List ‘Em and Learn Episode 17 – Honorable Mentions


List Em and Learn is back! Voices of Wrestling and Place to Be Nation are doing a list of the top 50 Ring of Honor Wrestlers of all time, and this inspired Matt, an ROH dork from way back, to make his own top 10 list. Join him and Hobbes as they list a whole bunch of guys who are famous wrestlechamps now, but who started out as pimply youngsters doing spots in a rec center. You’ve heard of all these guys, so check it out!

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17: Honorable Mentions (top 10 ROH wrestlers)
16: Who Will Survive? No, seriously, please tell me who will survive because I’m extremely scared! (10 worst WrestleMania matches)
15: The Underbooker (10 worst WrestleMania matches)
14: Tooooo Sweeeeeetened (top stars never to win a WWE/World Championship)
13: Well Then (top Royal Rumbles)
12: yearly beloved (top WWF years)
11: Stackable (the top 10 things they’re most thankful for in wrestling)
10: List ‘Em and Pizza (top 10 worst booking issue)
9: The Ring Not Taken (top 10 What Ifs)
8: Top 10 WWE Angles 2000-2015
7: These Ain’t No Holograms (top 10 greatest ECW matches)
6: Life-Affirming Life (top 10 WCW matches of the 1990s)
5: Looking Up (at) the Star(s) (ratings) (top 10 WWE PPVs since 2000)
4: Ladders and Laundry (top 10 WWF matches of the 1990s)
3: Microchips and Mood Music (Top 10 NES Games)
2: A LOT OF SAND (The Top 10 TV Dramas from 2000-2014)
1: Episode 1 (Part 1 & Part 2)

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