JUSTIN SHAPIRSHOW EPISODE 5: The Biggest Parody of the Summer


“California…” – John McClane, Die Hard

In his record-breaking 4th appearance on the Sha’show, “Mr. PPV” Matt Feuerstein has truly done it again, attending SummerSlam 2013 with Los Angeles angel of Anaheim Albert Ching (the prodigal son of returns!). Intrepid host Justin Shapiro tries to get them to admit they’re lying about the whole thing through a series of rigorous questions. From ring of fire to Ring of Honor, stuff that occurred at SummerSlam is talked about. They assess the company’s astonishing new landscape, and Albert identifies the overlooked WWE bigwig most single-handedly responsible for their changes in philosophy. Plus, and this is the God’s honest truth, the debut of Matt’s brand new comedy single. A show so check it out.

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