It’s hard to talk about

It’s hard to talk about lucha when there’s no new lucha to talk about. We do get a few tidbits, though.

Super Demekin, who competes in Osaka Pro (the lucha-junior hybrid fed run by Super Delphin) announced he’s going on an excursion to Mexico for some seasoning. No word on exactly where he’s going, but hopefully it’s CMLL because he’s quite a talented youngster.

From KrisZ:

“Two big challenges came out of the EMLL show at Arena Mexico last night as Zumbido challenged Ricky Marvin to a Caballera contra Caballera match and Shocker challenged Ultimo Guerrero for a re-match for the CMLL Lt. Heavyweight Title.”

Those would be great if they happened, but we should remember that challenges get handed out like candy on Halloween but are rarely accepted.