ThROH the Years Episode 1 – The Era of Honor Begins


Introducing a brand new podcast called ThROH the Years. Hobbes and Matt will chronologically review the Ring of Honor events from the beginning of the promotion. In this, the first episode, we review “The Era of Honor Begins” from February 23, 2002. The event (as well as the podcasts) features some highs and lows, from one of the most offensive opening segments in wrestling history, to one of the best first main events in wrestling history, this show is memorable. Your hosts go into the background of the company, and talk about the progressive and regressive aspects of the company at the time. It’s a fascinating look at how far ROH (and wrestling in general) have come since 2002, and it also features a completely unnecessary jab at Joe Gagne, so check it out!

To listen to this show, right click to download. For the moment, the show will be available on the Listen and Learn feed.  We’ll give it’s own podcast feed later on. 

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1: The Era of Honor Begins