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a plain colorless existence = note perfect!

WordPress 2.7 is disorienting but I’m pretty sure it’ll be better once I get used to it. I decided to do a few things while I’m at it. Of course, the new design, but also I got around to the twitter stuff.

Tweets (thecubsfan @ twitter) are on the sidebar and will be posting here until someone decides it’s annoying, because maybe I’ll just do the 140 character version of posts instead of letting them stick in my head until they’re stale.

If there’s anything not here that you’d like to be here, let me know. Except for content, of course.

looking better


I think I’ve got everything I’m going to get moved over this part of the blog. Most of the old RSS links should still work, as does the domain. If something is missing and you need it back, let me know.

Now I’ve got to figure if/when I’m going to do this for the other site. I did figure out a lot to make that easier.

a new beginning, version 2.0


Here we go again.

There’s a lot of clean to do (like how this page will periodically pop back to the old MT one, and I’ll be most of the side bar stuff) but look at the posting time there and that’s all you need to know. The real purpose is to figure this all out before doing it on the lucha side (which seems to require a whole separate login, the one downside I’ve noticed so far), to minimize issues. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about doing this during TripleMania week, but I sure am dumb sometimes.

The bottom line is I’d really like to say I’ve posted my last entry in Movable Type. Assuming I wake up today, it’ll be a reality.

Game 123: Cardinals 6 – Cubs 4


Cubs 63-60, 0/3
Cardinals 59-62, 3/6

POTG: RF Daryle Wad (HR, 2B, H, R, RBI)
Runner Up: 1B D Lee (2 H, HR, BB), SS Ryan Theriot (2 H, 2B, R)

My eyes have seen the glory! The finish line is just a Save button away. I can tell you for sure, this will be the last one I do tonight, because I think the Giants game will finish tomorrow.

I really hate getting behind on these. This time, it really got to be a mess because I was already behind, and then things broke loose. I don’t know if I’ve ever posted an explanation of last weekend’s down time, and I don’t know if it’s really that interesting, but neither was this game.

My version of the story is MY movable type software was breaking everyone on this server’s site. I found this semi-insane, because I don’t think my blogs get that much traffic. As best as I can figure, the actual problem isn’t people visiting the site or leaving the comments, it’s a massive amount of spam bots trying to post comments. The spam filtering software is good enough that very few actually seem to get thru – though there’s been some earlier this week, if you were looking – but the spam filter also sucks up some CPU each time runs. And it was running a heck of a lot, and so nothing else on the server was.

As a result, they – my hosting company – wanted to move this site to a higher priced plan, where it’d be less likely to take other sites down with them. I had talked to them about combining the server space for this site with the server space for the luchawiki – which had earlier ran into the same exact CPU usage problems, but wasn’t come close to hitting it’s bandwidth or space limits – and they said they could do it. But at the same time, they shut down my movable type, so it’d stop killing the servers.

So I waited for them to move, and waited, and got some mostly plain HTML updates on the CMLL Blog just to post the news, but really did little else with the site because I didn’t want something to be lost in the move. And I waited, and asked about the move, and got no response, so I e-mailed again, and no response. Still haven’t gotten a response, actually.

I wasn’t totally waiting and doing nothing. I did do a fair bit of research, trying to figure out the right google words which would lead me to other people who were having this problem. (There had to be other people, I’m not that unique.) I eventually found a software plugin called AutoBan, which blocks the IPs of spammers from even being able to see your site. They all get redirected to a dummy page (so dummy, there’s not actually a page at this point) and can’t even look at the blog to find the comments they’re not allowed to use. Since I had nothing else to do, and since I knew how to do it, I installed the plug in, and slowly turned MovableType back on. That’s why I had the entries back up, but no comments for a while, just to be sure there wasn’t a more basic problem. Things seemed to go okay, so I turned the comments on, and waited for disaster. It never came. The comments were never supposed to be down for as long as they were on this blog, but a check box in the new version just didn’t work, and it took me a while to figure it out.

What I’m left with right now is a site that seems to be working – I’ve upgraded to 4.0 with Autoban, and it seems to be working better than it had been on the previous version – but I have no idea if everything might get deactivated again. I still haven’t heard from my server company, and I’m not going to go out of my way to talk them, because it’d be unprecedented to get good news out of one of them. I’m not too worried about something happening to the site, because I know how to make do, but I wish I could worry less about getting and keeping everything working, and come up with more ideas of stuff to do.

I know this was a non-baseball and completely frivolous digression, but if Ted Lilly had thrown a little better, maybe I’d be talking about the game. I will say, if I was a Cardinals fan and I saw Rick Ankiel throw a perfect strike to third base, I would’ve been thrilled and in agony at the same time.

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this blog, but more mumbling


I will be on WDWS’ DWS Sports Night around 6 PM tonight, talking about the Cubs. It doesn’t look like there’s an internet feed, so you’ll have to move to Champaign in the next hour.

Also, I may be on Bryan Alvarez’s Figure Four daily later tonight, talking lucha libre. If you’ve got questions you’d like answered, send them to Bryan.


Actual Conversation

Eddie: So, I don’t know your name.
thecubsfan: I don’t HAVE a name
(actually gives out a name!!!!!)

Eddie timed his Ted Lilly question just as I saw Lilly forget to cover 1st on a ground ball, but I think I managed to groan off phone.

If you’re here because you listened to the interview, you can find all the Cubs stuff nicely sorted here – check out the 8 bit graphics.


F4 interview done! I’m going go eat dinner and then unpause the game. You keep doing what it is you’re doing.

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site move


I moved from one server to another last night. There may be occasional DNS issues the next day and a half, but if you’re reading this message, everything’s working fine.

It seems like it’s all resolved already, which is a lot nicer than moving luchawiki has gone.

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boring bad host discussion


FWIW: I’m currently using to host this site, and we were using to host They’ve featured unexplained downtimes and other goofiness, and I wouldn’t recommend them at all.

This reminds me that I ought to mention they’re moving from one server to ‘a better, more secure one’ (perhaps with less hackers) sometime this week, so things may be goofy the next day. The best case scenario is, everything blog post I make for the next couple of days has to be done twice (as does anything I do to the lucha db). That’s the best case, the worst case is everything going kaboom and the system backup not working (again), causing me to collapse in a heap and curse all electronics. I say it’s 50/50.

HEY! I guess I should explain the hacking


getting back up


The databases are back running, so all the posts till the site went down should be back up.

The files on the site are only to 10/27. I’ve got a copy of everything I’ve uploaded since then*, but I don’t have it on me, so the last couple JVTW and various recaps aren’t up at the moment and won’t be up till sometime tomorrow. My apologizes to Joe, Rob and Matt.

My e-mail may be working; I’m not really sure. I’d keep using the ddtdigest address for a couple of days.

* – with everything else that’s gone wrong the last two weeks, would you believe then when I grabbed my backup CDs, I couldn’t unzip the files due to a CRC error on one of the discs? Good thing I had another backup.

mistaken impressions


If I mock or rip you, it’s only out of love. If you really annoy me, I’d stop talking about you entirely.

Speaking of things that I’m not sure actually happened, I made it thru about 10 seconds of the F4D interview before I almost swerved off the road

KrisZ != me
KrisZ > me

This had been an oddly amusing 90 minutes.

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like you care


the medium length version of “what are you doing when Velocity and Heat end?” is over at the-W. Blame Justin for asking twice in one thread, because then it gets unneedly mysterious if I stick with my plan. Bonus points for doing it in a thread OO people actually read.

If anyone is insane enough to want the long version, probably featuring such phrases as “screwed”, “burn earth”, “clean break”, “disassocation”, then – eh, no nevermind i’m ignoring you. Even if you ask three times.