Breakin’ Down Lucha and the

Breakin’ Down Lucha and the WON Awards

Pts = points
Fpv = first place votes

Dave counted down the top ten for each catagory–everyone after that with a decent amount of votes got an honorable mention.

Shocker (97 pts.) received an honorable mention, finishing 13th for Wrestler of the Year.

Hijo Del Santo (87 pts, 12 fpv) finished seventh in the Most Outstanding Wrestler category.

Three lucha feuds received Feud of the Year honorable mentions: Santo/Casas vs. GdI in 14th place (84 pts.), Shocker vs. Ultimo Guerrero in 16th place (73 votes), and Mexico vs. Japan in 18th place (61 pts.)

Tag Team of the Year was covered yesterday.

Shocker finished 11th with an honorable mention in Most Charismatic (129 pts.)

No mention of any lucha guys in the Best Flyer category.

Black Tiger (14th place, 118 pts.) and Blue Panther (19th place, 72 pts.) received honorable mentions in the Most Underrated category.

CMLL finished 5th (637 pts, 51 fpv) for Promotion of the Year (beat out by Pride, UFC, RoH, and the WWE).

CMLL TV finished second in Best Weekly TV (1,152 pts, 50 fpv) behind Smackdown.

Santo finished tied for 10th (w/Steve Austin) in the Reader’s Favorite Wrestler category (16 pts.)

AAA did finish second for Worst Television show behind Raw (100 pts.)

Gran Markus vs. Pierroth only finished 10th in Worst Feud of the Year (13 pts.)

AAA finished 5th in Worst Promotion (65 pts.)

No mention of los Talibanes in Worst Gimmick or Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic.

Any other category had no mention of lucha.

We’ll talk more later.

There was a nasty rumor

There was a nasty rumor in F4W a while back concerning Shocker negotiating with Pena. Now, while I highly doubt he’s jumping, it was enough to put me in a panic. Hey, maybe that’s what Bryan wants. Luckily, I subscribe to F4W, so I’ll have the scoop this weekend.

The Death Valley Driver folks were nice enough to provide a link to in their link section, so they should be thanked.

Be back later with a look of how CMLL did in the WON awards.

Over in his Figure Four

Over in his Figure Four Newsletter preview, Bryan Alvarez notes a “very talented” CMLL wrestler jumping AAA. Unless it’s HsN just now showing up, I have no idea who he’s talking about.

KrisZ doesn’t have any recenty AAA/PAP results up, but it doesn’t look like the ex-Rayo Jr. Jr. was on any of the 12/02 cards, so I’d guess it’s him.