List Em and Learn Episode 8 – Top 10 WWE Angles 2000-2015


List ‘Em and Learn is back! This time, Matt, Justin and the whole gang (Matt and Justin’s boogers) run down the top 10 WWE storylines from 2000-2015. This episode is a whopper of a doozy, as we discuss all of the great stories told by Stephanie, Michael Hayes and the whole gang (Stephanie and Michael Hayes’s boogers). From the whoppers to the doozies, we talk about the twists and the turns, the great starts, the terrible endings, and all kinds of fun along the way. Listen to it while eating peanut butter for extra BONUS list items. It’s a show where eating peanut butter will get you extra content, so CHECK IT OUT!”

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8: Top 10 WWE Angles 2000-2015
7: These Ain’t No Holograms (top 10 greatest ECW matches)
6: Life-Affirming Life (top 10 WCW matches of the 1990s)
5: Looking Up (at) the Star(s) (ratings) (top 10 WWE PPVs since 2000)
4: Ladders and Laundry (top 10 WWF matches of the 1990s)
3: Microchips and Mood Music (Top 10 NES Games)
2: A LOT OF SAND (The Top 10 TV Dramas from 2000-2014)
1: Episode 1 (Part 1 & Part 2)

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