Lucha Times is up. Sometime

Lucha Times is up. Sometime this week, they changed Sunday lucha from one hour back to the (now) normal 2:30 bit, so I think we’ll get a whole new show this week. Neat, huh?

OTOH, the best match to air this weekend will be on the Saturday show – the Shocker/Wagner bout from last spring.

I wanted to say something else but I can’t remember. Maybe later.

That bastard Scaia didn’t give

That bastard Scaia didn’t give me credit for the CMLL 25. Bastard.

Anyway, yes, it was Hombre Sin Nombre debuting with AAA on the 1/16 taping, teaming with Octagon & Parka Jr. to beat Electro Shock & Abismo Negro & Cibernetico. He was booked as a mystery partner, but no word on what name he used. Looks like his first feud will be with Abismo.

Speaking of AAA, all of their matches are now 1 fall and take place in the six sided ring (also seen in T2P). Will it make AAA more watchable? Let me know, ’cause I ain’t watching.

Still not sure where things stand between Televisa and CMLL. Let’s hope this gets cleared up.

Yep, today’s one hour will

Yep, today’s one hour will be a short repeat of a previous show. It looks like #47 (one after the rerun of last week) – Japan/Tarzan vs Porky/Niebla/Lizmark is about to start as I type this, and depending on what time is alloted for AAA, you may also get Infernals vs Villanos, Black Tiger vs Felino and GdI/Apolo/Wagner vs Silva/Shocker/Rayo.

EDIT: What aired was that Japan/Tarzan vs Porky/Niebla/Lizmark tag, a Shocker Nuveo Guapo tryout vignette, and GdI/Apolo/Wagner vs Silva/Shocker/Rayo.

If the pattern holds, next week will be #48, with Silva/Rayo/Tineblas Jr. vs Taliban/Universo your only safe bet of being aired.

I really wish Galavision, Televisa and CMLL would work better at giving at least new stuff each week, even if it’s not full length.

Remember that LF/GdI match I missed the first time around? Since it aired Saturday, I’ll have an updated recap with it in a couple days. The match itself would have been better if it wasn’t clipped (duh) and if they got someone better than Fuerza there (because he was noticably not very good at points.)

Since the DVDVR has a

Since the DVDVR has a link here, I probably should point to DVDVR I was reading to kill time today – #117, an all Lucha review. Off the top of my head, the thing that struck me most was the inclusion of Puerto Rician wrestling. I’m sure the orgins are the similiar and all, but at least in wrestling, Puerto Rician’s always read a lot more like the US than Mexico.

FWIW, if you know more good lucha resources that I haven’t linked to yet over there, just send a link.

I’ve got a longer bored

I’ve got a longer bored rambling post, but it’s trapped on a computer that is not this one – maybe tommorow.

– Rayo Jr. returns at the end of the month. He’s promised not to leave this time till he gets Unvierso’s mask. Perhaps we should start up a collection plate to buy him one.
– Zumbido (who, as the news notes, is offically out of Guapo U) recently took the hair of one local wrestler Boby Jack. He promises Marvin and Rivera will be next.
– We should start a list of all “X wants to take Y’s hair/mask” from this column. It’d be long.
– FdT returns on 2/21 – Infernales are first in line for a Mexican Trios Title rematch, though Damien and Halloween would like another shot at those tag team belts.

Breakin’ Down Lucha and the

Breakin’ Down Lucha and the WON Awards

Pts = points
Fpv = first place votes

Dave counted down the top ten for each catagory–everyone after that with a decent amount of votes got an honorable mention.

Shocker (97 pts.) received an honorable mention, finishing 13th for Wrestler of the Year.

Hijo Del Santo (87 pts, 12 fpv) finished seventh in the Most Outstanding Wrestler category.

Three lucha feuds received Feud of the Year honorable mentions: Santo/Casas vs. GdI in 14th place (84 pts.), Shocker vs. Ultimo Guerrero in 16th place (73 votes), and Mexico vs. Japan in 18th place (61 pts.)

Tag Team of the Year was covered yesterday.

Shocker finished 11th with an honorable mention in Most Charismatic (129 pts.)

No mention of any lucha guys in the Best Flyer category.

Black Tiger (14th place, 118 pts.) and Blue Panther (19th place, 72 pts.) received honorable mentions in the Most Underrated category.

CMLL finished 5th (637 pts, 51 fpv) for Promotion of the Year (beat out by Pride, UFC, RoH, and the WWE).

CMLL TV finished second in Best Weekly TV (1,152 pts, 50 fpv) behind Smackdown.

Santo finished tied for 10th (w/Steve Austin) in the Reader’s Favorite Wrestler category (16 pts.)

AAA did finish second for Worst Television show behind Raw (100 pts.)

Gran Markus vs. Pierroth only finished 10th in Worst Feud of the Year (13 pts.)

AAA finished 5th in Worst Promotion (65 pts.)

No mention of los Talibanes in Worst Gimmick or Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic.

Any other category had no mention of lucha.

We’ll talk more later.

There was a nasty rumor

There was a nasty rumor in F4W a while back concerning Shocker negotiating with Pena. Now, while I highly doubt he’s jumping, it was enough to put me in a panic. Hey, maybe that’s what Bryan wants. Luckily, I subscribe to F4W, so I’ll have the scoop this weekend.

The Death Valley Driver folks were nice enough to provide a link to in their link section, so they should be thanked.

Be back later with a look of how CMLL did in the WON awards.

Over in his Figure Four

Over in his Figure Four Newsletter preview, Bryan Alvarez notes a “very talented” CMLL wrestler jumping AAA. Unless it’s HsN just now showing up, I have no idea who he’s talking about.

KrisZ doesn’t have any recenty AAA/PAP results up, but it doesn’t look like the ex-Rayo Jr. Jr. was on any of the 12/02 cards, so I’d guess it’s him.

At least it wasn’t Benoit

At least it wasn’t Benoit and Angle beating Rey and Ultimo. I would have about died. I think it’d take Ultimo and Rey making a few more trips to Japan – probably in higher profile places than Tory and The PPV That Made The WWE Look Good – for them to get the Observer love. I’m more concerned about keeping them together another year.

While there’s plenty of Wrestler A + Wrestler B possible combos that would rule, there’s not one out there right now as a logical challenger. And since you’d like to have something for them to do, and it’s tempting to put them against each other, I wonder if they’ll start thinking about a turn. Then again, it’s not like we were thinking about Damien/Halloween or Shocker/Vampiro last Spring, so who knows what’s around the corner. I’m probably over thinking it.

Anyway, considering the visbility of CMLL (from discussion) appears to be no better than seventh in the world (I’m just making this up with little thought, but WWE, AJ, NJ, NOAH, ZERO, TNA probably all are ahead), getting the votes they did get is a pretty neat achievment.

It sounds like Dragon/Dragon vs Ultimo/Rey was the best possible matchup of the tour, so at least we get this. You know, the only reason they kept losing all those against the Ultimo/anyone combos had to be because it was only one fall. They were totally out of their element, that’s all. I was heartened to see this result (from the Toryumon USA site): “5. Ultimo Dragon (12:20-DQ by groin attack) Rey Buccanero” – he’s keeping it real! I wonder how much of Rey’s hair will be grown back in by the time we see him again.

Hooligan may have had that one TV match, but Sangre made PPV in ’01, so I think there’s a “one match on TV” limit. Either that, or there all sorts of stable and alliances going on between people we never see on TV. Let us not even speak of the fued between Sicodelico and Alan Stone.

Oh yea, Lucha TV time is up – we’ve got split feeds for both shows this week. Anyone who can correctly predict exactly what matches will air this Sunday before the broadcast deserves some sort of an award.

No CMLL TV to talk

No CMLL TV to talk about this week, but we have a few ends and odds to hit upon.

They wuz robbed: Rey and Ultimo finished second in the Tag Team of the Year catagory in the Wrestling Observer Awards. They were beaten out by Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, who beat the GdI by 2 (yes, two) points. Ultimo and Bucky even got the most first place votes, but apparently Los
Guerreros received a lot more second and third place votes. This is the second consecutive year the GdI finished in the runner-up slot (last year they were beat out by Kojima and Tenzan).

My expert analysis: this sucks, but it’s not surprising. Pretty much everyone gets Smackdown, but how many people get lucha television, and how many actually follow it? I’m guessing a lot less. If everyone knew about the GdI, they’d win easily. I can’t imagine anyone voting Los Guerreros over the GdI, since Rey and Ultimo were around all year having great matches, and I’d stack their best matches over Eddie and Chavo’s.

You know, I didn’t vote this year, but man, I wish I had now.

GdI in Japan:The only available match from the best tag team in the world is on a new Toryumon tape spotlighting Ultimo Dragon’s comeback. The match is Ultimo Dragon & Dragon Kid vs. Ultimo & Rey from 12/20/02. Looks like we only see 15 of about 19 minutes. No word if other Toryumon matches will see the light of day. Of course, their Wrestle-2 match will be readily available, but the rest of the card was junk. Anyone making a comp tape?

End Notes: Hooligan, Ramstein, and Sangre Azteca have formed a stable called “La Alianza” (I probably butchered that spelling), which translates to the “Alliance.” Sounds like a fun group, but they need a better name.

“We’ve formed an Alliance.”
“What are you called?”
“The Alliance.”

You know? And we all know what happened to the last group calling themselves the Alliance.

And isn’t Hooligan disqualified since we saw him wrestle a full match on TV? Isn’t that like having Goldberg in the JOB Squad?