To add on to the

To add on to the last post, it’s probably worth nothing that the lucha libre page on is now back up. Good sign.

Lucha Times is up already. The difference between the new show we might get and the rerun show we’re on schedule to get is quite large.

According to someone (thanks Butch)

According to someone (thanks Butch) who got the Televisa feed (out of Tijuana and into San Diego), the Marvin/Zumbido hair/hair match DID air. If Televisa aired it last week, I don’t see why it’s child company Galavision wouldn’t also air it in it’s regularly scheduled slot this weekend. Of course anything can and will happen, but it seems hopeful that we might actually get new lucha this week.

Lucha times later today – I’ve taken a look and it’s worth noting that Sunday’s show is scheduled for only 2 hours.

Other news, playing catch up
– Ricky beat Mr. Power Tuesday night in another Guapo elimination match. We’re down to the four principals: el Terrible, Loco Max, Marvin, and Tony Rivera.
– Pierroth beat Apolo Dantes in a hair/hair match – I guess we haven’t been TV for so long he’s had time to grow some. Veneno returned earlier in the night and it sounds like he played a part in helping Pierroth take the final fall. Still no date on Pierroth/Markus, though since Pierroth is now 2-0 vs the Capos, maybe he’ll have a hair/hair match vs Cien next? I guess they wouldn’t waste Universo’s mask on this.
– As earlier mentioned, Rey and Ultimo will be going to NJPW from 4/16 to 4/30 ( doesn’t mention the 5/1 or 5/2 big shows – maybe they haven’t figured that much out yet? – and the tour actually starts on the 18th) and will be joined by Super Crazy.
– Coming to Houston on 3/2: Atlantis, Universo, Vampiro, Cien Caras, Brazo de Plato, Olimpico, Black Tiger, Averno, Dr. Wagner, Mephisto, Máscara 2000, Felino, Shocker, Guerrerito del Futuro, Espectrito, Pierrothito. I think your best main event would be something like Vampiro/Shocker vs Black Tiger/Wagner, but they’ll probably throw a Capo in there. Should be decent.