That bastard Scaia didn’t give

That bastard Scaia didn’t give me credit for the CMLL 25. Bastard.

Anyway, yes, it was Hombre Sin Nombre debuting with AAA on the 1/16 taping, teaming with Octagon & Parka Jr. to beat Electro Shock & Abismo Negro & Cibernetico. He was booked as a mystery partner, but no word on what name he used. Looks like his first feud will be with Abismo.

Speaking of AAA, all of their matches are now 1 fall and take place in the six sided ring (also seen in T2P). Will it make AAA more watchable? Let me know, ’cause I ain’t watching.

Still not sure where things stand between Televisa and CMLL. Let’s hope this gets cleared up.