List Em and Learn Episode 9 – The Ring Not Taken

Everyone’s 12th favorite podcast is back! This time, the king of wrestling podcasts, Joe Gagne, returns to the show to list the 10 greatest “What Ifs” in wrestling. For example: what if you listened to this podcast instead of not listening to it? The course of your life would change dramatically! On the show, Matt and Joe think of all of the times where one little change would have altered the wrestling world forever. List spoilers: what if the Young Stallions never broke up? What if Mick Foley’s last name was Jackson instead of Foley? (His name would have been Mick Jackson!) What if John Cena’s finisher was the top rope double axehandle? We go in depth on these topics and more, to help you, the listener, understand just how important our choices and actions are. Never has the name “List ‘Em and Learn” been more apt. It’s an aptly named show, so check it out!!”

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9: The Ring Not Taken (top 10 What Ifs)
8: Top 10 WWE Angles 2000-2015
7: These Ain’t No Holograms (top 10 greatest ECW matches)
6: Life-Affirming Life (top 10 WCW matches of the 1990s)
5: Looking Up (at) the Star(s) (ratings) (top 10 WWE PPVs since 2000)
4: Ladders and Laundry (top 10 WWF matches of the 1990s)
3: Microchips and Mood Music (Top 10 NES Games)
2: A LOT OF SAND (The Top 10 TV Dramas from 2000-2014)
1: Episode 1 (Part 1 & Part 2)