JUSTIN SHAPIRSHOW Episode 15 – Jumping Bomb Angles


On this episode of the thing, Alan Counihan (F4W, DKP) and Todd Martin (PWT, TBD) convene with J. Shapiro to cast a pod no different than and completely the same as any other they’ve done previously. In light of Samoa Joe’s appearance on NXT and only that, they discuss their favorite promotional jumps PART ONE, covering an assortment of Rics, Ricks, and Rickys from 1988 to 1995 as they depart, defect, debut, and delight from hither to thither, Crockett to Vince, Atlanta to Stamford, and vices versa. Then, as a bonus, Todd closes the book on the pages and the text with Wrestling Observor: The Lost Levols, the missing/final(?) edition of this popular feature recapping the Observer newsletter through the lense of the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you want to be a star in this business, you have to go to New York and you have to download and listen to this mp3. A show so check it out.

Note: Comprehensible version of the episode begins in earnest at 14:55.

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Alan and our own Matt Feuerstein’s career retrospective of Bryan Danielson can be found here.

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