CMLL Line - 11/10/02 (59)

Thanks to: Robert Ortega for the original format, Krisz for the results archive, and Joe Gagne for the place to talk about it.

# Rudo, Rudo, Rudo (Capitan) vs Tecnico, Tecnico (Capitan), Tecnico
MM/DD/YY, Arena
F Type Time Finish Comment

Vignette: Guapo Tough Enough, week 2 - features Zumbido being mean to various people and sneakily getting away with it for the most part. Hmm. Everyone has Guapo University T-Shirts (Class of 2003). Zumbido catches people talking trash behind his back. An updated graphic has two guys Xed out already - I don't know those two (so many guys, so little identifiable), and I don't think they were the ones scheduled to have a match, so I'm confused. Maybe they were cut? (Checking the website later, and comparing with the names from two weeks ago, I can tell you  Centella De Oro and Rocker are the ones who appear to be out)- Although we still haven't seen the first match, the next two to face off will be Zumbido and Ricky Marvin. Ricky Marvin's shirt says "Ricky Marvin" on the back instead of Class of 2003. Marvin and Zumbido exchange slaps and have to be held apart. 

1 Genetico vs El Terrible 
10/22/02, Arena Coliseo
1 mano y mano 6:42 Terrible CO (Genetico) not very exciting - I guess if this really was lucha Tough Enough it'd be what you'd expect from people just starting, but they're supposedly wrestlers from elsewhere so they could do more than this, one would think  

Notes: One entrance music - first Shocker and Magica are out, then the 10 remaining wannabes - 2 dressed to wrestle. Zumbido trails far behind.  Genetico and Terrible - the two set up to wrestle last week - are the two guys ready to wrestle, so I guess there must've been some off camera cuts? I think Shocker goes over the concept one more time, and everyone clears the ring who's not in this match. Fans chant at Zumbido. Ring announcer gives out the phone number one more time. Remember, advancement in this tournament is by VOTE, not who wins the match. 15 minute time limit - wow, I made that out. Genetico is from Guadalajara, Terrible from Monterrey. All non-participants hang out lumberjack style outside the ring.

Lockup - break. Lockup, Genetico with a waistlock, Terrible with a hammerlock, look at Marvin and Rivera. Terrible has taken down Genetico with an armbar, but Genetico reverses to his own - armbar takedown . Terrible rolls on it, but Genetico manages to twist back control, and then turn into a hammerlock. Terrible with a single leg takedown, holding it in, Genetico tries to turn free and gets a half Boston for his trouble. Terrible tries to stop him form getting up with a back elbow, Genetico manages a headlock, Terrible to the armbar, Genetico to the hammerlock. Yes, lots of mat wrestling. Terrible goes with a drop toe hold, holds on for the leg grapevine. Genetico reverses out - modified surfboard, then in front for a snap mare one two I guess that was a kick out. Armbar on Terrible, Terrible armdrag out. Not really impressed with either at this point. Shocker is watching. Fans don't seem really into it. Neither am I. Double wristlocks spots lead to a Genetico armdrag and a little celebration. Wristlock battle  - Genetico takes him down, another headstand, armdrag, Terrible comes back with an armdrag, Genetico kicks him way. Magica looks bored. Terrible with a shove for Genetico, Genetico shoves back, and yells at the crowd. Terrible charges, single leg, Terrible rolls over him, then runs into an armdrag. Genetico waves him up -  and runs into an armdrag. Yep. They're trying actual spots now but none of it is really interesting - Terrible fakes a dive spot when he knocks Genetico out of the ring with a kick. This has all been very basic stuff, looking someone what practiced and not natural. Terrible manages a clothesline and a corner jumping splash to liven things up. Open hand slaps. Corner whip, reversed, Genetico backs up, then charges in, backdropped to the apron, Terrible finally notices and gets punched, Genetico goes up - top rope cross body but Terrible (kinda) rolls through one two no. Terrible with a pretty good clothesline one two no. Terrible's clothesline are blocked and Genetico hits a thrust kick to the side of the face and a clothesline to take Terrible out. Genetico with a weak looking dive fake, but then a an actual tope - Terrible oversells it.  Genetico plays dead awful late, and now they're both getting counted out. Zumbido drags Terrible a little bit - I'm not sure if he was trying to roll him away from the ring or what, because it didn't look that obvious. Genetico makes it in to beat the count (6:42) and that's it. I think I vote for Terrible here, but I wouldn't be that excited to see either of them again. Pretty much the same thing about the concept. Maybe Marvin and Zumbido will be better next week - gosh, I hope so.

Vignette: Blue Panther walks into Arena Coliseo, thinking about his match with Atlantis. This involves rubbing his chin a lot. He's consumed with thoughts about Atlantis. Okay.

2 Blue Panther vs Atlantis
10/22/02, Arena Coliseo
1 mano
2:00 Atlantis double underhook submission Panther Mixed - slow and awkward at points (showing their age) and fun and heated at other points. I'm not particularly excited for a rematch, but it probably won't suck either
2 :38 Panther leg grapevine with armbar Atlantis
3 6:35 Atlantis (Torture Rack)
T 9:13 Atlantis (2-1)

Notes: For no particular reason, the ring announcer brings up that Panther is the WWA World Champion. 

Panther and Atlantis want to go on the outside before the bell, and eventually do get at it, though not really much. Panther gets in the ring first, and doesn't plan on giving Atlantis an easy way in, though the ref doesn't count Atlantis out in the meantime. Atlantis finally just gets up and gets punched- shot toe the ring post is blocked, and Atlantis is off the top with a plancha. Atlantis off the ropes, over a roll, hitting the dropkick to the head. Atlantis with a toe hold (I guess) but opts to let go for a knee to the head. Panther back up and hitting a back elbow. Forearm to the back, clothesline to the chest, ripping at the mask. Whip, drop toe hold, back to the mask - pulling into a chinlock surfboard. Corner whip, reversed, Panther goes over, Atlantis charges, Panther tries for a tilt-a-whirl but gets an armdrag. Atlantis with a rolling takedown into a facelock double armbar and that's fall one. (2:00)

Fall two, and they charge at each other, knocking each other back. Atlantis misses a corner dropkick, he gets monkey flipped but lands on his feet, off the ropes, over, avoiding the clothesline and hitting a spinning headscissors. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! "'rana - no Panther reverses into a leg grapevine with armbar (kinda modified STF) and Atlantis is done quick (:38) Aesthetically, I hate these short falls. Tired of recapping wise, I love 'em. Atlantis goes back to a chin lock post fall - either to choke him out more, to go for the mask, or he just doesn't realize he's won.

Panther is working over the left leg to start the fall - then he completely rips the left half of Atlantis' mask open. Panther works on it more, then goes for an armbar. Atlantis tries to punch his way out of it, but the referee distracts him while warning about a closed first and Panther sneaks in a kick to the back leg. Back to ripping the mask. Chop. Chop. Panther is waving to the crowd. Corner whip, reversed, Atlantis walks into a boot. Panther urns out into a backdrop. Now Atlantis repaying the favor but we've got a bad camera angle - wow, he really opened it too, and now he's biting the exposed forehead. Having got the right eye hole enlarged, Atlantis goes for the left, then a chinlock. Back to ripping the mask - Atlantis is actually pulling Panther around by the mask. Picking him back up - armbar, but Panther gets a right to he gut. Chop. Whip, spinebuster. Chop. Whip, reversed, Atlantis with a low flapjack one two no. Panther off the ropes, under a leapfrog, Atlantis tires a monkey flip so Atlantis sides down, Atlantis tries to roll him over but ends up trying to grab a leg for a half crab but Panther gets loose - it didn't look right at all. They both end up breaking. Atlantis charge s Panther, Panther lands on the apron, slingshots back in - spinning headscissors into a cross legged rollup one two no. Corner whip by Panther, Panther charges in and hits a clothesline. Panther has more words with the front row fans. Panther with a corner whip, this time Atlantis it out of the way, charge, Panther picks him up in Tombstone position but Atlantis reverses into a roll up one two NO. Atlantis off the ropes, sunset flip one two no. Panther grabs Atlantis's leg for a submission of some sort but I have no idea what's going on - eventually Panther grabs Atlantis' arm and pushes forward - Atlantis is forced to headstand. Somehow Atlantis manages to pick himself up and over Panther with a sunset flip one two no. Atlantis corner charges Panther, Panther backdrops Atlantis to the apron, Atlantis with a shoulder to the gut, up top - plancha but Panther rolls though one two no. Atlantis misses a clothesline (I guess), and very slowly locks Panther's arms on in a backslide - Gory Special! Atlantis gets his arms free - he's up for a while but won't give up - still not giving up and pulling himself up - Victory roll but Atlantis rolls it back one two NO. Panther - right into the Torture Rack. That's it. (6:35) Atlantis makes a "I want the belt motion", so I don't really have to listen to his mic bit - he wants a shot at the WWA World Heavyweight Championship. I think the CMLL Commissioner okays a WWA Title match being on their show.

Vignette: Gdi hang out - is Rey trying to be guapo? What's wrong with looking good? This is all shot in red light to make it look like the inside of a photo lab. They're all champions, you know, even if Tarzan Boy defends his title twice a year. Ultimo and Tarzan decide that Rey needs to take a trip to the salon.

3 GdI (Tarzan Boy (c), Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero) vs Vampiro (c), Negro Casas, Lizmark
10/25/02, Arena Mexico
1 trios 2:40
triple submission on Casas
Rey DQ (excessive beatdown on Vampiro)
Another good chapter in the burgeoning Rey/Vamp feud, and they remembered the Tarzan/Casas stuff. A little inevitable result after the first fall finish, and while GdI teaming was pretty good, still want more
2 5:50
Lizmark Sudden Impact Ultimo
Rey/Tarzan double step over armbar Lizmark
Vampiro leg grapvine
T 11:10 Tecnicos (2-0)

Notes: The Arena Mexico stage has a Halloween theme, as you might expect. At least I think it's that and it was just trashed. Oh wow GdI have corner pyro! That's cool. Tarzan is proud of his fireworks. This is the first time we've seen Tarzan in action for a while. Again, Vampiro and Rey have issues pre-match - Rey with a kick, and Vampiro's slammed in the ring for a double elbow drop. This is the first time we've seen Negro in Arena Mexico since he lost his hair - and it's almost all back. Rey gives him a shoulder to the gut as he tries to come to the ring. Running head to Vamp's midsection. Lizmark gets last entrance? And fireworks? Ultimo runs up to the stage to slap him, that's cool. He doesn't even get to take off his cape. 

Beatdown to start, with it bring down into the individual rivalries and Ultimo/Lizmark. Ultimo is nice enough to remove Lizmark's cape from him, and then he introduces Lizmark into the post. Rey tries to beat Vamp into a front row chair. The he's brought in for everyone to take a turn punching. Whip, triple boot for him. Lizmark brought in - whip, triple boot for him. Lizmark is taken to the outside, but GdI aren't done with him - Ultimo and Rey lift him on their shoulders, while Tarzan is on the apron, grabbing the back of Lizmark's head - and then they all run him in to the corner post! That's teamwork. And pretty cool looking. Negro's turn. I think Tarzan is making fun of his hair. Corner whip, clothesline, clothesline by Rey, kick by Tarzan - double powerbomb - lift and a triple powerbomb (though it's mostly just Ultimo dropping on both - they help lift) followed by a double diving headbutt. Ultimo turns him over - double Crossface while Ultimo poses on the back. (2:40) Rey goes after Vampiro, who's back in the ring. Whip - drop toe hold by Ultimo, Ultimo and Rey try for a Total Elimination variant (Ultimo with the leg sweep, Rey with a spinning heel kick) but the timing isn't quite right. Vamp's held for a big kick to the face, and Rey celebrates - but Vampiro is up and after Rey with forearms! Everyone went to celebrate and they forget about him for a second, but now Ultimo and Tarzan are back - double armbar, double kick to the midsection, double kick to the back of the knees to take him down, crossing his arms over and leaving him wide open for a Rey dropkick to the face. Rey works Vamp over with rights and punches and knees and the refs want a stop but Rey's not really interested in it. Still working on him while Ultimo tries to keep the refs from getting involved - no, don't give it to Vamp! oh crap. (4:04) Rey is celebrating, then turns around to find out what happened - he isn't to pleased at all. Neither is a guy in the front row. Tarzan protest, kick sat Lizmark, then protests some more. Boy I hate that finish. Replays shows GdI destroying the tecnicos and getting nothing for it. Replays - the fight goes on but we go to break.

Segunda caida started with the rudos still in charge - Rey gave Vamp the assisted elevated sit. Vamp tries to make a run but got quickly mowed down - whip, double back elbow. Rey got to clothesline him out. Casas brought back in and everyone got to slap him. Tarzan bicep poses for our benefit. Held again - Rey gets to dropkick him out. GdI celebrate, while Vamp tried to come in again. Double whip, Vamp managed to block a clothesline and hit the Stunner/DDT combo on Tarzan and Ultimo. Rey realized the situation and promptly - took up the ramp. Vamp followed him - missed clothesline, Vamp hits a big boot and clothesline him into the ring. Tecnico comeback, but nothing that interesting. GdI regroup in their own corner. Vampiro chant hurts their ears - Rey tries to go open hand slap with Vampiro and manages even - they end up in the ring as we go back to a normal match. Rey tries a shoulderblock and gets thrown down by his hair. Vamp tries go off the ropes but Rey trips him up, Rey tries an elbow drop and Vamp moves, Vamp tries a legdrop and Rey moves. Rey yells - back to the strike battle, with Rey going for a kick. Off the ropes, clothesline misses, Vamp's clothesline misses, they both hit a clothesline but neither is going down. Vamp with a corner whip, corner splash hits knee (I think - didn't look much one way or another with the camera angle we got.) Rey charges out - shoulder to the midsection hits. Rey forces Vamp out with forearms (though he went out quite easy mostly on his own), Rey backs up and charges, and Vamp hiptosses him to the floor. They battle out there. I have no idea what Rey was going to do with that charge but I guess it's too late now. Tarzan Boy and Casas in - Tarzan Boy shows off his nice hair and points out Negro's laughable amount. Casas does not take this well - armbar, hard kick to the chest, hard kick to the chest, hard kick to the chest. Now they're in an open hand chop battle - Casas goes with a normal chop, Tarzan comes in with a forearm. Corner whip, corner clothesline works. Tarzan is doing a dance we're only allowed to see from the back. Tarzan off the ropes but Negro hits the dropkick to the knee - off the ropes, into a full nelson - and Casas swings him out into a reverse DDT. Casas rolls out to escape - and now we have Lizmark and Ultimo facing off. Ultimo tries to pose for the crowd but they seem to not boo him and cheer for Lizmark. Lizmark makes a charge - Ultimo shoulderblock him, but Lizmark starts the Spinarooni -Ultimo moves out of the way, ducks the side kick, Lizmark gets a waistlock, Ultimo back elbows out, Ultimo get a waistlock, Lizmark to the ropes to push him off - Lizmark charges, powerslam one two no. Ultimo misses a clothesline, off the ropes, caught in a cross body - Lizmark's Sudden Impact one two three! (5:50) What the heck, that move worked and there was a elimination before the finish? Rey and Tarzan in - double clothesline misses, but Lizmark's is blocked - double stepover armbar and Lizmark is gone (6:03) Tarzan celebrates, then cheap shots Casas - posting. Vampiro in - thrust kick takes out Tarzan Boy. Charge on Rey misses, Rey with forearms to the back. Rey yells at the ref for yelling at him and chokes him in the corner - Casas with the running Thesz press on Tarzan Boy! Someone's yelling into the announcers' headset - Casas? Rey charges Vamp in the ring and gets a drop toe hold to the knee. Vamp tries for more but Rey kicks him way - another kick is caught, dragon leg screw! Vamp with - is that a kneebar? Rey sells it like hot searing death and gives up quick (7:06) Tecnicos have won. We get a post match standoff between the two sides, and then a replay of the final fall eliminations. Rey can't believe he lost.

Spectacular Moments - Olimpico with a nice tope. Casas's elevated dropkick from last week. Casas's Thesz Press from last week - you know, he has very little chance of getting hurt there. It's always the other guy. Lizmark and Niebla teaming up for a dive last week - Niebla took a hard knee to the back in the process of Ultimo catching him.

Vignette: Satanico is talking to the troops about tonight's match. Game of choice this week: Dominos. Rafael de Baya is the ref tonight - Satanico seems to like this, but is sure FdT will try something. Satanico is numero uno rudo in all of Mexico. I think the winner gets to be the corner person. Time passes. Oh no it doesn't look good for Mephisto. he's out. Satanico with the evil laugh. I was hoping they'd play 666 somehow here but they didn't think like I think (and that's a fine thing). 

4 Damien 666 vs Satanico
10/25/02, Arena Mexico
1 mano y mano 9:13 Satanico Oklahoma Roll Damien A good brawl, but not as great as hoped. No blood? No real follow up on the arm work, or the cane story from previous matches. Acceptable but not memorable.

Notes: Damien has that Singapore cane, but no Mexican National Title. Or Nicho, for that matter. Hmm. Satanico has ka-boom fireworks - loud. He seems pretty pumped. I guess the deal is no seconds. Damien tries to attack Satanico as he comes in the ring with a kick, but Satanico avoids it and it gets caught. Wait, I see Mephisto, so he must've won. I guess being out is a good thing in Dominos. Nicho is there - they must've come out before these guys. Satanico is ahead early in punches but pauses to pose and Damien gets back the advantage with rights and a leg choke. Wait, that's not Nicho, that'd Zumbido. So so odd. You have have imagine the camera shots we'd got to that point - all from behind, and only showing that one see thrown shirt. Kick to the face. Damien gets in the double low blow legdrops, which are apparently not low blow enough. Whip, spinebuster one two Satanico kicks out. Roll up - one two no. Damien tries to hook on the camel clutch - he's got it half on but Satanico won't go the hole way, so Damien modifies to a step over armbar. Satanico won't give, so Damien bites the fingers - and then  he's warned not to do that. Right levels Satanico. Damien poses. Right. Slam, and he's going up. Damien takes his time though - Satanico pulls him off, Damien's face hits the corner on the way down. Right, right, running bulldog! Running bulldog! Satanico going up - second rope splash one two No. Damien and Satanico exchanging punches from their knees - Damien with a headbutt that tires them both out, and Satanico with a headbutt to take Damien down. Whip, reversed, Damien hits the boot. Another - no it's caught - will Satanico low blow? no, spin, Clothesline one two NO. Both men struggle to their feet. Satanico with a right, corner whip, charge in but Damien moves and Satanico hit the corner with his knee. Damien on his with punches - cover one two no Satanico has the ropes. Right. Satanico with a right - now we're back to a punching battle, which Satanico gets the best off. Corner whip, reversed and Damien hits a back elbow. Another. A third. Satanico collapse in the corner and he's asked if he wants to give - he refuses. Knee to the midsection. Slam, and I think Damien is going up once again. Right by Mephisto - is he going to try something? He's got plenty of time because Damien is taking his time going up. Pausing at the second rope now. All the way up - moonsault overshoots even is Satanico didn't move, I think. Satanico with a running elbow drop one two NO. Damien up and he's - leaving? Well that would be unacceptable. I guess he wants to keep his hair - Satanico is out after him - and Damien runs him down with a clothesline. Damien throws in Satanico, then pulls him towards the ropes one two NO. Damien with a rollup, he's got hand on the rope, one no the ref notices. Damien with an abdominal stretch but his arm on the rope is quickly caught again. Whip, reversed, Satanico nails him with a dropkick to the knee. Armbar, running armbar takedown! Fujiawara! Damien is holding out - he's got the bottom rope. Armbar by Satanico - running armbar takedown but this move keeps taking them really close to the corner - Satanico lets go before Damien to get to the ropes. Armbar, twist, and rolling pull. Look at someone kids who have Damien and Halloween paint jobs, wow. Another rolling arm pull by Satanico - he's all about working that shoulder joint. Damien tries to charge him but gets a spinebuster - Satanico pins him down and ties the legs for a pin one two NO pushed away. Both men slow up - Damien with a clothesline but Satanico won't go down. He tells Damien to bring it on - clothesline blocked, but Damien with a small package one two NO. The crowd is behind Satanico as they both get up again - charge, double clothesline but no one's going. Charge, clothesline no Damien ducks it, backslide no Satanico is going - Oklahoma Roll one two Damien's arm hits the ropes three! (9:13) IT just touched the ropes for a brief second, but I don't think they're going to reverse this - they're shooting off the fireworks. Zumbido pleads his man's case but I don't think it'll help. Satanico's arm is raised. 

Time for the haircut - Damien isn't happy - but then - he - kneels down for Satanico to cut his hair. Satanico cuts off chunks where he can. Still a lot left when Damien gets up - the barber is moving over with the electric shaver as we go break.

Next Week: Tailban, Japan, GdI, Vampiro, Satanico, Shocker, Mascara Magica, Safari, Rayo Jr and lots more.

Back to the hair cutting - Damien is getting it shaved off now. Damien is still talking about La Famila de Tijuana though. They take off a lot form the top as we finish.

Rating: Bases on the quality of the finish, ring work, internal/external storyline, consistency and my whims. Also, various other (random) factors that I can't think of right now. 0-100 for matches.


4 Matches (36:18) about 36.3% of showtime (1:40:00); 

Average Match Rating 74.75
Overall Match Rating: approximately 80
2 Trios, 2 Mano y Mano
3 Tecnico over Rudo wins, 1 non-status match
Show Assessment: solid if unspectacular action.

Closing Notes: 

1. Even if I don't go nuts over this show, It's still much better than the Boricuas/Capos stuff.
2. Tremendously better.
3. Tarzan looked good after a layoff.
4. They're building very strong to that Rey/Vamp singles match.
5. I hope Atlantis/Panther is better next week -  if we get to see it.