In the Observer this week,

In the Observer this week, there’s a bit about Konnan’s angle in NWA-TNA (X Division guys stole the Lucha style so he’s out for revenge) and speculation about bringing in some lucha guys to back up Konnan.

Of course, the problem is that Konnan did a spectacular job of burning most every bridge he crossed in Mexico – neither AAA or CMLL wants anything to do with him (which is why he’s not come back to either), and wouldn’t be happy with a top guy helping him out in this sort of thing. Which is kinda too bad, because Dave astuley singles out Black Warrior as guy who might be a good fit. I’ve watched zero NWA-TNA, but from what I’ve heard, you can get over just doing cool spots and doing cool spots is what Black Warrior does best.

Dave says they’re thinking about bringing in a lower level guy – he puts Ricky Marvin’s name forward (he’s probably much better of staying far away from this – being the third Guapo is the best he can get right now) and also Volador Jr, who I think would be a great fit. He can be impressive – that Asai moonsault they showed for 3 months straight on Spectacular Moments is pretty, but there are a lot of similiar type guys and he’s gotten lost in the shuffle. (Assuming he isn’t so lost he got injuried and I totally forgot about it.) Going to NWA-TNA would get him a bit more exposure, and maybe even he’d find a way to distingush himself better from the Safari’s and Tony Rivera’s of the world.

Of course, reality of this turns out to be that Konnan’s good lucha friends are a newly heel turned SAT and Special Guest Star Juventued, in to fight Jerry Lynn next week. I sure hope they get the good Juvi, but it does seem like an enviorment friendly to the bad Juvi.