Game 9 (NLCS 4): Mets 8 – Cubs 3



This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Borrowing that lines seems like a cliche, but if it’s really meant to be a reference to Guy Fawkes’s being caught, tortured and executed, then I can’t think of anything more accurate. The Mets didn’t beat the Cubs, they cut of their head. This was a four game sweep where not a single game felt close at the end, where it barely felt competitive most of the way. People are going to point the finger at specific individuals – that’s probably Jason Hammel’s last appearance in a Cubs uniform – but they weren’t one player away. The Mets had better hitting, better baserunning, better pitching, and better fielding. The Cubs didn’t get many breaks, hit the ball very hard right at people, but were the own biggest obstacle. This was not close.

So what now? The last three months felt like maybe the Cubs could sneak out a surprise win and just needed to add a piece or two to be favorites. Now, the distance between them and a 2016 championship seems bigger than it was even when the season started. Does the front office react more to the last week, or the season which came before?

This was probably the last time Starlin Castro is a Cub. Something is going to give with him and Baez this offseason, and they may need a new second baseman when it’s all done. Fowler is going to get a lot of money somewhere else (and that’s the right move), but Austin Jackson as every day CF doesn’t seem like a great idea. David Price or some other starter is probably coming in – all the moves shouldn’t be budget reducing (and they should have room to expand over this year.)

Maybe the best move is having 4 months off to forget about the last 4 games.

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Game 8 (NLCS 3): Mets 5 – Cubs 2



2 runs, 1 run, 2 runs. That’s not going to work. Two more home runs, which are great, but no one on for them again.

postseason home runs
1 run homerun 10 (Fowler, Schwarber, Castro, Rizzo, Fowler, Rizzo, Schwarber, Schwarber, Schwarber, Soler)
2 run homerun 4 (Schwarber, Soler, Bryant, Soler)
3 run homerun 1 (Baez)


Some of that is just luck of when are people getting up. Some of it’s just people not getting on, especially on the bottom of the order.  There’s also a lack of ability to get free baserunners this time aorund.

BB per game
2 Pirates

3 NLCS1 (1 IBB)

There were bad defensive plays, but it was also a matter of time before those showed up. Soler isn’t a good outfielder, Schawber isn’t an outfielder, and they had been doing well to not have it happen so far. They also were there to help the offense, and they were the offense. They were a net positive last night, it’s everyone else who’s a problem.

One more chance. Again, it feels like the Cubs still have at least a shot if they could win one of these two game and they’ve got one more shot. Matz is not at the level of the guys they’ve faced before. This isn’t over unless everyone gives up. It feels like maybe the fans have given up, but not so much the players.

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