TV PG L - CMLL Open. We see clips of a Nuevos Infernals vs Hijo De Santo/Negro Casas/Someone Else

Our announcers say hello. Hello!

Pierroth...corrige a la fuerza boricua. (Pierroth corrects the boricua force) It's another Boricua corporate meeting. Pierroth has changed his look - now more dressy and no baseball cap. Again Veneno shows up late and gets yelled at. The cameraman is really sea sick here or something. Pierroth Amenaza Con Volver. (Pierroth something returning.)

Tony Rivera, Tiger Blanco y Pantera con Veneno, Poder Boricua y Mr. Mexico, Tercera Caida (Arena Mexico) - how is Mr. Mexico teaming with the Boricuas? Looks like the tecincos took the second fall, and the rudos the first. Mr. Mexico in and he wants a handshake from Pantera. Pantera assumes a fighting position instead but it must've not been a good one because Mexico has no problem getting in a couple strikes. Corner whip, yell, charge, splash misses. Pantera with a series of chops, running to the far corner (Mr. Mexico chasing), jumping to the second rope and moving a couple steps out of the corner (Mr. Mexico tries catching him in the corner but he's already gone) and running to the other corner and repeating the near miss again, this time Veneno trying to hit Pantera from outside and messing up that as well. Second rope springboard armdrag for Mr. Mexico and he goes out - Pantera with the handspring fake out. Tony Rivera (he of the cow print pants) and PB (no J) in, Rivera eventually gets a headlock in, Poder Boricua tries to reverse it to a slingshot (bounce off the top rope) back suplex but Rivera lands on his feet, off the far ropes, and both hit shoulderblocks. PB might have gotten slightly better at that - he's up first, whip, and taken over in 'rana (no cradle.) Off the ropes, Rivera charges PB, backdropped to the apron, PB turns around and gets the shot to the gut, Rivera to the top rope and a flying headscissors takes PB all the way out. Now Tiger Blanco and Veneno, V getting the advantage with chops. Blanco thrown down by his mask. Whip, Blanco with the second rope springboard armdrag. Veneno stays in, so TB is off the ropes with a faceslam. TB signals something to the crowd, we look at the other rudos in the corner, and Veneno is clotheslining TB when we look back. Veneno is climbing and up to the second rope (facing the crowd), but TB is up already and dropkicks Veneno to the floor. TB with a celebratory roll. Now he goes out and it's PB and Pantera. Exchange of open hand slaps, Pantera finnaly changing to a back kick. Shoulderblock, quebrada but PB moves out of the way, and then locks on an abdominal stretch. TB in to dropkick PB, breaking up the hold and sending him out of the ring. Veneno in, slap, whip, reversed, TB tries a leapfrog but Veneno just slaps him. Off the ropes, Veneno charges, backdrop by TB, Veneno lands on the apron and pulls TB down by his mask. Rivera is already in and superkick (Veneno sells being dizzy and slowly lets go of the ropes to drop safely to the floor.) Rivera off the far ropes, monkey flip assist by TB and high air somersault pescado onto Veneno on the floor. Neat tandem move. Rivera is in the ring and trying to get the drop on TB but TB moves out of the way, then hits a dropkick, knocking him out of the ring. Tiger Blanco to the far ropes, does a forward roll to the ropes, puts his back to the ropes and leans so he flips out of the ring and into a dropkick Rivera. Neat looking (if not strong looking) move I've not seen before. PB and Pantera are fighting, with PB getting a slam for a one two kickout. Slam and signal - he's going up. PB to the top, senton but no one's home. Pantera with a grounded crucifix cradle (legscissors on on arm, the other hooked with one of Pantera's arm and Pantera's free arm hooks a leg) for one two three. Those were our captains (it's slowly occurring to me that the middle guy is generally the captian) so chalk up another one for the tecincos. (3:51) Here's some replays. I liked the monkey flipped pescado better. Replay shows Pantera was playing dead so PB would go for that senton. Back in the ring, the tecincos have taken off and Pierroth is coming to the ring. I wonder who will be blamed for this one - I think he started talking trash about the Mexican soccer team. Pierroth tells Mr. Mexico that this none of his business and he should stay out of it, then starts to list all the more effective rudos groups - I guess wondering why they can't be like them. And then he starts talking trash about Mexico again which doesn't really make Mr. Mexico any happier - he seems to be with the crowd on this one. Veneno and PB are both pointing at Mr. Mexico, as if it was his fault they lost. "Viva Puerto Rico!" Pierroth tells his men they're leaving, and they do - except Veneno stays a little long to discuss things with Mr. Mexico but we don't focus on. Oh, there's a look at Mr. Mexico - I think he's trying to convince Veneno to rethink who he's hanging with and he might have a point.

During this week's show, they run these "random CMLL highlights" bumpers for no perceptible reason (this one goes 0:58) except maybe it'd explain why this week's episode is two hours. 

Black Tiger...Saborea La Comida Mexicana. (Black Tiger...savors the Mexican food.) Mr. Niebla and Villiano III hang out with Black Tiger in a restaurant. They're just discussing things (and senoritas) when Black Tiger's food comes for him. But it's too hot and I think he blames Niebla and Satanico for trying to hurt him. Black Tiger..chilaquiles calientes y picosos. (no good translation, except Caliente means hot.)

While the announcers get refreshments, take a look at these upcoming shows.

Shocker (c), el Satanico y Black Warrior vs Mr. Niebla (c), Black Tiger y Villiano III - There goes my theory. The fight starts right after introductions.

Primera Caida: Seems to be a bit mixed advantage, with no one side fighting but Warrior and Tiger doing most of the action in the ring, Niebla and Shocker trying to out sell each other on the brawl and Satanico just sitting in a corner choking Villano and yelling. Warrior with a DDT on Tiger, then helps Satanico in choking V3 in the ropes. Tiger reverses a corner whip and gets in a clothesline in the ring while Shocker hits a high kick on Niebla on the outside. Black Tiger with a bronco buster! That was pretty much unneeded. Shocker coming back to the ring and going after Tiger. Satanico working over Villaino and taking him out of the ring. Shocker takes down Niebla as he comes into the ring as Warrior puts Tiger in a sitting abdominal stretch. Shocker with a reverse facelock on Niebla and walking around with it - Eye of the Hurricane! Shocker to the apron - catapult elbowdrop. Is Warrior trying to take off Tiger's mask? He's got it untied. Shocker finds a new way to choke Niebla on the top rope (sitting on his head) much to the ref's annoyance. Satanico and Villano back in the ring. Shocker clotheslines Niebla. Shocker going to the rope - elbow drop for Niebla, one two three. Since this isn't the last fall, we go on, I guess, because everyone's still fighting. Rudos winning, and Shocker sneaks in a low blow. Is Warrior biting Tiger's boot? Shocker hit that low blow on Villano III and covers him for the one two three. (3:14) The rudos celebrate only momentarily before going back to beat on the tecincos. We'll watch some replays anyway. Let's take a break.

Here's that bumper again. (:58)

Segunda Caida: I guess Tiger starts for his team, as he's still in the ring and getting beat up. Shocker is keeping Niebla and 3 at bay. Tiger is trying to fix his mask but he's getting beat. Double whip, no Tiger reverses and whips Warrior instead, then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Satanico with a kick to stop that, as Shocker bats on Niebla on the outside. Niebla gets posted and now kicked around the ring. Satanico has a camel clutch on III. Shocker with punches and kicks into the ring for Niebla. Tiger is retying his mask on the outside. DDT for Niebla. Wristlock and a headbutt to the arm by Satanico. Double corner whip for Niebla, Sataninco with a running elbow, Shocker uses his partner to hit a jumping clothesline then knees him. Tiger in, corner whip for him, Satanico with the elbow, Warrior springboards off of his partner but 3 moves out of the way - now all the tecincos are making their comeback. Warrior gets posted. Satanico is claiming a hairpull but no one's having any of it. Tiger is untying Warrior's mask and not wasting any time with it. We look at the brawl in the ring, and look back at Warrior - it's almost off. Warrior is grabbing it to stop it from being pulled completely off. Niebla and Shocker are fighting and Tiger wanders over that way, so I guess he let Warrior keep his mask on. IN the ring, Satanico and 3 are having a sequence - nice falling DDT by 3. Tag to Niebla and now Shocker is in. Niebla dance. Shocker doesn't want any part of the dance. Kick, headlock by Shocker, off the ropes, over, shoulderblock and Niebla goes out. Shocker dances. Niebla back in, , Shocker charges but he's pushes away - handspring armdrag, then a tilt-a-whirl armdrag by Niebla. Tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Punches to the head. Niebla celebrates and Shocker rolls out. Tiger in, and so is Warrior. Shocker has issues with the fans as Tiger and Warrior try to fake each other out off the rope, Tiger pulling out a through the ropes fake and then a monkey flip. Clothesline that turns Warrior inside out. Signal to the crowd and Tiger is going for something - fireman's carry but Warrior keeps his mask on and falls down the back - off the ropes, Tiger clotheslines misses and Warrior with a dropkick to the leg. Dropkick to the groin! Well, that's it for him - one two three. The other four all in, with Shocker disposing of 3, Satanico slamming Niebla and Shocker hitting a quebarada on Shocker. One two three. (8:44) Satanico puts 3 in a submission hold for fun. Rudos take this 2 to 0 but Niebla and Shocker don't care and are still fighting. Well, Shocker is content to celebrate his win but Niebla still wants after him. Now Warrior is trying to get revenge for the mask pulling by taking off Black Tiger's mask, but he doesn't quite get around to it. Niebla and Shocker still having words. Now Villiano 3 and Satanico are fighting. But it doesn't seem like we're going anywhere with this so lets take shots and then look at the replay. Ooooh, that dropkick must've hurt. Looks like the rudos hold the ring after all that.

Ras de Alona - Here's Emilio Charles and the rest of the Guapos (wearing big trenchcoats over their ring attire for some reason.) Oh, ¿quien es mas guapo? Shocker o E. Charles. There's Emilio's girlfriend. Here's Shocker. I think we're getting this all in clip form because this skit isn't really appearling to the core Bengali audience. Shocker brought some backup, which is a smart move. Anyway, Shocker put his moves on the girl (who had a better outift last week) and then Emilio punked him out and then the girl hugged Emilio because he's her man. The story ends there, at least for this week.

Coming up later: Hijo Del Santo, Negro Casas y Hijo Del Rayo con Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero and Mascara Magica. Also, Rayo De Jalisco, Atlantis y Brazo de Plato con Apolo Dantes, Universo 2000 y Mascara Ano 2000.

Los Capos...Traman Contra Los Tecnicos. Rudos play dominos! I believe this must be the rudo side for our upcoming match - much because that looks like Apoloo there who's staring at the camera when he's not supposed to. Los Capos...Cierran El Juego y cierran el ring. 

Apolo Dantes (c), Universo Dos Mil y Mascara Ano Dos Mil con Rayo De Jalisco (c), Atlantis y Brazo de Plato - Not so shockingly, the rudos punk out the tecincos before introductions are complete. The funny part is that they're just punking out Jalisco, and the other two are too busy taking off their robe/vest to help out right away. And then we're too busy looking at the girls to pay attention.

Primera Caida: And then the ref holds back Atlantis from getting involved as the other three beat up Rayo outside the ring. And Plato (Super Porky!) just stands around and watches. Okay, we ready now? Universo and Apolo celebrate. Porky waits for a tag that's not coming, so he comes in to the ring.  Will we start the match now? Maybe. Rayo and Apolo are in but now the crowd is annoying Apolo so he's not in the mood. Porky's in, and now Universo runs in to kick him to the apron. Universo is happy and gives his team high fives. Now back over to Porky - right is blocked, Porky's is not. Wristlock, Porky goes tot he top, Apolo goes for the leg but Porky bops him with his butt, Mascara is over and Porky manages the fattest headscissors/double wristlock double takedown ever. Apolo gets a full nelson on Porky, but Porky ducks the double clothesline. Shots for Universo and Mascara to knock them out of the ring, and then Porky teases a dive. Pose. Celebrate. His left arm is really taped there. Apolo and Atlantis going at it now, Atlantis with a headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock, off the ropes, over, into a knee from Universo. Apolo and Universo celebrate, then Apolo goes back to work - Atlantis with an eye poke, punch to Universo is ducked, Universo holds Atlantis, APolo tries for the right but it hits Universo (again) and Atlantis hiptosses Apolo. Universo in, Atlantis with a side step and a back leg kick, causing him to dropkick Apolo out of the ring. Atlantis takes him out and Mascara decides to back off for a second rather than join his partners. Jalisco in and no one really wants to fight him. Okay, Apolo is in but that's not really who Jalisco wants so he tags in Super Porky. Calling to the crowd. Now Universo is more than happy to come in and he and Porky have a pose off. So Porky shoulderblocks him, elbow drop misses, Universo has the abdominal stretch locked in, dropkicks by Atlantis and Jalisco to break that up, now Apolo and Mascara in.  Stereo clotheslines but Jalisco and Atlantis aren't going down. Again, and they don't go down. Third time, Atlantis scoops up Universo in a reverse Torture Rack for a submission while Rayo clotheslines Apolo and hooks up the Mexican surfboard for his submission. Fall one to the tecnicos. (4:58) Replays and break.

Another (:58) of filler.

Segnuda Caida: Atlantis was beating on Mascara 2000 during the break but he pulls back and into the ring to take to his partners. The rudos stall on the outside, Apolo breaking in a couple countout counts to discuss. It'll be well, somebody please go in the ring. Okay, Mascara and Porky, that's good enough. Mascara with a slap, Porky points to the sky, Mascara looks, and he gets slapped. Headlock, off the ropes, stomach block. Slam. Big elbow drop but no one's home. Whip, reversed, hiptoss by Porky. Porky blocks two punches and hip checks Mascara down and out of the ring. Jalisco and Universo in - Jalisco avoids a dropkick and hits a springboard cross body, but it's rolled through. Mascara in to hold Jalisco for Universo, but Jalisco manages to lift up and hit a dropkick and then the headlock/legscissors double takedown, but he gets pushed off. Double jumping stomp but Jalisco is up and out of the way. His double clothesline misses, so he's content to keep bouncing off the ropes. Universo and Mascara stand and watch, just out of reach, then Jalisco stops. They both try to jump him but Jalisco moves and they hit each other. Universo out, Jalisco with a shoulderblock, some fake outs, and Mascara ends up jumping at Jalisco and missing, going out of the ring by himself. Apolo in with more logical punches and stomps and Jalisco is down. Apolo waits for him to get up and starts with the punching and jawing. Whip, head don too soon so Jalisco just walks around him, waits till he gets up and looks confused, then slaps him hard in the face. Jalisco celebrates and Atlantis is in. Apolo is in and Universo is in - I guess Apolo is going out. No, he's not, surprising Atlantis and kicking him in the leg, then Universo attacks from behind. Apolo with a whip, hiptoss by Universo. Atlantis rolls out and Jalisco in - now all three rudos in and beating on him, mostly with hiptosses. Triple big boot! Jalisco is thrown out and now it's Porky's turn. Corner whip, corner clothesline by Apolo, whipped into a Universo dropkick - triple dropkick to the head! Universo puts a foot on Porky and gets one, but let go since Mascara isn't done - top rope splash. Triple cover and pose. Now Atlantis is in and getting beat - fireman's carry drop by Apolo. Whip, powerslam. Mascara with a powerbomb. Triple pin cover on him and that's one two three. (9:46) Replays.

Tercera Caida: Universo and Mascara are holding down Jalisco in the ring and pulling at his mask. Ripping it, even. Apolo beats on Porky on the outside. Now they're biting Jaliscos' head. Look back at the ring and it is kinda ripped. Apolo is picking on Porky and I guess Atlantis is still out. Jalisco getting beat and looking for a tag but he doesn't have anyone up on in his corner - that slap by Universo took him all the way out, but that's not stopping Universo from coming out to beat him. Now Atlantis is back in it and in the ring, facing off against Mascara. Not doing so well - maybe's that's because Apolo is helping. Slam by Mascara, senton by Apolo. Whip, low kick, high kick by Universo. Atlantis out, Porky in. Triple team submission hold on him, but Jalisico is in, sizing it up, and handing out slaps. So is Atlantis. Tecnicos taking back control - Apolo beginning Porky not to hurt him. Then he slaps Porky. So Porky points him in the eye. Elsewhere, Jalisco is going for mask revenge on Universo (completely untying the back) and Atlantis is taking out Univesrso outside the ring. Porky is so enthusiastic in his beating of Apolo that he accidentally grabs one of the refs heads instead and almost slams in into the turnbuckle. He realizes his mistake and goes back to going the right man. Meanwhile, the only reason Universo's mask is still on is because he's holding in there, so when gets posted by Jalisco, the mask comes off and for a split second, you can see his face. He crumbles to the ground (because of the force of impact) and I think Mascara helps cover for him. Porky squashes Apolo out of the ring. The announcers say "Super Porky Special" and it makes me wonder. If he brought Apolo out of the corner and did a bulldog, that would've been the Bronco Billie Special and it would have made me feel special. Jalisco in and so is Universo. slap by Universo. Jalisco sucks in and hits his own. Universo. Jalisco. Universo with a kick and now punches. Whip, reversed, back drop by Jalisco. clothesline cover one two kickout. Hard slap. Corner whip, charge, Universo moves out of the way and Jalisco crumbles. Ax handle. Full nelson for Jalisco so Apolo can hit a missile dropkick - and again Jalisco moves out of the way in time.  Clothesline for Apolo. Tope for Universo. Porky in and Mascara keeps moving out of the way - whip, sunset flip by Universo, Porky signals to the crowd that he's going to squash him, he sits down but Universo is out of the way. Universo tries a clothesline but he bounces off and down - splash by Porky, one two three. Porky celebrates but Apolo is in and gets an inside cradle one two three! Next pin takes it. Atlantis with a bodyscissors cradle for one two kickout. Atlantis with a 'rana (holding the cradle) one two kickout.  Apolo with a kick, clothesline misses, Atlantis clotheslines him out. Off the ropes, no tope because Universo is back in and catching Atlantis in a powerslam, deposing him out of the ring. Universo celebrates but he suddenly realizes that Jalisco is in as well and cringers. Jalisco charges, Universo side steps. Slap. Corner whip, Universo charges, Jalisco with a second rope sunset flip one two kickout. Universo with the slap, whip, no small package one two kickout. Jalisco crucifix roll up one two kickout. Jalisco with a slap, slam, and going up. He looked to be going up for a moonsault but Atlantis is over than and tells him to go the other way - splash but no one's home. Universo with an elbow drop., then hooks on the Romero Chinlock for the submission and win. (17:15) Rudos (and their fans) celebrate then Mascara goes back to beating up Jalisco. They're ripping his mask and ripping it good. But we see replays and no more of that.

Momentos Estelares 
lo sensacional: Ultimo Dragoncito and his partner hitting stereo corner topes. Dragoncito was a somersault variety. 
el lance: Some guy I don't know does a half corkscrew plancha. 
el rudo: Shocker hits a low blow on Lizmark Jr., leading to his win.
lo espectacular: El Hijo De Santo reversing a tilt-a-whirl into an armdrag
el tecnico: Jalisco hitting his flying back elbow and then a series of headbutts to get the win
la combinacion: Safari and Antifaz hitting stereo pescados.

Coming up: Hijo Del Santo, Negro Casas y Hijo Del Rayo con Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero y Mascara Magica. 

Another (:58) of filler.

Hijo Del Santo Y Negro Casas...Memonto De Relajacion. Our heroes Santo and Casas are hanging out in a park, talking about el Hijo de Rayo, the Nuevo Infernals and the upcoming match. Hijo Del Santo Y Negro Casas...Una Gran Pareja.

Our hosts talks while we see upcoming cards and stars who will be there.

Ultimo Guerrero (c), Rey Bucanero y Mascara Magica con Hijo Del Santo (c), Negro Casas y Hijo Del Rayo - The rudos attack before the tecincos even get to the ring, there's a surprise. There's about a three day gap here (located right at that comma) but maybe you won't notice. Mostly brawling up the ramp.

Primera Caida: Magica and Santo have made it to the ring so Mascara can clothesline him. Stomp, then yell to the crowd. Santo rolls out, Negro Casas is in the ring but he's already been beat down (Mascara and Ultimo Guerrero are there as well) and Rey is beating down Rayo on the ramp. Double whip for Casas, followed with a double elbow. Rayo brought in and stomped. Casas getting leg kicks. Rey kicks him to the apron and Magica gets him in a sleeper there, then hangs him over the ropes for Rey to hit. Casas gets put on the top rope and a top rope superplex from Rey. No cover, more stomping. Oh, triple pose cover one two he's pulled up, Santo was in to try to break it anyway and the referee stopped counting for some reason. Magica holding Santo while the others are taken care off - Santo gets a corner clothesline, a rolling back elbow, and a high bronco buster (no riding) from the Infernals. Rayo in, lifted up on the top rope, and Rey hits a jumping sit on his back. Ultimo brings Casas in, whip, double back elbow, armbar by Magica, double clothesline (coming from opposite angles) but Casas ducks and Rey and Ultimo hit each other. Meanwhile, Santo and Rayo have made it to the top rope on opposite corner and launch themselves. Rayo hits the jumping back elbow into Ultimo, Santo hits the bullet tope on Rey. Rayo covers for a one two three, Santo puts on the camel clutch for a submission and Casas hits a reverse DDT on Magica a moment late. It takes a moment (and maybe the cheering from the fans) for Casas to realize the fall is over (3:30) and he can let go of the cover, but then all is well. The tecincos sure turned that around fast. The fight goes on, on the outside, though Casas is a little slow to join it. Santo throws Rey into a Casas big boot, as the tecincos dominate the skirmish. Here's some replays. El Hijo Del Santo's bullet tope looks so cool and I can't really describe why. 

Another (:58) of filler.

Segunda Caida: We've settled down to people in their corners, so this should be a much less brawl filled fall. Ultimo and Santo look to be starting, and they do. Santo tries a drop down but Ultimo stops short and pulls him up, but Santo reverses to a headscissors and Ultimo goes out. Rey in (obvious clip there?) and putting Santo on the top rope, but Santo survives the chest chops and hits a jumping headscissors, causing Rey to go out. Mascara's turn, whip, trying for a capture suplex (I think) but Santo's blocking it and then Rayo is in to dropkick Mascara away from the move. Santo goes out, Mascara with a whip, Rayo gets in a sleeper, then turns it to a reverse neckbreaker. Ultimo in, clotheslines misses, Rayo hits a off the ropes handspring (kinda pointless) back flip (really pointless) into a back elbow and Ultimo goes out. Rey in, clothesline. Rayo is thrown to the floor, so Casas is in. Exchange of chops. Casas stops short and hits a jawbreaker. Funny how in US Wrestling, the guy who chooses to stop the exchange of strikes is the heel (for not being strong enough to take it, I guess) but it's often the face in lucha (perhaps because they're smarter?) Kicks to the chest, then Casas goes to the second rope, gets a sleeper and pulls Rey off the ropes. Casas lets go before he gets a five count, then second rope dropkicks Rey out of the ring. Ultimo back in and chopping. He holds Casas for a Mascara dropkick but Casas gets free and Ultimo is booted out of the ring. Mascara goes after Casas, but Casas drops down and Mascara nearly gets beheaded by Hijo Del Rayo, flying in, then calmly climbing the other turnbuckle. Casas gets a waistlock (and maybe switched to a bodyscissors) to take down Mascara, with Casas laying underneath. Santo hits a somersault senton on Mascara (probably hurting his partner underneath but that's the price you pay) and runs through it, hitting a tope to the floor on Ultimo, just as Reyo hits a suicide moonsault onto Ray on the floor. Neat spot, and one they've been showing a clip of for a while. Casas in the ring and bouncing off the ropes - dropkick to the knee. Casas is concentrating on the La Majistral he wants (and does) put on and doesn't notice something everyone else does - Tarzan Boy running to the ring and right for the pin. Tarzan Boy kicks away and that's a DQ and the match (5:56) This time, the Infernals don't seem that upset about it, though that may have to do with no title being on the line. Tecincos win (2-0) but get laid out, with Tarzan Boy being really angry about something. Now they're up and having their hands raised but the Infernals don't care that much. Now it looks like they all might fight again but the tecincos are happy with their victory. Replays. Now the announcers talk to Santo. Santo points out that it was a 2-0 victory. The other tecincos seem to say the same thing and direct their comments towards Tarzan Boy. I think they also try to point out that any two of them can beat any two of the Infernals, if it were just two on two. Then Ultimo gets the microphone and says something about Casas that gets him ticked and he hauls off and punches him. The fight is on, but there doesn't seem to be much of a victor before we go to break.

They hype a whole bunch of action (with the usual people) for next week. And that's it.