Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade #43: WCW Thunder


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Let’s Just Chat 1: Arrested Development


Spinoff of a spinoff! For some reason, Matt Feuerstein now has a podcast. For some reason, it’s called “Let’s Just Chat.” For very good reasons, he got popular Skype user Justin Shapiro, and Staff Writer (as well as all-around internet champion) Albert Ching to join him for an in-depth discussion of Arrested Development. From the GENESIS of the show to the NEO GEO of the show, they peel back the layers to reveal its completely inedible core. Sometimes they even mix their fruit and vegetable metaphors. The gang asks the critics of the 4th season, “how would you like it if we came down on you, hard?” There are probably some fairly minor technical glitches (it’s a first-time recording, people!) They’re not too bad. Sorry about that. A much-too-long show, so check it out!

Also check out Albert’s article about Arrested Development here:

To listen to this show, right click to download the mp3 file here. You can add the show to your music player of choice via it’s RSS feed:

You can find a Twitter account Matt Feuerstein used to use: @MayorMGF

You can find more Justin Shapiro on Twitter: @jmshapyro

You can find more Albert Ching on Twitter: @albertxii


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