Yep, today’s one hour will

Yep, today’s one hour will be a short repeat of a previous show. It looks like #47 (one after the rerun of last week) – Japan/Tarzan vs Porky/Niebla/Lizmark is about to start as I type this, and depending on what time is alloted for AAA, you may also get Infernals vs Villanos, Black Tiger vs Felino and GdI/Apolo/Wagner vs Silva/Shocker/Rayo.

EDIT: What aired was that Japan/Tarzan vs Porky/Niebla/Lizmark tag, a Shocker Nuveo Guapo tryout vignette, and GdI/Apolo/Wagner vs Silva/Shocker/Rayo.

If the pattern holds, next week will be #48, with Silva/Rayo/Tineblas Jr. vs Taliban/Universo your only safe bet of being aired.

I really wish Galavision, Televisa and CMLL would work better at giving at least new stuff each week, even if it’s not full length.

Remember that LF/GdI match I missed the first time around? Since it aired Saturday, I’ll have an updated recap with it in a couple days. The match itself would have been better if it wasn’t clipped (duh) and if they got someone better than Fuerza there (because he was noticably not very good at points.)