Let’s just do some news

Let’s just do some news bites:

-Televisa (who, I believe, own Galavision) and CMLL aren’t getting along. According to the Observer, Arena Mexico had been hosting weekly boxing shows for Televisa, but canceled them back in September due to extremely poor attendance. Since they weren’t getting their boxing show anymore, Televisa no longer wanted to pick up the production tab for the wrestling. The last few Arena Coliseo shows (when they were running that building only) and the return to Arena Mexico ended up being filmed by rival television company Multivision. Televisa reacted by keeping AAA in a prime slot for 90 minutes, but cutting CMLL to 60 minutes and in a weaker slot. Dave goes on to mention that there’s talk of bringing back boxing for two shows a month with bigger names, but doesn’t say how this would affect the relationship.

Dave doesn’t say it, but I wonder if this might tie into having the reruns on Galavision the last few weeks. Wait and see.

– In a special Constitution Day show at Arena Coliseo (Tonight), Ultimo and Rey defend the tag team titles against Atlantis and Mr. Niebla. That would seem to be good – I wonder if GdI get a return match for the Trios titles?

Not sure if this would air – the usual Arena Coliseo taping show is still scheduled, but they usually make the effort to show the include special shows.

The other top two matches are Vampiro/Porky/Tinieblas Jr vs the Capos and Anibal Jr./Olimpico/Pantera vs Emilio/Mascara Magica/Mephisto

– Last night, at the normal Coliseo show, there was a Nuevo Guapos elimination match between Tony Rivera and Marshall. (CMLL.com says Zumbido earlier lost a similar match earlier, which I never saw but at least explains what happened there.) I haven’t seen results for the show yet, but I’d guess Tony moves on. 6 are left.

– Dr. Wagner wants his own group of followers – if Shocker can do it, he can do it better. The requirements to earn an MD of CMLL from Wagner U are apparently to be very good, recoginized as such, and also to be very evil. I think Satanico might earn the degree on Life Experience.

– CMLL will be in Miami! Saturday! No arena announced! That’s gonna make it hard to attentd.

– You mentioned that challenge from Shocker – he probably knew at the time that they would meet this Friday, at Arena Mexico. It’s currently non-title, but I guess you never know. Ultimo’s got a really long week

Other matches are Rayo/Vampiro/Atlantis vs Wagner/Pierroth/Tarzan (return of Rayo), Ricky/Casas/Felino vs Zumbido/Emilio/Terrible, Volador/Virus/Safari vs JLegion, Sombra/Neutron/Explosivo vs Comando/Mayo/Polvora (the other tough thing about being a opening match faction is that you’re probably not all together often.)

Stuart says some of the rumored names for the Super Junior tournament include Dr. Wagner Jr., Black Tiger and Super Crazy, but since they’ve all done NJPW tours over the last year, that’s not a big surprise.