Brief news: – Tony Rivera

Brief news:
– Tony Rivera beat Terrible in another Guapo elimination match – we’re down to Loco Max, Ricky Marvin, Rivera and Genetico, oddly enough.
– Bestia and Villano III challenged each other to a hair/hair match on 2/25, but who knows if it’ll happen.
– Apparently, not only is Tigre Blanco the Mexican Welterweight Champion, but Dr. X has been chasing him for that title for quite some time. News guy seems to think this shall come to a head very soon.
– Shocker was getting yet another title shot against Ultimo for the CMLL LH Title tonight – no word as of yet on how that went.
– Speculation puts the Vampiro/Tarzan Boy hair/hair match on 3/21…and that Tarzan will be having knee surgery (again) soon after.

BTW, I stole that playing card picture from the great Spanish-language lucha site Box Y Lucha – worth a visit if you can get a web translator to work.

Weird note from the Observer

Weird note from the Observer this week on the Marvin/Zumbido hair vs. hair match: “For the first time in a long time, fans threw money into the ring as a show of appreciation for the work of both guys after both guys had their heads shaved.” It was the first draw in a hair vs. hair match since a 1989 match between El Dandy and Emilio Charles, Jr.

Wrestleholicsvideos has a two set Best of the GdI set:

Part 1:

1st Round CMLL Tag Tournament Group 2 – Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. Felino/Tarzan Boy
Semifinals CMLL Tag Tournament Group 2 – Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Villanos IV & V
FINALS – Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Hijo De Lizmark & Lizmark
Los Infernales (Rey Bucanero & Ultimo Guerrero) vs. Villano IV & Mr. Niebla
Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. Emilio Charles Jr./Mr. Niebla…CMLL Tag Team Titles
Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. El Hijo Del Santo/Negro Casas – CMLL World Tag Team Titles
Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. El Satanico/Averno – CMLL Tag Team Titles; Highlights of Satanico & Averno ripping off Guerrero & Bucanero’s tights are shown. The reason they did this was that they were feuding for the “Infernales” name and image, so the tights are part of the gimmick.
Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. El Satanico/Shocker (from Monterrey)
Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Negro Casas/El Hijo Del Santo – CMLL Tag Team Titles
Part 2:

Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Negro Casas/El Hijo Del Santo – CMLL Tag Team Titles
Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Negro Casas/El Hijo Del Santo – CMLL Tag Team Titles
Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. Halloween/Damian 666 – CMLL Tag Team Titles
Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. Shocker/Vampiro – CMLL Tag Team Titles
Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. Ultimo Dragon/Dragon Kid
Ultimo Guerrero/Rey Bucanero vs. Ultimo Dragon/Kaz Hayashi

Not sure if the GdI vs. Vamp/Shocker is uncut or not (I’m guessing no). The GdI vs. Dragon/Dragon Kid is their only televised match from their Toryumon jaunt, and the last match is from the Wrestle-1 show/debacle. Looks worth grabbing if you want to get into both guys.

In the Observer this week,

In the Observer this week, there’s a bit about Konnan’s angle in NWA-TNA (X Division guys stole the Lucha style so he’s out for revenge) and speculation about bringing in some lucha guys to back up Konnan.

Of course, the problem is that Konnan did a spectacular job of burning most every bridge he crossed in Mexico – neither AAA or CMLL wants anything to do with him (which is why he’s not come back to either), and wouldn’t be happy with a top guy helping him out in this sort of thing. Which is kinda too bad, because Dave astuley singles out Black Warrior as guy who might be a good fit. I’ve watched zero NWA-TNA, but from what I’ve heard, you can get over just doing cool spots and doing cool spots is what Black Warrior does best.

Dave says they’re thinking about bringing in a lower level guy – he puts Ricky Marvin’s name forward (he’s probably much better of staying far away from this – being the third Guapo is the best he can get right now) and also Volador Jr, who I think would be a great fit. He can be impressive – that Asai moonsault they showed for 3 months straight on Spectacular Moments is pretty, but there are a lot of similiar type guys and he’s gotten lost in the shuffle. (Assuming he isn’t so lost he got injuried and I totally forgot about it.) Going to NWA-TNA would get him a bit more exposure, and maybe even he’d find a way to distingush himself better from the Safari’s and Tony Rivera’s of the world.

Of course, reality of this turns out to be that Konnan’s good lucha friends are a newly heel turned SAT and Special Guest Star Juventued, in to fight Jerry Lynn next week. I sure hope they get the good Juvi, but it does seem like an enviorment friendly to the bad Juvi.

To add on to the

To add on to the last post, it’s probably worth nothing that the lucha libre page on is now back up. Good sign.

Lucha Times is up already. The difference between the new show we might get and the rerun show we’re on schedule to get is quite large.

According to someone (thanks Butch)

According to someone (thanks Butch) who got the Televisa feed (out of Tijuana and into San Diego), the Marvin/Zumbido hair/hair match DID air. If Televisa aired it last week, I don’t see why it’s child company Galavision wouldn’t also air it in it’s regularly scheduled slot this weekend. Of course anything can and will happen, but it seems hopeful that we might actually get new lucha this week.

Lucha times later today – I’ve taken a look and it’s worth noting that Sunday’s show is scheduled for only 2 hours.

Other news, playing catch up
– Ricky beat Mr. Power Tuesday night in another Guapo elimination match. We’re down to the four principals: el Terrible, Loco Max, Marvin, and Tony Rivera.
– Pierroth beat Apolo Dantes in a hair/hair match – I guess we haven’t been TV for so long he’s had time to grow some. Veneno returned earlier in the night and it sounds like he played a part in helping Pierroth take the final fall. Still no date on Pierroth/Markus, though since Pierroth is now 2-0 vs the Capos, maybe he’ll have a hair/hair match vs Cien next? I guess they wouldn’t waste Universo’s mask on this.
– As earlier mentioned, Rey and Ultimo will be going to NJPW from 4/16 to 4/30 ( doesn’t mention the 5/1 or 5/2 big shows – maybe they haven’t figured that much out yet? – and the tour actually starts on the 18th) and will be joined by Super Crazy.
– Coming to Houston on 3/2: Atlantis, Universo, Vampiro, Cien Caras, Brazo de Plato, Olimpico, Black Tiger, Averno, Dr. Wagner, Mephisto, Máscara 2000, Felino, Shocker, Guerrerito del Futuro, Espectrito, Pierrothito. I think your best main event would be something like Vampiro/Shocker vs Black Tiger/Wagner, but they’ll probably throw a Capo in there. Should be decent.

That football card is the

That football card is the best thing EVER.

Big news this week is that Rey and Ultimo will likely be working a tour for New Japan, starting on 4/18 and climaxing at the 5/2 Tokyo Dome show. I imagine they’ll work a lot with/against Super Crazy and Black Tiger if they’re there, and maybe get a shot at Liger and Kanemoto’s IWGP Junior tag titles. Can’t wait. Now if they were back on TV in the states we’d really be in business.

Lucha Times is updated with

Lucha Times is updated with the rerun schedule for this week <- optimism at it's finest! has removed the Lucha Libre preview page which is way up there on bad signs; the lucha libre board remains. I think I might start investigating tape buying plans...

Title Change Vampiro beat Tarzan

Title Change

Vampiro beat Tarzan Boy for the NWA LH Title, in Arena Coliseo D.F. on 2/9.

I’ve only seen this title defended one time on TV, vs Shocker in Feburary of last year. Tarzan Boy won it from Black Warrior way back on

CMLL’s show in Miami went well! Must’ve been good local advertising. They’re next trying for a show in Houston on 3/2 – no card announced as of yet.

Also, you can sleep at night knowing that Violencia retained the prestigious Metro Heavyweight Title over Gran Markus. I was kinda expecting a title change – Pierroth winning the title from Markus and Markus winning it back would not only extend this even longer, but Markus could get the big win without getting Pierroth’s hair – I gotta figure they’ve kept not doing it because he doesn’t want to give that up.

Oh wow. I dare you

Oh wow. I dare you to read this and count up the mistakes. I dunno if it’s someone who doesn’t know what’s going on and just hasn’t done the research, or if they’re being creative and seeing how much they could do without actually having anyone catch ’em.

While I’m posting, I might as well check news:

– Special Arena Lopez main event on 02/12 – Ultimo/Rey vs Casas and…Dr. Wagner. WEIRD.
– Marshall did lose the Nuevo Guapos elimination match to Tony Rivera, so now we’re down to Rivera, Ricky Marvin (who’s got a hair/hair match this week vs Zumbido in Arena Mexico – I think I’m gonna have to get a tape if they don’t start turning up new matches soon), Loco Max, Terrible, Genetico, and Mr. Power. I think we can cut the last two out of the picture pretty easily. Sounded like they had other plans for Terrible, though he’s a strong canadiate for some position. Loco Max probably has a future in a Zumbido-ese role, but I don’t see him fitting in the group. And Ricky is superior to Tony, I think we can agree. I figure it’ll go down to a Terrible/Marvin match as the final (Ricky gets his win back over Loco Max, Terrible rudos it over Rivera to set up the final match) and Marvin gets the win there. I don’t know for sure, though, because it’s tough to figure out what they’re looking for – hey, it’s quite like Tough Enough.
– Ultimo and Rey did beat Atlantis and Niebla, and news guy wonders who could possibly beat that duo. That IS a good question.

KrisZ’s lineups say Violencia is defending something called the “Metropolitan Heavyweight Title” today against Gran Markus Jr. at Arena Coliseo. Because the one thing we needed was another belt…