continuning to stalk Justin


He’s over at F4W this week, filling in on their RAW report.

Justin may claim he can’t get a regular gig, but I think he’s just doing the Hogan part time schedule – he’s totally setting up a return in January thru WrestleMania to get those big website PPV bonuses.

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even more Justin


Justin Shaprio was a guest on the new newest Rear Naked Choke Radio. You can listen to the show at this link.

Earlier: even more Joe

Justin still doens’t tell anyone when he writes things


women’s tournament, continued


Let’s take a look at the wonderous tournament bracket

1 Lita------
8 Candice---           |
4 Maria-----           |Lita------
|          |          |
5 Torrie----|          |          |
|Maria-----           |
5 Victoria--|                     |
|                     |
5 Candice---                      |
3 Melina----                      |
|Melina----           |
6 Torrie----           |          |
2 Mickie----           |
7 Victoria--

Also note, the four matches so far have been
– guest biased referee (never explained) directly determining the winner of a 5 second match
– competitors must wear lingerie
– lumberjills
– four way second chance stripping

Giving it back to Stephanie would be better than what they’re currently doing. What’s the point? Who thinks this is actually a good idea?’s “The Real Story”

06 actually posted a story “The Real Story”. It could’ve been the real story of Vito’s dress for all I know, but whenever actually titles something “The Real Story”, you’re really got to read it.

Thankfully, they did not let me down in the least. ‘The Real Story’ is about Trish’s retirement from WWE, and lives up to the billing by having Trish say she’s leaving because she’s sick of traveling and wants some “me” time. I wonder if her fianc

GAB Picks


to be posted on OO later today


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SNME extra


It sounds like this’ll be last one due the rating number, at least in prime time, but that really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who saw the first one and the rating after that. I think they should’ve focused more on the title match isntead of the hard sell for the DX/Spirit Squad, but I don’t suppose it really would’ve made a difference either way when the result is numericly. The bigger problem is the matches they pushed the hardest are the ones they’ve done the most; how many times have wwe already see various combinations of Spirit Squad vs DX and Edge vs Cena this year. (I was going to count, but got busy with other things this week.)

It doesn’t help when there’s no real drama in either match; it’s not Event Vieweing when they are merely setting up upcoming PPVs. The only intriguing finish on the show was Batista beating Booker. That would seem to mean the plan is Rey -> Booker -> Batista, or at least was when they booked the finish

The show quality was about what I expected. It probably would’ve been worse if they didn’t pretape the Diva stuff. The table going out on Sabu looked bad, but I think he played off it find by adjust his spot and killing Stevie. (Poor Stevie.) The Hogan/Orton stuff was lame, but what I expected from this feud. All the matches were okay, but all would have benefited if one was dumped and we got to see more of the others. It would have been nice if wasn’t 3/4ths RAW, but that’s how they announced it so I wasn’t surprised.

I saw Mark drop down weird when Rey was working on him, saw him laying on the apron after making the tag, and just figured it was typical overselling exhaustion in a short match. It didn’t occur to me it was a leg injury till I read about it. They really need him to be okay to end the feud (for now), and I’m thinking that if it’s at all possible for Mark to stand, they’ll try to put him out there for a 1 minute match on the Bash – like the time where Jazz blew out her knee, but they still had her wrestle a tag match to drop the Women’s title back to Trish (with the aid of lots of painkillers, it seemed.) Batista vs Mark was the selling point for the PPV – if he can’t go, now what?

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previous Highlander appearances


(I need a goofy research category.)

2004.08.01 Heat (Tajiri & Rhyno beat Rory and Robby)
2004.11.27 Velocity (Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak beat Rory and TNA’s A1; Rory is not doing the gimmick this time)

Anyway, the Highlanders had their same gimmicks before they were signed. I’m not exactly sure what the WWE did for them between when they signed and now, since they’re the same guys and they don’t seem better in the ring, but who can say.

Eight days to go


JBL’s research department called, you see…

Top ten WCW/WWE/WWF World Cruiserweight reigns, by days held (as of today)

  1. Tajiri: 162 (from 2001.10.22 to 2002.04.21)
  2. Gregory Helms [3rd]: 154 (from 2006.01.29 to current)
  3. Jamie Noble: 147 (2002.06.23 to 2002.11.17)
  4. Spike Dudley: 138 (2004.07.27 to 2004.12.12)
  5. Paul London: 126 (from 2005.03.29 to 2005.08.02)
  6. Syxx: 125 (from 1997.02.23 to 1997.06.28)
  7. Rey Misterio Jr. [5]: 115 (from 1999.04.23 to 1999.08.19)
  8. Billy Kidman [2]: 113 (from 1998.11.16 to 1999.03.15)
  9. Chris Jericho [3]: 113 (from 1998.01.24 to 1998.05.17)
  10. Rey Misterio Jr. [6]: 112 (from 2003.06.03 to 2003.09.23)

The Tajiri reign was helped by the title being in limbo post-Alliance. And this reign was helped by the title staying on Helms for about 6 weeks while he was out with a nose injury.

This took like 15 minutes to figure, requiring basic excel skills, for what it’s worth. The real trick is thinking to look it up to begin with.

I’m so not researching the “I am the only man never to lose a cage match” claim.

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Def Comedy Sabin


Have I mentioned the stuff of on R&B and WV is still funny and good? Like for one, there’s no possible way I’d care about TNA or SmackDown if not for their recaps.

In case someone thought I thought otherwise. In case I accidently gave a different impression or something. Something something something.

(This is why they never let me out of The Room. What can you do? Stop typing already)

Unrelated: not going to ROH today. Got stuff to do. Hope the people who go have fun. I heard a rumor that Scott’s going.