and clothesline Juvi out, chasing him three sections into the crowd. Felino thinks about attacking him outside but it's too soon for that. Back in the ring, it's Oro and Averno - Oro with a shoulderblock, over, under, back elbow by Oro. Cover for zero. Averno up, missing a clothesline, off the ropes and into a backdrop. Oro waits for Averno to get up - clothesline out for him. Oro going to dive? No, he thinks better of it. Platino and Mephisto - Mep not happy they're cheering for the wrong guy. Mep with a open hand slap to the chest and another. Headlock, but shot into the ropes, back with a shoulderblock but Platino gets the better of it, perhaps having as much a 100 pounds on Mephisto. Mephisto off the ropes, waved by and taken for a monkey flip on the next pass. There's a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Platino confident enough about his control of this match that he signals the crowd - and Juvi is in to ambush him. Kick in the corner, corner whip, corner clothesline. Platino stumbles to the mat, where the Junior Infernales get in shots from the outside. Juvi with another corner whip, corner splash but no one's home. Platino holds Juvi in an abdominal stretch in the tecnico corner while Oro goes up - top rope cross body on the Infernales. Their double clothesline misses, but they quickly come up with a double kick to his sizable midsection. Felino dives at them with a top rope cross body, but Averno and Mep move out the way in time. Still, the tecnicos are still rolling - Oro with a 'rana on Mep one two three (3:45) While Felino hits a Black Tiger Bomb on Averno one two three (3:50) Tecnicos take the first fall. Juvi never tapped, but he was held in place long enough not to be able to help his allies. Here's a replay of the double finishes. Break.

Rudos work out a new plan in between falls, Infernales nursing their wounds. Oro and Averno start this fall. Averno with a single leg, off the ropes, over, no quick stop elbow drop. Mep in now too - whip, drop toe hold, camel clutch, dropkick to the head and Oro is out of the ring due to the Kainetai Combo. Felino in the ring and he's quickly handled three on one - whip, triple pump powerbomb! Juvi adds in a legdrop and stomps Felino out of the ring as Platino tries to make the save for his partners. Platino takes care of Junior Infernales with chops, whip for Juvi, Juvi comes back with the vertical roll faceslam, leaving Platino right into position for a double dropkick to the head! Senton senton senton everyone cover one two three. (1:01) Oro back in - he gets a double whip, Juvi spinebuster, rolled to his feet. Whip, Double flapjack, triple submission and pose and that'll do it. (1:26) Armbar like thing, if you must know. Rudos turned this around pretty quick. Replays of the finish.

Back in live action, it appears the rudos have laid out the tecnicos at ringside in between falls. Let's pay special attention to Juvi grinding Felino's head into the post. Back in the ring, Junior Infernales are reminding us that they're a pretty good tag team when they get chances - double whip on Platino, double drop toe hold, double elbow drop to the back. Double whip, double boot to the midsection and Platino rolls out. All nicely timed spots. Juvi is now biting Felino's mask, nice. On the outside, Averno manages a elbow smash to Oro from the apron. Juvi bringing in Felino - he wants Felino all to himself. Juvi puts him on the top rope facing out - what he's going to do here? Probably just elbow him in the head and rip at the mask. It's untied, but not off. Platino takes a hard posting. Felino's slopped away when we weren't looking, but he's just stumbling to safety more than anything. Juvi and Mep hold Platino for a Averno running swinging dropkick through the ropes. Rudos grab Felino - it's Juvi's time to try that spot, and wow, it works! I was expecting it to backfire there, but I guess not yet. Oro lined up to take the running swinging dropkick, with Mep to deliver - but Oro slips away and Juvi takes it. Come back is on - Felino beats Juvi all the way up the aisle, that's new. Felino grabs a bottle and threatens to use it, but the ref will have none of the refreshments being given away for free. It's Oro and Averno back in the ring - Averno misses a dropkick, and there's that tilt-a-whirl backbreaker again. Averno's trying to protest - low blow? No one really believes it - there's another tilt-a-whirl but Averno lands on his feet and gets in a hard slap. Stop to yell - off the ropes, charge, and hiptossed to the floor. Platino running - Oro backdrops him to the floor on to Averno. Mephisto caught looking the wrong way, and Felino dropkicks him off the apron and to the floor. Oro tope! He barely makes it and it wasn't far to go. Felino and Juvi left, Felino charges but Juvi sidesteps the dropkick like a matador. Juvi charges Felino, but Felino pushes him by, onto the top rope facing out. Second rope Black Tiger Bomb? No, Juvi knows how tog et out of this - 'rana on the way down! Juvi going to cover? Sharpshooter! Felino gives! (3:44) Juvi takes his sweet time letting go. Rudos are happy with the win, and some of the fans too. Replays. I should note Juvi's Union Jack inspired tights before we go. After we get the winning announcement, Felino gets on the mic to complain about something. I don't know. He want to challenge Juvi to a Welterweight title match? Usually the challenger does that. Juvi says he wants the opportunity. Felino's hurt from that Sharpshooter. Juvi talks about being an international superstar. Anyway, title match

2 Mr. Mexico, Zumbido (c), Loco Max vs Volador Jr., Ricky Marvin (c), Virus
01/10/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 5:43
Virus romero surfboard Loco Max
Marvin crucfix rollup Mexico
Not the blow away match you might expect with four of these people, but Mexico
2 1:59 double backdrop + elbow drop Marvin
3 3:00
Mr. Mexico senton Volador Jr.
Virus step over armbar Mexico
Zumbido Fisherman's Buster Marvin
T 12:47 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: No entrances. Loco Max tries to sneak over to the tecnicos pre-match strategy session and they shoo him away. Why is Mr. Mexico here? That's an odd fit.

Volador and Max to start - Max runs by Volador, who seems more interest in trying to get Zumbido in here. I guess he's no Ricky Marvin, because Zumbido ignores him while Loco Max runs around him like a gnat. Volador opts just to get out of the ring, Ricky in and NOW Zumbido will come in - so Ricky tags in Volador. Zumbido, perhaps eager to get this match started finally, does not tag out. Let's stand around and watching Zumbido get annoyed by the tecnico fans. Let's look at the fans. Let's look at the mat wrestling. Let's wait for the stand off - oh, wait, Zumbido begs off a little bit after those moves, as if they meant something! I'll remember that next time. Zumbido with a single leg, grapevine, into a legscissors, Volador reverses into an arm scissors, but Zumbido breaks free and locks on back mounted double chicken wing-like hold as they get back to their feet, then an armdrag to talk Volador back down. Zumbido's brushing his hands off, this is no problem. Circle. Zumbido will take a second to yell at the crowd. stop ticking Zumbido off, crowd. Lockup - sure, wristlock. Zumbido gets the best of it, forcing Volador down, one two bridge up. Zumbido puts his weight on Volador but he can't break the bridge. Zumbido tries again, but Volador shifts his weight and monkey flip up before monkey flipping Zumbido away. Now here's the Single Leg Trip For Zero sequence. I need an even shorter way of doing that. After the standoff, we tag in Mexico and Virus. Lockup, Mr. Mexico forces Virus into the corner. Slow to break - letting go only after a long three. Mr. Mexico tells Virus to bring it. Lockup is ducked as Virus goes under to a waistlock. Mr. Mexico grabs an arm to break, turning it into an armbar, Virus with a single leg, turning Mr. Mexico on his side for a leg hold, Mr. Mexico kicks his way free but feels that hold a little bit. Circle again - Mr. Mexico with the single leg and a toe hold. Virus turns it around to a rear mounted chinlock. Mr. Mexico tries to power out as Virus changes the hold up, into a kneeling surfboard. Mr. Mexico's turning it, turning it and now it's Virus who's in the surfboard, though there's no foot in his back - and Virus uses that opening to kangaroo kick Mr. Mexico away. Circle - nah, Mr. Mexico doesn't want to deal with this any more, tag to Loco Max. Marvin in for the other side. Loco off the ropes, over, no quick stop elbow drop. Open hand slaps, whip, slam no Marvin goes behind, Loco rushed to the ropes, Loco breaks free with a back elbow. Loco back with a clothesline, it's ducked, Marvin's clothesline is blocked but not the second one. Open hand slap, whip, reversed, Marvin with kinda a leg lariat into a spinning headscissors, looked nifty. Loco out, Ricky off the ropes, Loco ducks for cover, Ricky slides out over him. Loco turns, stops him, clothesline misses him, and Ricky brings him down on the floor by his head. Ricky back in and tagging in Volador - Mr. Mexico charges into a back drop. Virus with a top roe elbow to help out. Double whip, double drop toe hold, double - well, let's just say various kicks to Mr. Mexico, maybe they need a plan next time. Zumbido in - shoulderblock to Volador, off the ropes, over Volador, Virus with a tilt-a-whirl but Zumbido lands on his feet and hits a chop. Crotch chop - oops, he forget about Volador - thrust kick to the chest, Zumbido grabs his face to pretend it was higher. Zumbido rolls out and takes the Volador suicide tope to his back. Loco with a clothesline on Virus back in the ring - he's thrilled. Running, right into a spinebuster. Virus quickly puts the Romero Surfboard on him (5:43), while Marvin manages a crucifix rollup on Mexico one two three (5:45) and that's fall one to the tecnicos. Volador celebrates but he's limping a little bit - replays shows he landed on one of his knees first. Break.

Zumbido explains how they got cheated last fall to the camera man. The cameraman does not argue the point. Back in the ring, it's virus and Mr. Mexico, but quickly Mr. Mexico standing and posing, while Virus is down on the mat from a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, under, roll over, clothesline blocked and Mr. Mexico stops him with a couple open hand slaps. Corner whip, muscle pose, Mexico runs into a leaping armdrag from Virus. Virus with a dive fakeout. Tag to Volador - Zumbido in for the other side, but let's watch Mexico makes faces first. Volador over, rolling under, waved by, handspring, flip for no reason and Zumbido puts an end to this with a wheel kick. Open hand slap. Corner whip, Volador flips himself to the apron. Zumbido charges him anyway, gets a shoulder to the midsection. Volador slingshots in, then flips, then there's a 'rana. Zumbido gets the advantage with a kick and no flips. Zumbido yells - corner charge but no one's home and there's the knee bump to the floor. Zumbido realizes that Volador is running and takes off for the hills. Volador happens to only be teasing the dive, but gets ambushed by a Loco Max dropkick anyway. Ricky in but both Loco and Mexico subdue him - double whip, double backdrop, Mr. Mexico throws in and elbow done two three. (1:59) It's pretty clear the fall is over, but they'll beat up on Virus for free. Zumbido get sin a nice dropkick to the face. Now they'll celebrate. Now they'll kick Volador rout of the ring. Replay of a less than compelling finish.

Looks like the fight has gone on here, as we come back for fall three. Virus and Volador are kept at bay while Zumbido works over Marvin in a corner. Oops, they chopped him out of the ring too. Marvin throws Zumbido's bandana at him in frustration - how he'd get it anyway?. Virus in and trying to make a run but he is one and they are two. Loco and Mr. Mexico are trying to figure out the best way to choke him, while Zumbido hair tosses Marvin onto the ramp. I guess that's supposed to be the interesting fight and the other three are time killing in the ring, but it's not that interesting. Volador takes a corner whip and two corner clothesline before rolling to safety. Virus' turn, but he falls to the mat pretty quickly. They do pick him up so Zumbido can hit a boot from the apron. Marvin back in, and Zumbido's a bit more interested. Corner whip on him - will the charge miss? Of course. Comeback is on - Marvin hits a superkicks to Mr. Mexico and Zumbido so good we only barely see 'em. Mr. Virus hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Mr. Mexico. Volador hits a nice running corner kick on Loco Max. Tecnicos head to the corner as Marvin and Zumbido slap it out. Zumbido asks for quiet and Marvin to give him his best shot. Eh, that's not that great of a shot. In response, Zumbido punches Marvin right in the face! That was a pretty good shot. Whip, Marvin back with a handspring back elbow. Slingshot into a top rope Asia Moonsautl! Mr. Mexico and Zumbido going at it now - Volador hits the jumping enziguri. Pulling Mexico in to position for something. Taking a bit of time - double jump moonsault but hey Volador you put Mexico's feet on the ropes, covering isn't going to work. Strange man, that Volador. Volador goes for a victory roll, but Mr. Mexico dumps him with an electric chair suplex - top rope splash from Loco Max. One - why did you get up? I hope that's a really good senton from Mr. Mexico. Virus dropkicks Loco out but Mr. Mexico does get one two three (3:00) so good enough. Virus miss the dropkick on Mr. Mexico. Mexico pose, clothesline. Whip, reversed, a hiptoss blocked, hiptoss blocked, Virus with an open hand slap, forward legsweep rope into a step over armbar, I think. He's standing on Mr. Mexico's other arm, maybe that's why he's so quick to tap. (3:56) Loco back in and leveling Virus with a clothesline. Corner whip, reverses, Virus charges in, Loco kips up, inside cradle is rolled thru and Virus hits a dropkick to the face. Chop by Virus, whip, head down too soon and he's dropkicked in the side. Virus out, Loco Max running - I think that was supposed to be a slingshot somersault plancha but Loc gets absolutely no sling and falls to the floor slowly but painfully looking - he got his hand planted on the apron to turn him on to his back, but it still looked messed up. Zumbido pauses from doing the showdown with Marvin to make sure Loco is okay - off the ropes, waved by, waved by, Marvin with the dropkick to the knee, La Majistral is pushed off. Marvin 'rana one two NO! Marvin with an open hand slap, whip, reversed, handspring gets a dropkick! Zumbido picked him up fisherman's buster one two three (5:03) Virus was a second too late to get there, and that's it. Outside, Loco Max is being loaded on to a stretcher. I think it's a knee, but it could be just about everything. That looked horrible and we are quickly away. Taking a quick look bad, it looks like his left leg got caught in the ropes, then hit the ground first. He might have twisted his knee.

3 Dr. Wagner Jr. (c), Arkangel, Dr. X vs Shocker (c), Genetico, Terrible
01/10/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 2:36 Wagner Black Tiger Bomb Shocker Good mix of established/new under the Guapo U storyline. Genetico obviously isn't gonna make and the crowd let him know. Why did Shocker try to cheat and then complain when Terrible did the same? Odd.
2 3:10
Terrible elevated double chickenwing Arkangel
Genetico wacky submission Dr. X
3 2:02
Wagner Driver Genetico
Shocker 'rana Arkangel
Terrible low blow mule kick Dr. X
T 10:01 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: You know last week when Doctor Wagner threatened to form a University? This is about it. No names, no he wearing a cummerbund? Are they all wearing them? And bowties with no shirts? Someone's been teaching Male Stripper 203. Watch the music get suddenly cut off as we clip a few seconds out. Terrible's not really tecnico but let's pretend.

Dr. X and Terrible are having this standoff, Shocker pulls his man back, one look at a woman in the crowd later and Shocker and his clone are clearing the ring with big boots. Odd. After Arkangel is taken out of the ring, Dr. X takes a double shoulderblock out. They're both pumped. I still don't care about you Genetico. Shocker allows Terrible in now, and Terrible pushes his partner out of the way to get to - Wagner. Terrible having second thoughts. He wants a handshake? Wagner greets him with a forearm upside the head. Snap mare, off the ropes, dropkick to the head, welcome to the match. Slam, Terrible, goes behind, waistlock, Wagner with hard back elbows to get free, Wagner off the ropes, Terrible takes him down with a clothesline. Terrible doing a lot of yelling and chest pounding. Terrible thinks Northern Lights, but gets knees and a DDT. Now Terrible wants out but Shocker is all "you wanted in so hard, at least move the extra foot to make the tag" and Terrible gets kicked down by the other rudos. Double knee smash. Terrible is rolled to his feet - corner whip, corner swinging kick by Terrible, Corner assisted high dropkick by Dr. X. Arkangel going up - nice top rope plancha to the floor. Shocker in and gets taken down by back elbows. Double whip, double hiptoss. Lifted up for the double running dropkick to the neck, and the Doctors are working good together. Wagner has him up - the Black Tiger Bomb is popular tonight. One two three. (2:36) It's over, but Genetico gets a clothesline for showing up. X and Arkangel stump a mudhole in him for fun. Replays.

Beatdown still going on - triple boot for Genetico! Make a wish! Dr. X with a whip and a backdrop, off the ropes, dropkick to the head. He's been studying, obviously. Tag to Arkangel, and the Doctors hold Genetico in place for chops. Arm mare into a sitting surfboard. Genetico picked up - spinning gutwrench suplex and Arkangel is rolling. Clubbing clothesline takes Genetico down into the ropes. Arkangel isn't done - off the ropes, he ducks Genetico's clothesline but runs into his kinda jumping side kick. Is the crowd booing him? Stomps, whip, reversed, Ark leapfrogs, right hand misses, and Genetico hits the atomic drop bomb. They're booing something - dropkick to the back of the head. Genetico celebrates (not a lot of boos there) and then suddenly we've got Wagner and Shocker in there. Hmm. Only the tights gave it away. Wagner with a kick, shot in the ropes, back with a shoulderblock that flips Shocker out. Wagner off the ropes, drop toe hold by Shocker, elbow drop, Oklahoma roll but he's got his arm hooked around Wagner's neck, lifting the shoulder up, so the referees smartly don't don't count it. (It's one of those situations where some do because there's supposed to be a count after a rollup, but it's obvious that he wasn't really down.) Shocker with a spinebuster lift and slam. Calling for it - quebrada splash but Wagner moves! Wagner off the ropes - dropkick to the face! Slap, charge but Shocker drops down and Wagner is leveraged out. Double jump plancha to the floor. Genetico in and missing a dropkick on Dr. X. X with chops, corner whip, corner clothesline. Corner whip, Genetico with a weak kip up out of the corner, falling on his butt (more boos - it's defiantly anti-Genetico), we eventually get the waistlock Genetico was supposed to have to start with, reverse rollup but Arkangel breaks it up. Terrible in with a double clothesline for both rudos. Chop battle with Arkangel, then an assisted high dropkick by Genetico barely works right. This is not his night. Terrible waits on Arkangel to get up as Genetico gives Dr. X a double leg. Terrible's got Arkangel - elevated double chickenwing! That'll do it. (3:10) Genetico meanwhile has Dr. X in a - I dunno. Combination body warp backbreaker with leg hold. (3:17) I don't even know where to start on that. Tecnicos take fall 2, the seconds winning it. Shocker comes back in and slaps Genetico in the face - I guess he wants to se e more of it. Shocker notably raises Genetico's arm instead of Terrible, who only gets the ref. Replays - Shocker kicked Wagner hard in the back on the floor while we were watching other things.

Shocker poses with a 1000% Guapo T-Shirt. Another "do better" slap for Genetico, who wills tart with Arkangel. Terrible thinks about coming into help but says on the apron. Open hand slap battle. Hiptoss. Forearm to the back. Hiptoss. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Kick to the face leaves air, as Shocker gets in a kick to the back from the apron. Corner whip, Genetico charge into a boot. Arkangel flattens him with a clothesline as he gets up. Genetico with slap, Arkangel with a slap. Genetico misses with a clothesline and his caught in an abdominal stretch. Genetico is able to get free and reverse to one of his own though - and lifting up to a shoulder slam one two NO. Shocker yells at his protégé, but Ark has the advantage here - Northern Lights Suplex, release but cover one two NO. Tag to Dr. X, who dropkicks Genetico out of the ring. Terrible in with a clothesline to stun Dr. X. Slap, slap. Shocker tells him to keep up the intensity as Terrible works in more chops. Armbar, bringing him over so Shocker can come in. Chop to the chest. Shocker points to his head and chops. Open hand slap. Corner whip, charge in and X moves at the very last second. X with a slap, Shocker tells him to bring and there's another. Shocker wants more and get it. Both off the ropes, but Shocker comes back with a big boot. He's pumped now. Off the ropes, big boot caught, pushed away and Dr. X hits a clothesline. He's tired but happy with what he's done. Charge, clothesline blocked, Shocker with an elbow to the midsection - sit down powerbomb one two Wagner break it up with a kick to the back. Shocker up and confronting Wagner - Dr. X clothesline shim in the back, and Wagner drop toe holds him into the middle buckle! Arkangel slingshot elbow drop! It's all breaking down, with Genetico coming in but taking a pointed back elbow from Wagner. Arkangel tries a powerbomb on Shocker while Wagner goes for the Wagner Driver on Genetico - it works for Wagner but Shocker manages the 'rana one two three (2:02) Wagner and Shocker celebrate, unaware of the way the other finish went and that it's one to one now. They walk backwards in their celebration, backing into each other and realizing this match is till on. then turn to find that this match is still going. Wager misses a right, Shocker with a waistlock, Wagner goes behind, Shocker to to the ropes, Wagner pulls him into the reverse rollup, Shocker rolls through and holds Wagner down with a an arm hook in the ropes, but it's spotted and there's no count. X and Terrible are in now, with Dr. X managing a jumping clothesline. Wagner loads up Shocker on the top turnbuckle facing out while Dr. X suplexes Tiger. X puts Terrible in the corner to work him over while Wagner loads Shocker up - pulling inverted powerslam is reversed into an armdrag as Dr. X smashes Terrible into the corner, Shocker gets a rollup on Wagner but we don't see how one two no. Wagner with a waistlock, Shocker goes low and Wagner goes out. Shocker gets going - big boot to take Wagner back off the apron, and they both spill to the floor, with the referees watching them. X with a slam on Terrible, going up. We look at Wagner and the referees - X's missile dropkick doesn't hit squarely but does knock Terrible down. Whip, reversed, Terrible tosses Dr. X up and hits the reverse mule kick on the way down. (4:08) Terrible does the Wagner pose! He's just asking for trouble. I think Genetico and Shocker saw what happened - Shocker is not pleased. Neither is Wagner when Terrible does the pose again. Shocker yells at him for doing such things, and Wagner slaps him in the face. And again. Terrible responds by doing the pose. Shocker asks Terrible what the heck he thinks he's doing. Did Shocker tell him to pose? Did he tell him to cheat? Shocker doesn't think so. Arkangel does the pose to explain what's happening. Wagner gets the microphone to complain about Shocker's pupils, I thin, but we watch replays instead. I heard that Shocker says they'll be no more cheating here, which is odd, but we don't pay any special attention to it and cut away while he's talking.

Spectacular Moments: Genetico hits Markus with a missile dropkick, that's not too hard. He's a large target. Alan Stone has head better hair days, but why was he fighting Mascara 2000? Odd. Universo 2K is forever your heavyweight champion. Porky remains fat. Niebla did a good job punkcing out Wagner before the match for a tecnico.

4 Tarzan Boy (c), Black Tiger, Blue Panther vs Super Porky, Atlantis (c), Mr. Niebla
01/10/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 1:04
Black Tiger standing figure four Niebla
Tarzan cover Porky
nonsensical final finish, by the numbers action
2 5:45
Niebla 'rana Tiger
Panther Fujiwara armbar Niebla
Tarzan pumphandle shoulderslam Atlantis
T 9:23 Rudos (2-1)

Notes: Blue Panther points out he's number one. Thanks for letting us know. NO don't dance Porky no no no. Ah, punk out, much better.

I need a good brawling beatdown to give me a break. Porky is so scarred from bring posted, he thinks to grab his rink jacket and give it to the ring crew. Tiger with a forward Samoan drop into a Panther gutbuster, that was nice. Panther has more trouble doing the fireman's carry lift himself, but Tarzan cheers him on and he manages to drop Atlantis without hurting him more than he intended. Niebla in and beat up. Double whip, Panther drops down and Niebla takes back elbows from the rest. Panther with the face first powerbomb lift, holding him for Tarzan Boy and Black Tiger to hit simultaneous dropkicks to the head. Tarzan does his gangster walk as Black Tiger does Nagatalock impersonation. Needs work. (1:04) Porky in - double whip, double spinebuster. Does he give? Maybe not yet - Tarzan get in a legdrop. Now what? Tarzan off the ropes, over, off the other ropes and - cover. Tarzan gives a little Stone Cold head shake to make this really weird but it gets three. (1:31) I guess you could call that a splash if you were really generous. Atlantis is back in to fight on, not caring that this is over. Rudos are more than happy to work him over, but only in the easiest ways possible - punches and chokes. Replay of that legdrop. Replay of the People's Cover. Panther had a toe hold to keep Porky down, okay. We come back with Panther working over Atlantis - running head snap. Tarzan is working over Porky's forehead on the outside, but kicks to the midsection don't seem to work. That's his strong point!

Fall 2 starts with the beatdown still on. I think Panther might have untied Atlantis' mask in here - now he's working him down with a chin/chokehold. Porky is upset with the refeering in the match. I guess it's a chokehold, because they're putting the count to Wagner and forcing a break. No DQ though. Porky and the rudo referee are having quite the long conversation. Tarzan Boy instigates as always. Atlantis coming back with forearms, but he's held back for using a closed fist and Panther takes over with the opening. Tiger and Niebla brawling around the floor a bit, and now so are Tarzan and Porky. Tiger comes back in to help Panther work over Atlantis' left arm. Double suplex works. Rudos control the ring but have no one to beat up. Eh, Porky's back in. Double flip, double corner whip, corner clothesline, corner clothesline, corner clothesline. Tiger with a whip, reversed, Tiger tries a sunset flip, Panther stops Porky from sitting down by hitting a forearm to the head. Niebla in as Porky goes out, but Tarzan helps Panther take over on him. Tarzan still hasn't had to take off his bandana. There's Panther's weak stunner. Niebla manages a tag to Atlantis, who starts trying to break up Panther's armbar on Niebla, but the refs didn't see it so they're not letting him in. Porky argues, and this allows Tarzan to get in plenty of shots form the outside. Tiger in, and no one's complaining about the lack of tag here. Corner whip, Tiger charge in and no one's home. There's the big slap. Comeback is on, blah blah blah. This is very much by the numbers. Oh no Porky just bronco bustered Panther - we pretty much missed it. Lots of brawling on the outside by the two mobile tecnicos. Panther tries to slam Porky and it works not at all. Tarzan is in to help him with open hands laps, but they don't work. Tarzan tries forearms and they're not much better. Off the roes, but Pork runs him over with his stomach. Porky off the ropes, but Tiger flattens him with a dropkick, Niebla in, dropkick to Tiger's knee. Yelling to the crowd. Slam, going up - but taking too long and dropkicked to the floor. There's the Tiger dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Panther tries a monkey flip on Atlantis, but Atlantis lands on his feet - 'rana rolled through, Atlantis keeps rolling, up but right into a Panther powerslam. No cover, Panther is too pumped - clothesline by Atlantis, blocked, but Atlantis manages to hit a forward crucifix headscissors. Panther breaks free but gets Dropkicked. Abdominal stretch on him, but Panther turns it around, suplexing Atlantis to the apron and hitting the stunner over the top rope to take Atlantis to the floor. Niebla with a dropkick that knocks Panther out of the ring. Tiger in the ring, Niebla off the ropes, backdrop but lands on his feet, crucifix one two no. Niebla waved by on the run, tossed up but comes down with a 'rana one two three (5:45) Tiger is out and not happy. Panther is distracted by the fans before starting. Niebla off the ropes, Panther puts his head down too soon so he gets it kicked in the butt. Bodyscissors roll one tow no. Panther with an open hand slap, but that just gets Niebla dancing. Again, and hipswivel. A third time, more hip swivel. There's the block and the slap to the back of the head. And another for good measure. Niebla celebrating, then picks up Panther - Panther armbar takedown into the Fujiwara and he's done! (6:27) I think that's the second deadliest submission hold in all of lucha libre, and Panther is taking his sweet time letting go. Porky in Panther getting brushed down with a cross body that only sorta hits. Panther with a slam on Porky! Panther wants to tag out but Tarzan begs off - Panther can do it by himself, just go to the top rope. Panther goes to the second rope - somersault senton but no one's home. Porky to the second rope - splash hits! Porky covers, but no one covers - Tarzan misses a clothesline on Atlantis and Atlantis hits one. Off the ropes, Tiger hits a kick to knock Atlantis into a pumphandle shoulder slam. While the ref is explaining why Porky's fall isn't counting (I dunno either) Tarzan covers - and they're not counting the pin for him? Okay, the rudo referee will count Tarzan Boy's one two three. (7:52) What the HECK? Announcers are confused. Rudo announcer is happy because the right team won anyway. They couldn't just be saying the other guys are the legal men, could they? Because that's not right either.

After a break, tecnicos are still trying to put it together.

No next week, we're out.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 4 Matches (41:11) about 45.8% of showtime (90:00);
Average Match Rating 80.25
Overall Show Rating: 2 (Average)
4 Trios
1 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 3 Rudo over Tecnico wins
Show Assessment:

Closing Notes:

1. That was a LOT of wrestling. And no vignettes.
2. None of it was really notable - it wasn't bad, but they're not throwing anything huge out there while they're not in Arena Mexico.
3. It was neat how they mixed Shocker and Wagner in with guys that are usually a couple matches before them, though.
4. Nice to see some different people, all through out.
5. The finish to the last match made no sense. None at all.