Oh wow. I dare you

Oh wow. I dare you to read this and count up the mistakes. I dunno if it’s someone who doesn’t know what’s going on and just hasn’t done the research, or if they’re being creative and seeing how much they could do without actually having anyone catch ’em.

While I’m posting, I might as well check CMLL.com news:

– Special Arena Lopez main event on 02/12 – Ultimo/Rey vs Casas and…Dr. Wagner. WEIRD.
– Marshall did lose the Nuevo Guapos elimination match to Tony Rivera, so now we’re down to Rivera, Ricky Marvin (who’s got a hair/hair match this week vs Zumbido in Arena Mexico – I think I’m gonna have to get a tape if they don’t start turning up new matches soon), Loco Max, Terrible, Genetico, and Mr. Power. I think we can cut the last two out of the picture pretty easily. Sounded like they had other plans for Terrible, though he’s a strong canadiate for some position. Loco Max probably has a future in a Zumbido-ese role, but I don’t see him fitting in the group. And Ricky is superior to Tony, I think we can agree. I figure it’ll go down to a Terrible/Marvin match as the final (Ricky gets his win back over Loco Max, Terrible rudos it over Rivera to set up the final match) and Marvin gets the win there. I don’t know for sure, though, because it’s tough to figure out what they’re looking for – hey, it’s quite like Tough Enough.
– Ultimo and Rey did beat Atlantis and Niebla, and news guy wonders who could possibly beat that duo. That IS a good question.

KrisZ’s lineups say Violencia is defending something called the “Metropolitan Heavyweight Title” today against Gran Markus Jr. at Arena Coliseo. Because the one thing we needed was another belt…