Brief news: – Tony Rivera

Brief news:
– Tony Rivera beat Terrible in another Guapo elimination match – we’re down to Loco Max, Ricky Marvin, Rivera and Genetico, oddly enough.
– Bestia and Villano III challenged each other to a hair/hair match on 2/25, but who knows if it’ll happen.
– Apparently, not only is Tigre Blanco the Mexican Welterweight Champion, but Dr. X has been chasing him for that title for quite some time. News guy seems to think this shall come to a head very soon.
– Shocker was getting yet another title shot against Ultimo for the CMLL LH Title tonight – no word as of yet on how that went.
– Speculation puts the Vampiro/Tarzan Boy hair/hair match on 3/21…and that Tarzan will be having knee surgery (again) soon after.

BTW, I stole that playing card picture from the great Spanish-language lucha site Box Y Lucha – worth a visit if you can get a web translator to work.