List ‘Em and Learn: Episode 6: Life-Affirming Life


List ‘Em and Learn is back, this time covering everyone’s favorite topic: WCW. Alan4L joins Matt to determine why WCW managed to stay in business until 2001: sometimes it had good matches. Also lots of other reasons but on this show we just talk about the matches. To be more specific, Alan and Matt list their top 10 WCW matches of the 1990s. Mystery partners, shovels to the head, double cages, and a whole bunch of Dustin Rhodes populate the lists. Sit back and enjoy a trip back to a time when many people didn’t have on-screen interactive channel guides

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6: Life-Affirming Life (top 10 WCW matches of the 1990s)
5: Looking Up (at) the Star(s) (ratings) (top 10 WWE PPVs since 2000)
4: Ladders and Laundry (top 10 WWF matches of the 1990s)
3: Microchips and Mood Music (Top 10 NES Games)
2: A LOT OF SAND (The Top 10 TV Dramas from 2000-2014)
1: Episode 1 (Part 1 & Part 2)

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