thecubsfan talks to TC


Tanvir interviewed me for his site. There may be lies involved.

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the tough western conference


Sam Smith has been awesome lately:

Seattle’s offense, a simplistic set of lazy pick-and-rolls and isolations, looked like it was copied from one of those late-night infomercials where the guys don’t get paid enough to afford real uniforms. The Bulls had talked before the game about how the Sonics didn’t like to play through hard picks. Or even toothpicks.

Bulls 99, Sonics 84

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the view from my car


I do not recall it looking like that yesterday. HMMMM.

My car was quite awesome this morning, having no problem with the snow and letting me zoom by people at a breathtaking 40 MPH. And then I went to park, I got in the space, and the car decided it had no more, and was unwilling to budge an inch from that spot. That gave me something to do for lunch.

Anyway, since I started the day shoveling and will end the day shoveling, it’s a good thing I found my iPod, something to listen to and some nice warm gloves.

the bears are who we thought they are



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just to be clear


Not only has hype for Eagles vs Cowboys gotten old, but sarcastic “this is an underhyped matchup” has also gotten old.

(I expect people noting the sarcasm will get old about an hour before gametime.)

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fish in a barrel


While certian people are mocking the power of ESPN to make the world right, I’d like to remember to post my prediction that ATL/NO will be the highest rated show in the history of cable TV. And so there it is. (Last week was the second highest, so this is equivalant to predicting “I will stay up way too late for no good reason”.)

I watched far too much of that game. What about that great halftime “encore”, consisting of one minute of repeated footage, totally awesome.

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Dreams do come true


Tanvir wanted me to post this…

hot hot hot


Fun day so far. I’m hot (sweating in a non-sweating situation), and I’ve been exhausted since the moment I woke up. I know I have things to do – important, not and forgetton – but I just want the clock to keep moving, so I can do something truly exciting. Like laying my bed and staring at the ceiling fan.

I was thinking the other day that I should make another one of those List Of B-Show Guys I Like, but then I realized there really aren’t many of them nowadays, and they’re all going to shuffle around in a few weeks with the ECW dealio anyway.

I like it that Akio’s back and all, but I think they’re going to run into a problem with way too many people for one hour V with ECW and things are quickly going to fall apart. They’re hiring more people to work more matches without actually getting more time to have more matches – how does that actually work out? (Lots of cuts, I guess.)

24 was pretty good last night. I was amused how the president and the secret society of villians thought a president being on trial would be worse to the country than a president committing suicide. As much as you can be amused by a near suicide.

Don’t get me started on the audio tape dealio. That’s just dumb.

Why does Matt Costa sound like the missing member of the Shins?

I grabbed a Bullpen Seat ticket off Stub Hub for Friday, so I’m spending the early part of afternoon at Wrigley. (maybe the losing streak will still be going by then.) After that, I have no idea. I probably should do something exciting for my birthday, but I can’t think of all that much. (I think it’s too hot in here.)

This is now suitablely random.

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Game 3: Bulls 109 – Heat 90


That was AWESOME. I don’t know that they can get things – like Shaq being a non-factor due to fouls – to happen quite like that again, but that’s be nice.

I won the water truck race, but lost the Dunkin’ Donuts race and my X guy in Tic Tac Toe blew an easy win.

Posey has to miss the next game, but I don’t think it matters much. Hinrich would’ve gone after him if Nochi didn’t cut after him.

I probably should say things deep and analytical here, but mostly I want to go to bed.

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non-catchy catchphrases


(oh no, I feel sick. I’m going I’m going.)

Does anyone actually use the phrase “Casual Dining Place” outside of KFC commericals? (and KFC boardrooms, I guess.)

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