the internet sucks


I figured out that my e-mail problems of a few weeks ago was due to a spam fikder being turned on and filling up my main account’s space. I think it was running for about 2 close to 3 months.

In that time, it caught over 100,000 spam e-mails.

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2005 Stats


Unique Visitors and Bandwidth doubled in ’05. Pages and hits tripled. The more I think about that, that’s not horrible impressive because I think it’s not keeping pace with the content. Better than going down.


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05/05 Stats


Things were up from May, though not as much as April. Which is surprising to me, because it didn’t seem like we had as much new content. Maybe it’s mysterious AAA love.

Top Articles

02/10/01 WOW
05/18/03 Judgement Day (Scott)
11/24/03 RAW (Scott)
12/03/99 RollerJam
06/04/04 Impact (Scott)

08/16/04 RAW (Scott)
11/21/03 UFC (Scott)
02/10/01 WOW (Tanvir)
01/30/05 Rumble (Butch)
05/08/05 Heat

Top Statics

John Cena Raps
Lucha Times
Cubs Index
CMLL Index
Peoria Chiefs roster page (which never has been updated. blame search engines)

AAA Index
WWE Info index
WWE Women’s Championship
2004 RAW Index
TNA Index

(super J misses, barely)

Search Engine: Google (9 to 1)
Search Key Phrase: CMLL
Search Key Word: wwe


There’s a scattering of hits from PDAs this month. Anyone checking this site on regularlly on a moblie device. Is it ugly or really really ugly? Could I do something to help?

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04/05 stats


Hey, even later!

Everything went back down in April. So weird.

Top Articles
02/10/01 WOW – me
11/24/03 RAW – Scott
04/05 WM21 Preview – Joe and a cast of thousands
08/16/04 RAW – Scott

02/14/05 RAW – James
01/30/05 Rumble – Butch
11/17/03 RAW – Scott
04/02/05 ROH – Joe

Top Statics
12/2004 .com blog entries (huh?)
Lucha Times (which was been completely useless in April so – huh?)
Cubs Index (also useless)
John Cena Raps (also – getting the idea?)
CMLL Index
category wlinks blog entries
2004 index RAW
WWE/Info index
Scott Christ index
Women’s Title index

Search Engine: Google 4.5 to Yahoo 1
Search Key Phrase: CMLL Blog (!)
Search Key Word: WWE

Referers (combining a couple of entries – there was a discussion about (former? long time no talk) guest writer Homer J. Fong stealing the identity of their Homer J. Fong.

Top 12 Countries, because why not
1) US
2) Canada
3) Unknown
4) Australia
5) European Union
6) Mexico
7) Japan
8) Great Britian
9) Germany
10) Italy
11) Puerto Rico
12) India

03/05 stats


Hey, this is late. Hey, no one cares.

For whatever reason, everything was up 50% last month. Hits, visits, whatever. I’d be intersted in this development if I wasn’t 98% sure it was spam bots screwing with everything.

I don’t think I ever actually mention totals, but just to give you a fair idea: take your expectaions and lower them 90%.

Top Articles:
02/10/01 WOW
02/14/05 RAW (James)
11/24/03 RAW (Scott)
04/02/04 UFC (Scott)
03/12/05 Velocity (Akio vs London part 5)

08/16/04 RAW (Scott)
01/30/05 Rumble (Scott)
03/14/04 WM (Scott) (Butch)
02/20/04 No Way out (suplexmasta)
10/07/00 WOW

I know the secret. It’s not that intersting.

Top Statics
John Cena raps
Lucha Times
Cubs Blog main page (does that count? this month, yes)
CMLL Index
2004 RAW Index
Scott Christ Index
US Title Index
WWE Info Index
post about Edge/Kane/Lita triange
2004 SD! Index

Search Engine: Google. 4:1 to Yahoo.
Search Word: john cena raps
Search Keyphrase: wwe

(Non Spam) Referers
(way up from previous months; this is what happens when you tease a return)
(it was a three way tie)

I guess I could do quarterly stats but…no.

02/05 stats


I’m 40% doing this to see if I’ve got subcategories going. If things are good, there’s two icons up there in the corner.

Everything across the board is up this month, and pretty cleanly, which seems odd given the relative lack of days, but whatever. Last day of the month was the biggest; if only it was a leap year.

What I like best is I’m getting less people hitting a search term and hitting back as fast as possible; number of visits and pages/hits per visit are both up.

High amount of highs from .au this time. Mexico hits still lower than I’d like, ha ha ha.

Top 10 Articles
02/14/05 RAW (James)
01/30/05 Royal Rumble (Butch)
two! actual monthly articles before the first one via search hits
02/10/01 WOW
04/03/14 WMXX Preview
02/20/04 No Way Out recap

03/14/04 WrestleMania XX Recap
01/31/04 UFC
01/30/04 Heat
02/19/05 Velocity
12/03/99 rollerjam

Top 10 Statics
John Cena
Lucha Times
Cubs Index
CMLL Recaps
WWE Info
Scott Christ Index
Smackdown Bio Info
TNA Index
Velocity Index
No Way Out #1 Contender to the WWWE Championship Bracket

Search Engine: Google. By Far.
Search Word: thecubsfan
Search Keyphrase: wwe

Non-pinging referers
DVD/links (japanesse lucha blog)
DDTDigest/US Title History
Weekly Visitor
CubsBlog Army
FWAK Animation/Links (tie)

I finally figured out where I was supposed to have unchecked something on every post to disallow trackbacks. A nice SQL update fixed that and hopefully less spam for me.

01/05 stats


I never did this. I was busy. And now I’m really really tired and I can’t find my iPod to computer connector. I *hate* that little thumb sized thing because I always lose it.

Top 10 Articles
02/11/04 TNA
WOW 02/10/00
10/05/03 Heat
WMXX preview
05/20/04 SD! (Feely)

Best Of Heat ’04
11/15/05 ROH (05? oops)
01/15/05 IWA-MS
01/29/05 Velocity
06/04/05 Impact

The TNA recap has been #1 since September.

Top 10 Statics

Lucha Times
John Cena raps
CMLL Recap Index
Cubs Index

2004 RAW Index
Title History FAQ
Scott Christ Index
WWE Info
Velocity Index

I know the Cubs Index was inflated by me refreshing it 500 times while fixing it.

Non-pinging referers (top 5)
the-w: Hassan & Daivari condemned by Arabic newspaper.

A post in the W thread mentions Daivari’s Magic Carpet Splash, which he tried for (and missed) way back on the 10/05/03 Heat, and a link to that recap is why it made the top 10.

Search Engine: Google
Search Word: wwe
Search Keyphrase: thecubsfan

I’ll see if I can wake up before the superbowl. I promised people I would, but it’s not feeling that way.

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2004 stats


First full year of stats in one place in a long long long time. Well, at least a full year while I was at the same hosting provider; I’m sure there’s full years of stats from places I’ve long since left and hoped would delete my account already.

(That’s #12 on my list of “issues I would have to take care of if I tried out for a reality show.” #1 is Learn Stick Shift.)


12/04 stats


I have three hours before I can do anything, then probably another five before I can do anymore. Smart of me to put this off.


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11/04 stats


Up: Unique Vistors, Number of Visits, Pages, Hits, Bandwith
Busiest day of the week: Thursday. Huh?

Top 10 Articles
02/11/04 TNA
02/10/01 WOW
10/21/04 Tough Enough! – quite a smart move canceling that
10/07/01 WOW
11/05 ROH
03/14/04 WMXX Preview
11/20/04 Velocity
02/13/03 SD!
03/14/04 WM
CMLL #124

Top 10 Statics
John Cena Raps
TNA Index
Lucha Times
CMLL Recap Index
Title History FAQ
Scott Christ Index
Heat Index
Velocity Index
US Title History

Search Engine: Yahoo
Search Phrase: thecubsfan
Search Keyword: WWE

Full List of Country Hits

us United States (includes US com))
ca Canada

(less than 1000 pages)

gb Great Britain
au Australia
eu European Union
mx Mexico
net Network
de Germany
pr Puerto Rico

(less than 100 pages)

it Italy
com Commercial
cn China
jp Japan
kr South Korea
ru Russian Federation
no Norway
se Sweden
in India
nl Netherlands
sg Singapore
ie Ireland
es Spain
nz New Zealand
ph Philippines
fr France
br Brazil
mt Malta
hk Hong Kong
eg Egypt
ae United Arab Emirates
at Austria
be Belgium
tw Taiwan
za South Africa
kw Kuwait
th Thailand
id Indonesia
edu USA Educational
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my Malaysia
cl Chile
ar Argentina
sa Saudi Arabia

less than 10 pages

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pe Peru
pt Portugal
fi Finland
gy Guyana
ng Nigeria
pk Pakistan
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ve Venezuela
org Non-Profit Organizations
gt Guatemala
fj Fiji
lu Luxembourg
ir Iran
hr Croatia
yu Yugoslavia
is Iceland
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ni Nicaragua
bs Bahamas
si Slovenia
tz Tanzania
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hu Hungary

1 page

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np Nepal
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co Colombia
jo Jordan
cz Czech Republic
ro Romania
bg Bulgaria
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pa Panama
tt Trinidad and Tobago
qa Qatar
bh Bahrain
ua Ukraine
ec Ecuador
mil USA Military
ac Ascension Island
mo Macau
ee Estonia
tr Turkey
mc Monaco
lt Lithuania
bd Bangladesh