CMLL Line - 01/05/03 (#69)

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Vignette: Violencia is pumped. He could win the CMLL Heavyweight Title tonight from Universo 2K, bringing glory to the Boricuas and Pierroth. Pierroth shows up to say he likes what he hears. Violencia asks if he could get a medal out of this, perhaps, but Pierroth says he's the one who gets the medals. Anyway, the belt should be enough. And the honor and glory for the Boricuas and all. Pierroth tells Commando Girl II to listen to Violencia, because he's in charge.

1 CMLL Heavyweight Championship
Violencia vs Universo 2000 (c)
01/01/03, Arena Coliseo
1 mano y mano 3:15 Violencia top rope somersault senton It was clean. They actually remembered this title. Universo didn't mess up everything he did. I'm a sucker for an actual clean Boricuas match finish.
2 :25 Universo reverse bow and arrow
3 5:48 Universo reverse bow and arrow
T 9:28 Universo (2-1), title retained

Notes: So theoretically, this a title match, but we clip to the referee giving them the rules instructions and never see the belt. If I didn't know what I know, I'd be sure the belt didn't really exist. Or Universo lost it. Commando Girl II is Violencia's second, with Mascara Ano 2000 in his brother's corner. I know the Capos have been feuding with the Boricuas for what seems like three centuries (before there was a Puerto Rico or Mexico!) but it's kinda odd that Universo is actually involved, and a tecnico.

Lockup, Universo with an arm drag to start this off. Circling again - Violencia gets the armdrag this time. Lockup, Universo with a waistlock, Violencia turns out, Universo with an armbar, into a hammerlock, school boy trip over Universo's knee, tying the legs, Getting Violencia over on his stomach with the legs tied - Violencia is right next to the ropes so he's not in any real danger. Lockup, Universo with a waistlock, spin around into an armdrag. Universo is wearing the sherbet outfit, I'll point out. Armbar by Violencia, crowd shot but we come back with a takedown. Universo takes back control with a single leg, tries to roll Violencia to his feet, but Violencia gets his own single leg and a toe hold. Universo tries to sit his way up, but can't reach Violencia. Violencia turns Universo on his stomach, ties up the legs, sits on Universo's feet, and pulls back on Universo's arms. Nifty, but Violencia lets go enough for Universo to turn and break free. Circle. Universo with a slap, armbar, whip, reversed, look at Mascara, look back and I have no idea what just happened. Universo's down, perhaps having blown a sunset flip. Let's do an really bad looking armdrag to convince me that they're off track. Second armdrag is better. Third armdrag looks really good because of Violencia - he's had enough of this and hits a clothesline after to stop it. Corner whip, reversed, Universo charges in but no one's home - Universo takes the hamstring corner bump. Violencia with a dropkick to the back. There's the slam and a senton. Now he'll go up - somersault senton one three. (3:15) Universo makes sure to kick out at 3.1. Anyway, challenger wins. 

In between falls, the commentators say that CGII is "La Famousa Nazi", but I don't think she's really that famous. Universo tries to ambush Violencia with a dropkick and misses. Violencia helpfully runs in to a backdrop anyway. Clothesline. Weak calling to the crowd (not used to it doing it, I guess), clothesline misses, but Violencia's punch is blocked. Armbar, into the hammerlock, there's the trip of the knee into the reverse bow and arrow and this fall is rather quick. (:25)

They charge at the bell, with Universo getting a spinebuster - jacknife cover (!) one two no. Small package one two NO. Universo, a bit winded, misses a charge and Violencia this the reverse rollup with back bridge one two no. Universo with a shoulderblock, off the ropes, Violencia with a Okay, now he can get Universo over for the cradle - one two no. Universo with a knee lift, knocking Violencia into the ropes. Violencia side steps a dropkick and Universo goes out. Somersault pescado! CGII yells at the crowd, perhaps disappointed by the lack of shenanigans in this match so far. She tries to start something with Mascara Ano but it ain't happening. Violencia back in, Universo up to the apron and slapping Violencia away. Universo to the top rope - cross body hits! but Violencia pushes him off. Universo body scissors rollup one two NO. That was an awful deliberate count - Mascara rightfully argues. Universo with a dropkick and out goes Violencia - UNIVERSO SUICIDE TOPE! He's getting out all the lucha libre for the six months in this one match I see. Replay makes it look more painful looking for Universo, because Violencia didn't really budge all that much. Anyway, Universo in, Violencia to the apron - Universo with a slap, suplex in, floatover one two no. NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX one two NO. Who are you and what have you done with Universo 2000! Slam - no, don't point at the top rope. The fans share my thoughts on this idea and Universo doesn't - walking senton! Now he's really going to do it. I think some kids are laughing before he even jumps - top rope splash finds nothing. Violencia rolls over and covers - one two No. Violencia, not used to winning two falls in a match, decides to do the slam and go for a top rope move again. Oh yea he's changed his mind. Oh no he's hasn't - he's just stomping Universo to make sure he's down. Top rope somersault senton perhaps might have misses anyway - Universo moved out of the way at any rate. Universo covers one two NO. For a second there I thought we were going to have a clean finish in a Boricuas match. Universo loads up Violencia on the top rope, facing out. What's he going to do there - inverted shoulder powerslam, that's new. Half Crab with knee on an arm - Violencia waves his arms like he's on fire and that's it. (5:48) What do you know, it WAS clean.

Universo does wear the belt after the match, so there you go. Universo, obviously getting into this whole tecncio thing, does the "I want a mascara con mascara match" bit. He's probably so used to being the guy ignoring it like Violencia is right now.

Vignette: In special BLUE vision. Pierroth is ranting - I think he's unhappy that first Veneno and now Violencia have let him down. Tarzan Boy notices him and tries to ask him what's wrong. Pierroth says he's very much not happy with his troops. Tarzan Boy says he doesn't care about Pierroth's troops, but he's Tarzan Boy is captain tonight. Pierroth doesn't like questioning of his leader ship skills - he's the best leader in the whole galaxy. Tarzan's like "right sure whatever" and walks off as Pierroth is still ranting. Smart man, that Tarzan Boy.

2 Pierroth, Tarzan Boy (c), Black Tiger vs Atlantis (c), Super Porky, Super Crazy
01/03/03, Arena Coliseo
1 trios 3:28 Porky top rope double splash Tiger/Tarzan Typical Porky not-totally-comedy match. Nothing offensive but missable.
2 1:15
Pierroth reverse bow and arrow Atlantis
Tarzan suplex Crazy
3 2:40 Porky assisted sit Tarzan
T 7:41 Tecnicos (2-1)

Notes: Pierroth's valet wears the same bandana around his head as he does, which looks cute. Black Tiger's valet does not wear his mask, which is a good thing. Tecnicos come with the mascot - well both of 'em, if you count Porky.

Pierroth, who will start for his side, is annoyed at the crowd. Tarzan eventually gets annoyed at him. Crazy for the opposition - nice armdrag, ice kip up. Pierroth with an armbar, Crazy with a roll, headstand and armdrag to get out. Duck the clothesline, hit the wheel kick. Pierroth sells it as massive arm pain but doesn't go down, which is not what I'm used to seeing from that move. Anyway, time for Atlantis and Tarzan Boy to get in. Tarzan is very much in a taunting mood today. Tarzan with an open hand slap, Atlantis, Tarzan, Atlantis, Tarzan with a kick, forearms to the upper back. Atlantis is knocked to the apron so Tarzan can pose some more. Atlantis back in and kicked, whip, Tarzan with a leapfrog but Atlantis back with a cross body one two no. Tarzan with a dropkick to the knee. Corner whip, Tarzan charge in with a splash that never ever hits, and it doesn't hit. Atlantis with a monkey flip and a charging dropkick but Tarzan rolls out of the way of that. Tarzan with a charge, and gets backdropped to the apron. Forearm for Atlantis, to the top rope - taking way too much time and Atlantis shakes the ropes to crotch him. No DQ? Tarzan to the floor and Atlantis topes him out of action. I guess it's the inner thigh. Black Tiger draw the short straw - he gets the sequence with Porky. Tiger kick to the back of the leg. Let's watch this no call again - rudo announcers is sure is a DQ and I can't say he's wrong. When we're back, Tiger and Porky are doing the "spin around on his back mat wrestling spot." Now don't go to all fours Tiger! I hope he as a plan. His plan is apparently to reconsider. Porky convinces him this is a fie idea - and of course ends up flattening him. Pierroth has had enough of this - he's into attack Porky. Ah, here's the "Porky getting hit causes him to butt smash the guy behind him" bit. Tarzan in - double whip, double drop down so Porky's splashes them both - there's the Atlas pose. Tag to Atlantis. Atlantis ducks a double clothesline, Tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Black Tiger. Cover, Tarzan tries to break it up and gets his partner, Atlantis holds them there as Crazy helps Porky to the top rope - top rope splash and everyone's dead one two three. (3:38) Perhaps because he hasn't felt involved enough, Crazy gives Pierroth a crucifix roll up as well, but it doesn't matter. The mascot stands on top of the Porky pile, post fall. 

Black Tiger and Super Crazy to start this off - Tiger catches Crazy' rush with a kick. Chop. Tiger off the ropes, back with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, under, tilt-a-whirl but Crazy lands on his feet, a clothesline fells him anyway. Corner whip, Crazy opts to slide to the floor, Tiger slides out after him, Crazy in, Tiger in, Crazy drops down his head, Tiger with a sunset flip, Crazy rolls though and hits the dropkick to the face. Tiger rolls out to recover - Pierroth and Atlantis in now. Atlantis playfully shoves Pierroth in the face, which annoys Pierroth. Punch to the gut, chop. Turnbuckle smash. Whip, clothesline, fireman's carry drop, reverse bow and arrow and Atlantis taps. (1:15) Tarzan And Crazy are all in - Tarzan grabs Super Crazy in a cradle, then brings it out into a suplex one two three. (1:33) Not really a fisherman's suplex, Crazy having gone back to almost normal front facelock position. I thought Atlantis was captain but they counted that fall - eh. Tiger beats up Atlantis on the floor - Porky really doesn't do all that much.

After replays, we come back in to find Tiger and Pierroth already working over Porky. Double team backdrop! Tiger with an elbow drop. Standing somersault senton! Pierroth with an elbow drop. Tarzan with a running stomp and legdrop. Super Crazy in to takedown Tarzan Boy, with all three tecnicos suddenly teaming to force Tarzan out. That was odd. Porky and Pierroth in now. They exchange slaps. Porky with forearms and a headbutt. Turnbuckle smash. Tag to Atlantis as Porky works in the least powerful looking forearms in this history of time. Atlantis and Crazy whip Porky into Pierroth. Pierroth rolls out, and Atlantis uses that as a distraction to pop Tarzan Boy. Now let's look at the mascots. Is Tarzan Boy limping? Looks like a hurt ankle perhaps. Back in the ring, Super Crazy has Pierroth's belt some how and he's whipping Pierroth with it. No, that's not a DQ this week. It gets taken away,  and Pierroth comes back with a chop, cover whip, reversed, Super Crazy is backdropped to the apron. Pierroth turns around into a shoulder to the midsection, Crazy with a springboard dropkick. Crazy seems to be thinking dive, but Tiger pushes him off the ropes and hits a drop toe hold. There's the 619. Atlantis in - monkey flip for Tiger. Hiptoss by Tiger is reversed into one of Atlantis' and out goes Tiger. Atlantis starts to go for a pescado, but Tiger pulls him out. Tiger tries to post Atlantis but Atlantis posts him (and Pierroth, kinda - he was standing out there resting.)  Back in the ring, Tarzan tries a sunset flip on Porky - yep, there's the sit. Atlantis and Crazy come in to lift and help drop Porky for a super sit and that's it. (2:40) Pose with the mascot for pictures. Porky almost kills Super Crazy via hug. Wow, is Pierroth bleeding a little bit? Must be hardway because this would be an odd choice for a blade job. Faces are happy and that's it.

Spectacular Moments: Terrible with a blatant low blow kneelift on Olimpico, hmm. He seems find with it. Shocker drops Wagner off the middle rope to the floor, yow. Extra painful top rope elbow drop to someone's neck - Rayo Tapito Uno? Super Commando gets tossed high into a nice missle dropkick. Mephisto with a nice slingshot somersault plancha on Volador, but we're here to see Super Crazy do the Asai Moonsault onto both the Inferanles.

Vignette: In special letterbox format! Someone's having fun with the camera functions this week. Tarzan Boy talks to Dr. Wagner - he's stuck teaming with Pierroth in a few minutes, how about you team with us? As you might already guess, Wagner says no - he's got a match with Niebla already. Wagner explains it's one on one, and he'll take care of him just like Shocker. Tarzan takes the oppurnity to ridcule the whole Guapo Universo bit - he's the Guapo one! Not Shocker. Wagner agrees, and points out that Wagner's the Musuclar one. Let's pose.

3 Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Mr. Niebla
01/03/03, Arena Coliseo
1 mano y mano 6:10 Wagner DQ (mask pull) Acceptable main event singles, but nothing much noteworthy

Notes: In a shocking twist (of fate), Niebla ambushed Wagner before the match! Niebla runs out during Wagner's ring entrance and dropkicks him from behind in the ring. The ring announcer totally sees it coming because he's bailing from the ring, but he doesn't tip off Wagner, which is harsh. TOPE! Blow that whistle.

Niebla poses to the crowd and gets his jacket off. Wagner gets posed, but regains his senses enough to slip out of his jackets. Niebla pounding him in to the ring - corner whip, corner clothesline. Niebla is an angry fog tonight - here's that tope again, as stuff is going on that's not cool enough to see. Slam by Niebla - he's going up. Moonsault hits! Why are you posing and not covering? He's going for another one? Fans think this is not the best of ideas- top rope moonsault misses, they're right. Wagner with the running dropkick to the face. Snap mare, dropkick to the head. Should've got him while you could. Niebla to the outside, crowd shot nearly misses Wagner's around dive somersault body attack. Wagner celebrates a little bit - there's a chop. Here's a replay of Wagner's dive. Niebla thrown back in and Wagner to follow - surfboard is more to hold Niebla in place while untying his mask. Wagner lets up to yell at some fans, but it looks untied. Niebla up - slapped down. Wagner pose. Whip, spinebuster, double leg cover one two no. Whip, Niebla with a sunset flip, Wagner blocks it - no Niebla's got him one two no. Wagner back to a chinlock and the mask. He's warned not to take it off by Baby Richard but it's not a certain thing he cares. Richard pulls him off and explains the mask pull DQ, as Niebla fixes his mask. Corner whip, Wagner charges in and hits a clothesline. Niebla loaded up on the top rope - haha, he lost his balance and fell to the floor, totally unplanned. Niebla and Wagner share "what the HECK?" and "how do we get back there?" looks. Niebla back pit he apron - they go through a sequence of blocks loading to Niebla hitting the big slaps. Now Niebla's going up top - top rope cross body one two no. Both up - Wagner with a slap, shoulderblock, but there's the handspring elbow. We see Niebla set up for something and hear him yell to the crowd, crowd shot - there's the powerbomb deep leg hook one two no. Wagner with a slap, and that gets Niebla starts to dance. Another, more gyrated. Wagner with a big slap, it's blocked, big slap to the head by Niebla. Niebla waits for Wagner to get up - whip, reversed, Wagner one hand pushes him into Richard, who goes down hard. Wagner misses a clothesline, Niebla eventually turns it into a reverse roll up but no one's counting - so Wagner pulls the mask! Now he'll cover, now Baby Richard will count one two - wait, now he wonders where did that mask come from and taps Wagner on the back? Wagner starts to celebrate as Richard puts it together, then turns to see Richard raise Niebla's arm. Yep, it's a (DQ 6:10) Wagner's not sure what happened but Richards says he figured it out and next time he should hide the evidence better. Replay doesn't really hide Niebla's face all that much. Wagner throws out a message or something but the announcers are talking over him. Oh, he's threatening to start his own University of Wagner-ness.

Next week: Atlantis, Dr. Wagner, Satanico, Shocker, Terrible, Tarzan Boy, Black Tiger, Blue Demon, Mr. Niebla, Super Porky and much more.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.

Breakdowns: 3 Matches (23:19) about 35.9% of showtime (65:00); 
Average Match Rating 76
Overall Show Rating: Tolerable (2)
1 Trios, 2 Singles
2 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 Rudo over Tecnico wins
1 Title Matches (1, CMLL Heavyweight)
Show Assessment: You could miss the show and never even care. Unless you're really happy to see Universo defend his belt at least once this year.

Closing Notes: 

1. The best part of the Boricuas this week: No Gran Markus
2. The worst part of the Boricuas this week: Pierroth wrestling.
3. That was odd how all the vignettes led into each other. Like they planned things or something.
4. For a guy who wears the most CMLL T-Shirts in the promotion, Crazy is still coming off to me as a visiting freelancer.
5. We haven't seen the end of Niebla/Wagner...