No CMLL TV to talk

No CMLL TV to talk about this week, but we have a few ends and odds to hit upon.

They wuz robbed: Rey and Ultimo finished second in the Tag Team of the Year catagory in the Wrestling Observer Awards. They were beaten out by Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, who beat the GdI by 2 (yes, two) points. Ultimo and Bucky even got the most first place votes, but apparently Los
Guerreros received a lot more second and third place votes. This is the second consecutive year the GdI finished in the runner-up slot (last year they were beat out by Kojima and Tenzan).

My expert analysis: this sucks, but it’s not surprising. Pretty much everyone gets Smackdown, but how many people get lucha television, and how many actually follow it? I’m guessing a lot less. If everyone knew about the GdI, they’d win easily. I can’t imagine anyone voting Los Guerreros over the GdI, since Rey and Ultimo were around all year having great matches, and I’d stack their best matches over Eddie and Chavo’s.

You know, I didn’t vote this year, but man, I wish I had now.

GdI in Japan:The only available match from the best tag team in the world is on a new Toryumon tape spotlighting Ultimo Dragon’s comeback. The match is Ultimo Dragon & Dragon Kid vs. Ultimo & Rey from 12/20/02. Looks like we only see 15 of about 19 minutes. No word if other Toryumon matches will see the light of day. Of course, their Wrestle-2 match will be readily available, but the rest of the card was junk. Anyone making a comp tape?

End Notes: Hooligan, Ramstein, and Sangre Azteca have formed a stable called “La Alianza” (I probably butchered that spelling), which translates to the “Alliance.” Sounds like a fun group, but they need a better name.

“We’ve formed an Alliance.”
“What are you called?”
“The Alliance.”

You know? And we all know what happened to the last group calling themselves the Alliance.

And isn’t Hooligan disqualified since we saw him wrestle a full match on TV? Isn’t that like having Goldberg in the JOB Squad?